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40+ Natural Nail Designs For Any Occasion

Natural nails can be both short and long. However, as long as you keep them healthy, you can do whatever you want with them.

When you say natural nails, you shouldn’t think only about nudes and blushes. Natural nails can also have interesting details such as rhinestones and glitter.

If you are looking for new nails for spring, help yourself to browse through our lovely natural nails gallery. We hope you’ll find some cute manicures to try.

Coffin Nails in Nude

Coffin Nails in NudePhoto: pinterest.com

Coffin nails look pretty good if the length of your nails is medium. These natural ones are perfect for day to night wear. You can be sure that even though they are nude, they will be noticed.

Short Blush Nails

Short Blush NailsPhoto: soflyme.com

If you are a fan of short nails, we totally get you. These nails are great for doing all your daily business, without ruining them.

Natural Lilac Nails

Natural Lilac NailsPhoto: soflyme.com

Lilac shade is considered to be neutral and very minimalistic. That is why, you should definitely try it, with minimal details on your ring fingernails.

Matte Neutral Nails

Matte Neutral NailsPhoto: soflyme.com

These lovely nails would be your favorites. They are matte, with minimalistic white details that are barely visible but pleasant looking. If you have short nails, then you should try nails like this.

Metallic Foils

Metallic FoilsPhoto: soflyme.com

Pearl white metallic shine looks more than beautiful. Still, these nails are very natural – short and not polished in some vivid nail color.

Sand Almond Nails

Sand Almond-Shaped NailsPhoto: katasiana.com

For those who prefer classic, without any details, this almond-shaped manicure can be a great option to go with. Whether you like shorter or a bit longer nails, no matter – this manicure looks good on any length.

Glitter Details

Glitter DetailsPhoto: soflyme.com

Nude nails and glitter details will make your short nails unique and beautiful. You can always opt for a bit of glitter, whether your nails are short or long and neutral.

Neutral Nails with Interesting Detail

Neutral Nails with Interesting DetailPhoto: soflyme.com

While your nails are nude and short, only ring fingernail is done with some interesting detail on. Glass-like pieces on it will make your nails unique and stylish.

Nude with Silver Glitter

Nude with Silver GlitterPhoto: soflyme.com

Silver and nude make lovely combination together. You don’t need to overdo it – just add a few lines of your silver nail polish and enjoy.

Pearl White

Pearl WhitePhoto: renystyles.com

Pearl white nails will make you stand out from the crowd. As you can see, even with neutral colors, with a bit of shimmer, you can make the same effect as with vivid colors.

Neutral Ombre Nails

Neutral Ombre NailsPhoto: renystyles.com

Ombre technique on your nails might sound strange, but trust us, it will make your nails look stunning. Even though it is made of neutral shades, your nails will still be eye-catching.

White Coffin Nails

White Coffin NailsPhoto: daneloo.com

White and neutral – these coffin nails will suit everybody. They are great for all those girls who like minimalism and classic.

Squared Matte Nails

Squared Matte NailsPhoto: daneloo.com

There is nothing more natural than these lovely nude matte nails. They are medium length, squared shape, and looking lovely!

Delicate Golden Stars

Delicate Golden StarsPhoto: pinterest.com

Nude and neutral nails without any details can appear a bit dull. However, with small and subtle golden details like this, you can be sure your nails will look gorgeous.

White Lines

White LinesPhoto: naildesignsjournal.com

These nails are natural and perfect for business women who like to have their nails always in order. A simple white line will give them a chic vibe.

Just a Bit of Glitter

Just a Bit of GlitterPhoto: naildesignsjournal.com

What a beautiful short nails design. Two shades of neutral colors look wonderful. You can only add a bit of silver glitter, just to make sure these nails can be worn from day to night events.

Classy French Manicure

Classy French ManicurePhoto: naildesignsjournal.com

You say natural nails, and we say French manicure. They are simply timeless and appropriate for any possible occasion that comes to your mind.

Gold and White

Gold and WhitePhoto: vattire.com

White natural nails should be decorated in some way. There is no better way to do it then with lovely gold foils. Just make them into thin lines and don’t overdo them on every nail.

Earth-toned Natural Nails

Earth-toned Natural NailsPhoto: vattire.com

There is nothing better than natural and healthy nails. A bit of glitter never hurts, so don’t hesitate to add it, to make your nails appropriate for elegant occasions only.

Natural and Bronze Nails

Natural and Bronze NailsPhoto: nagelkunst.photomontages.club

Combination of neutral nude nail polish and the one with bronze shimmer is absolutely stunning. You can wear this manicure for all possible occasions.