Popular Nails Winter Colors to Look Trendy This Season

Like pulling your neck through a cozy sweater, there is something beautiful in seasonal nails change. With the season changing comes a nail polish change as well. You traditionally switch from bright and summerish nuances to darker, jewel-toned ones. No more neons and white allowed!

We will talk about those perfect nail colors that pick out an oversized sweater or perfectly trendy coat. Treat yourself with an amazing manicure with a dash of gold, silver, and a lot of dark shimmer or matte shades.

Like A Midnight Blue

Midnight or sapphire blue is one of those versatile and always trendy shades for winter. It is almost black, but still, if you choose the ones that have shimmer, your nails will be eye-catching.

You can opt for colors with brighter or grey undertones.

This nail color will undoubtedly be perfect for both daytime and cocktail parties after work.

Blue nail color with grey undertone looks perfect for all skin tonesPhoto: 101outfit.com

Blue nail color with grey undertone looks perfect for all skin tones and all occasions, whether they are casual or elegant. It’s almost black but not exactly, right?

Glitter will make your nails look like a midnight skyPhoto: outfital.com

Glitter will make your nails look like a midnight sky. This is a fantastic nail design for New Year’s Eve – cocktail dress, high heels, and midnight blue nails are things for making wow effect.

Red is Timeless

For this season, opt for cherry or bright red, instead of choosing classic burgundy one. You simply can’t go wrong with a classic red. It will even bring a joy of Christmas holidays when you wear it. Anyone who like chic, timeless nail polish should have a red one.

You can also try cherry red nuance. It is flattering on any skin tone. And guess what? It is perfect for all possible occasions.

Burnt orange-red is ideal for all seasons #nailcolorPhoto: nailpolishsociety.blogspot.com

Burnt orange-red is ideal for all seasons. If you need something for workwear, the red is a perfect nail color to work with, even through winter months.

Cherry red is one of the favorite red nuancesPhoto: Instagram/@lara.o

Cherry red is one of the favorite red nuances. It is wearable for all seasons, not only for winter.

Liquid Gold on Nails

What can dazzle an outfit better than metallic nail polish? Even when you opt for the most classic black dress, your gold nails will make your look pop out.

Gold is stunning shade for holidays. It adds glamour and elegance whatever is the occasion you are going.

This season, you can opt for a burnish copper nuance, or just gold details on your nails.

These gold foils take French manicure to another levelPhoto: Instagram/@paintboxnails

These gold foils take French manicures to another level. If you are a fan of minimal nail art, then this is the one you should opt for.

Metallic stars on nailsPhoto: Instagram/@nailsbymei

If you have used the Kira Kira app on your smartphone, then you would love this interesting mani. Metallic stars and a neutral base will attract many amazed views to your nails.

Vampy Purple

Plum or deep purple acts the same as the neutral or red color on your nails. It is versatile enough, so you can style it with anything – casual and elegant. However, it is not dull, so you can be sure your outfits will be noticed.

This is one of those nuances that you can use over and over again and not get bored. Whether you opt for plum or deep purple shade, it will make your looks bold and polished for winter.

Nails with lovely purple shade with delicate shimmerPhoto: 101outfit.com

A lovely purple shade with delicate shimmer is your new polish for every day. You will never be bored with these nails.

Glitter all around for the holiday seasonPhoto: 101outfit.com

Glitter all around! And you know what? It is normal to put it on your nails just in time for the holiday season.

Green Like a Forest in Winter

Deep green, emerald jewel tones are more than welcome in the wintertime. They are sophisticated, polished-looking, and utterly chic.

Shiny green shouldn’t be your choice only for holidays. You can wear both of those matte or shimmer nuances of green the whole winter!

Emerald green and gold make such a good combinationPhoto: Instagram/@p

Did you know that emerald green and gold make such a good combination? If you were thinking about it, stop and do your nails in a wonderful deep green shade.

A pinch of gold and green base - and you have perfect nails for winterPhoto: pinterest.com

For all girls, fans of minimalism and simplicity this manicure might be the right one. With just a pinch of gold and green base, you will have perfect nails for winter.

Desert Tones

Even though you should stay away from bright tones, no one has forbidden those lovely desert, earth-toned nuances for your nails.

Sometimes, you need a break from all those dark, deep, and jewel-toned nuances and turn to desert, beige, or terracotta.

Terracotta nails represent one of the latest trends for winterPhoto: Instagram/@paintboxnails

Terracotta nails represent one of the latest trends for winter. Don’t they look amazing? A neutral yet very eye-catching manicure is perfect for cold months.

The neutral shade and bit of sequins are things you need this winterPhoto: 101outfit.com

The neutral shade and a bit of sequin are things you need this winter to look trendy and fabulous. As you can see, this nuance of beige goes perfectly with any skin tone.

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