Editorial Policies

BelleTag was founded in 2016 to share our knowledge, expertise, and perspectives on women’s fashion and beauty. Nowadays, the site covers both serious and fun aspects of everyday life that shape women today.

BelleTag Editorial Policy

We have created this editorial policy to advocate and maintain high standards of journalism and professionalism.

Accuracy and Credibility

  • To maintain credibility in all our content, we clearly attribute information, quotes, and data to their sources.
  • We respect intellectual property rights and observe copyright laws. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and we check regularly to ensure the originality of our content.
  • To ensure accuracy, we fact-check and verify information from reliable sources.

Ethics and Transparency

  • Our articles and opinion pieces do not violate individuals’ privacy, do not promote hate speech, or engage in discrimination of any kind.
  • We acknowledge and correct inaccuracies and errors in our content.

Diversity and Editorial Opinions

  • We value balance and fairness and present multiple perspectives when applicable.
  • We distinguish between reporting and opinion pieces.
  • We value diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We encourage equity and promote different views and opinions. Having said that, the views and opinions expressed by our writers do not necessarily reflect those of management. While we may not always agree with everything our writers say, we believe they have the right to express themselves.

Editorial Independence

  • Advertisers, stakeholders, or external parties do not influence our content. We provide a clear disclosure if an article has been created or sponsored by a third party.