Virginia Roberts

Hi, I’m Virginia, the creator of BelleTag.

I’ve always loved topics about apparel, clothes, fashion, and style. Five years ago, I established BelleTag.com as a way to collect my knowledge and as a tool to share my own advice and perspective and meet like-minded souls. Later on, the range of topics expanded from fashion to women’s beauty.

Currently, I work together with a small group of passionate people. People that believe in beautiful things and write about topics that (I hope) are relevant, interesting, valuable, or entertaining. I like quality, beauty, and style, and I strive to share this with you.

I look at myself and the women around me. My aim is to appreciate women’s self-esteem, confidence, sense of style, and, most important, the ability to enjoy this very moment. If I contribute to developing that at least a little bit – I’d be very happy πŸ™‚

Virginia Roberts

We are all beautiful. Let everybody know that.

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I appreciate you visiting this website. I hope you enjoyed it. If there’s anything I could be helpful with, please send me an email using the form below.

In fact, there might be a thousand and one reasons to reach out πŸ™‚ So, don’t hesitate. Here are a few:

  • have some crazy ideas
  • you are a passionate writer and want to contribute
  • you would like to share your story or simply your photos with us
  • you think something needs improvement (no one’s perfect)
  • just want to say Hello
  • how about advertising
  • any other kind of cooperation opportunities

    Our Authors

    Nevena Zivadinovic

    Nevena is a linguist, mom of a one-year-old boy, and fashion enthusiast. She loves writing about everything fashion, beauty, and lifestyle-related. Her passion is magazines and books. That’s why Nevena is mostly seen spending her free time with Kindle in her hands.

    Isobel Coughlan

    Isobel is a fashion graduate passionate about historical fashion and current trends. She lives in London and writes as often as possible.

    Lou Siday

    Lou is a nail expert currently living in the UK. She likes to write about different beauty topics, mainly specializing in all things nail.

    Sarah Helms

    Formerly an avid hairstylist, Sarah is currently more of a writer than a stylist. She lives in Ocean City, Maryland, and enjoys writing about everything hair-related. She loves sharing her experience and helping women get their best looks.

    Janice Wasem

    Janice developed her interest in makeup during her career as a makeup artist in Edinburg and London. Currently, she lives in Boston and frequently writes on skincare and makeup topics.

    Kaia Saunders

    Kaia is a San Francisco-based writer and editor. She has a broad area of interest in fashion – ranging from the 70s-80s style staples to contemporary street style looks.