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Nevena Zivadinovic

Nevena is a linguist, mom of a one-year-old boy, and fashion enthusiast. She loves writing about everything fashion, beauty, and lifestyle-related. Her passion is magazines and books. That’s why Nevena is mostly seen spending her free time with Kindle in her hands.

Isobel Coughlan

Isobel is a fashion graduate with a passion for historical fashion and current trends. She lives in London and writes as often as possible.

Sarah Helms

Formerly an avid hairstylist, Sarah is currently more writer than a stylist. She lives in Ocean City, Maryland, and enjoys writing about everything hair-related. She loves sharing her experience and helping women get their best looks.

Janice Wasem

Janice developed her interest in makeup during her career as a makeup artist in Edinburg and London. Currently, she lives in Boston and frequently writes on skincare and makeup topics.

Kaia Saunders

Kaia is a San Francisco-based writer and editor. She has a broad area of interest in fashion – ranging from the 70s-80s style staples to contemporary street style looks.