17 Hot Nail Trends To Try in Summer

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Are you looking to up your manicure game? Do you need some inspiration for your next salon visit? Look no further; we have you covered! From bold colors that allow you to express yourself to fun artsy designs that will turn heads, we have found the best nail trends to try out now.

1. Dotty Nails

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Another fun trend that nods to the abstract art movement, dotty nails are playful and relaxed. Incorporating different colors and sizes of the dots creates an intriguing manicure that stands out.

Pro tip: If you do your manicures at home, get yourself a nail dotting tool. They are easy to work with and allow you to create various fun designs. 

2. Pastel Gradients

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Have you ever gone to get your nails done only to spend hours picking the nail color you want? Well, this nail trend is for you! You can have every color you dream of in one mani. Gradient manicures are trending hard right now, and the pastel version of this trend is simply stunning. 

3. Chrome Nails

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A head-turning trend that is popping off right now is the metallic chrome look for nails. A sophisticated look for any occasion, chrome nails create a mirror-like finish that gives us those futuristic spaceship vibes. There are so many colors to choose from when it comes to chrome nails, too. From luxurious golds to bright blues and greens, there is a chrome shade for everyone. 

4. Abstract Nails

Creative design of nails on female hands. Art manicure. Photo taken in studio
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Abstract nail art is expressive, fun, and properly cool. We are seeing so many fun abstract nail designs out there right now, and we love them all. Each design is a unique work of art, with nail artists playing with swirls, lines, and dots to create beautiful manicures. 

5. Butterfly Nails

Image Credit: markir via Freepik.

The butterfly motif is back with a bang (thank you, y2k) and is adorable when used in manicures. If you want to pay tribute to the wonderful decade of the noughties, this design is for you. Opting for lighter, pastel shades for your butterfly creates a fun summer look. 

6. Two-Tone French Tips

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We all love the classic French manicure, but it can get a little bit dull. Thankfully, two-tone French tips are taking over the manicure world, with expressive and bold colors used to bring the look into the 21st Century. Using two contrasting shades for your French tips is a fantastic way to add color to your look. 

7. Floral Nails

Image Credit: markir via Freepik.

There are so many ways you can incorporate the natural world into your manicure, from animal prints to leafy designs. One way we love is the floral nail trend, which celebrates the beauty of nature. Opting for lighter colors for your flowers creates a summer-ready look that is perfect for parties and events. 

8. Negative Space Nails

Image Credit: valuavitaly via Freepik.

Negative space is slowly becoming a staple in the nail art world, with many artists incorporating it into their creations. It is the trend of leaving some nails without paint (or with a nude shade) and playing with splodges and lines to create unique designs. It is super simple but super effective!

9. Spacey Nails

Stylish trendy female silver manicure
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If you are a big fan of astrology and all things extraterrestrial, opt for a spacey manicure to express your love for the stars! Zodiac symbols, constellations, and planets are cool additions to your manicure, allowing you to celebrate the universe and all its wonders. 

10. Crystals on Nails

Female hand with purple nail design holding beautiful pink tulip
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Gemstones are a welcome addition to any manicure as they add that glam we need. You can add the gems to your nails in various ways, from opting for a feature nail or just whacking them on everywhere! We always say, if in doubt, get the gemstones out.

11. Tie-Dye Nails

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Embrace the hippy within by opting for a tye-dye manicure. This trend uses bold colors and blends them to create a look reminiscent of a tye-dye T-shirt straight from Woodstock. 

Pro-tip: Use a makeup sponge to blend the colors if you recreate tye-dye nails at home. 

12. Geometrical Nails

Image Credit: elenagrama via Freepik.

Geometrical nails are a sleek and chic option for your mani, using lines to make intriguing designs. They may take a while to paint, but thankfully our faithful nail artists are there to create some magic for us!

13. Pop Art Nails

Long beautiful manicure in pop-art style on female fingers. Nails design. Close-up.
Image Credit: kobrin_photo via Freepik.

Pop art is a movement loved by many, but did you know you can pay homage to the beautiful work of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol in your manicure? Yes, pop art nails are here with a Whaam! (sorry, I had to). Think bold colors, cartoon designs, and lots of weird squiggles and dots. 

14. Animal Print Nails

Nails Design. Hands With Bright Yellow Manicure On Background. Close Up Of Female Hands. Art Nail. Tiger manicure
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You can’t go wrong with some animal print to show off your wild side. From simple zebra prints to funky leopard print designs, animal prints are perfect for so many occasions. Plus, you can mix it up by using bright colors in the design if you don’t like more neutral shades.

15. Confetti Nails

Image Credit: markir via Freepik.

Ready to celebrate? Confetti is a fun manicure trend that is all about colors, glitter, and shapes. It is a reminder to have fun and find reasons to celebrate the wonders of life. 

Grab some sequins, glitter, and gemstones, and create your own confetti nails at home. 

16. Swirly Nails

Image Credit: galya.kiss via Freepik.

This bold trend uses shapes and swirls to create unique designs. Mixing colors and shapes is a fun way to express yourself with your nails, and we love the different manicures incorporating swirls into their design. 

Pro tip: Get yourself nail art pens to try this design out at home. 

17. 3D Nail Art

Beautiful woman's nails with beautiful creative manicure
Image Credit: valuavitaly via Freepik.

There is something special about 3D nail art, and seeing all the different twists on this trend is exciting. 3D decals, such as flowers, butterflies, and pearls, make the mani stand out and are perfect if you love to be the most glamorous person in the room!

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