Nail Color Based on Zodiac Sign: The Perfect Match for 2024

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When you were born, the stars were aligned. That is why you are like that: you react in a certain way and pick certain outfit combos and nail colors. Believe it or not, there is nail color based on zodiac signs – for each and every sign! 
Would you like to see which color is yours? Here is a complete guide for you. 

What Do Nail Colors Say About You?

Just like zodiac signs say something about your personality, nail colors can tell a story too. It is not a surprise that we all pick exact colors for manicures. They can say something about us, about our personality. 

Orange: Spontaneous

If orange is your go-to nail polish shade, you must be spontaneous. These nails will be attractive and not the most usual. However, you can wear plain orange nail polish or combine it with other shades and glitters. A pop of floral design might be a good idea as well. 

Red: Confident and Flirty

Nothing can beat a classic red hue on nails. It is amazing how some women try other shades but always return to red. Whether you like wearing your nails in classic red or prefer darker tones like burgundy, this only means you are confident and a bit flirty. 

Neon: Attention Seeker 

Neon color polish demands attention. If you wear lime green, yellow, or bubblegum pink neon nails, expect to be stopped and asked, “Which shade is that?” These nail shades are great for summer, tanned skin, and beach parties. Isn’t that what you wanted? 

Black: Powerful and Sensitive

Black nails usually show that people who wear them are powerful, sensitive, and often artistic. While a black manicure looks stylish and powerful, people who wear it don’t reveal everything about themselves. They are usually rebels. For those who like black nails, it becomes their signature look. 

White: Clean and Youthful

Clean and reflective: these two words describe white nails, as they are like a clean canvas. They are fresh and very chic. Just like you are. The white manicure is usually a symbol of a playful and youthful personality. 

Pink: Feminine and Romantic

Pink nails reveal a feminine and flirty side of you. Whenever someone wants to show off their girly and sweet personality, they paint their nails baby pink or blush. 

Blue: Creative and Reliable

You are probably an artistic soul and a forward-thinker if you paint your nails blue. This includes a lot of shades of blue – from periwinkle through navy blue to baby blue. 

Nude: Low Maintenance 

Nude nails are totally the opposite of colorful ones. They show that you are an unfussy person without wanting to be seen and recognized by others. Unlike neon nails, these are not so eye-catching, but they are definitely for every occasion. 

Is There a Lucky Nail Color?

There is nail color based on zodiac signs, but what about lucky nail polish color? According to the horoscope, there is a lucky color for every zodiac sign. 

  • Aries: Red and white nail polish hues
  • Taurus: Pink and blue nail polish colors
  • Gemini: Yellow and blue shades
  • Cancer: Yellow and white
  • Leo: Royal blue and yellow
  • Virgo: Grey and blue
  • Libra: Pink and blue
  • Scorpio: Brown and red
  • Sagittarius: Golden and blue
  • Capricorn: Black and grey
  • Aquarius: Purple and black 
  • Pisces: Yellow and green

What Are the Colors of Each Zodiac Sign?

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Many people want to know if zodiac signs have colors.

You maybe didn’t know, but a horoscope can influence factors from personality to your personal style, colors you choose to wear, and other things. 

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Since we are talking about nails, it is important to see which nail polish shade was meant for you and your zodiac sign. Are you berry red or maybe fiery coral red? Let’s find out. 

Aries (The Ram)

The adventurous spirit of Aries always makes this zodiac try out new things and go for trends. Unsurprisingly, Aries likes to experiment with new and, most of all, bold shades.

Going for holographic nails is absolutely typical for this zodiac. Not to mention you will receive many comments on social media. 

Taurus (The Bull)

Baby pink, blush, and almost transparent nail polishes are the perfect choice for Taurus. This zodiac sign is not pushing out of their comfort zone, even though they will do everything for the people they love.

Pink and sheer hues are perfect for not having bare nails but polished and tidy ones all the time. 

Gemini (The Twins)

Geminis have a tough time choosing the right color for their nails. Their star sign personality trait is that they get a bit bored too soon. So, they need to choose something that goes with everything. Dark and cool turquoise is your shade to go. 

Cancer (The Crab)

Cancer emotionally connects with things, colors, and whether it is comfortable enough to try new trends. So, a dark berry nail polish will remind you of juice, strawberries, and a picnic somewhere in nature. 

Leo (The Lion)

Leos like to attract attention. They are classic attention seekers, so their nail polish should follow that personality. The orange vibe on nails never looked better. Why don’t you give it a try and enjoy the comments you will receive? 

Virgo (The Maiden)

As a perfectionist, Virgos should pick something classic. A vivid and real coral red shade is exactly what Virgo needs on nails. 

Libra (The Scales)

Libras are all into beauty. It is their way of living. Because you are so into nice things, packaging, etc., you should go for a bright pink shade. It is a perfect shade for this fun and beauty-loving sign. 

Scorpio (The Scorpion)

Mysterious, moody colors are your passion, Scorpio. However, you are always eager to spice things up a bit. Choosing a dark enough shade like navy blue will be interesting enough, yet inspired by your personality traits. 

Sagittarius (The Archer)

Sagittarius is a fire sign that is up to the adventure. On the other hand, they do prefer to have neutral hues on nails, as well as minimalistic outfits. So, let’s make a balance. Blue nails will be versatile enough but won’t be boring as nude and beige. 

Capricorn (The Goat)

Capricorns are likely to reach for something pink, beige, or neutral. All these shades say polished and tidy, just like Capricorns like to see it. Dusty mauve nails are perfect for colder weather, while neutral and beige can be worn in summertime. 

Aquarius (The Water Bearer)

Aquarius is born a rebel. On the other hand, they prefer to have nice, tidy, and polished nails without fuss. Here is where the analytical side of this zodiac comes to play. 

That is why picking a milky white or lavender shade with a pinch of glitter would be a great idea. 

Pisces (The Fishes)

Pisces love to blend in with the surroundings. However, they tend to shake up things a bit by choosing an intriguing nail polish shade. 

Are there any Pisces wondering which nail polish to choose? Go for coral red if you are not afraid to break free.

Final Words

In conclusion, choosing the perfect nail color that matches your zodiac sign can add a touch of personalized flair to your overall style for 2023.

From bold and vibrant shades for fire signs to calming pastels for water signs, there are endless possibilities to explore. Experiment with different hues and see how they can help you express your unique personality and mood.

Whether you’re a fiery Aries or a sensitive Pisces, there’s a perfect nail color waiting for you in the new year.

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