31 Super Gorgeous Black Nail Designs for a Sleek Manicure

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Black nail designs certainly add that gothic and edgy vibe to any outfit combination. Like a little black dress in fashion, black nails are a classic that you should try, even once.

Even if you were a fan of white nails in the past, we suggest trying something interesting and new. We promise these black designs will blow you away and inspire you for your next salon visit.

Cute Nail Designs Involving the Black Color

1. Square on Square

Square nails are an excellent shape for a design like this. We call it square on the square. The gel polish is done at the center of the nail bed. Black elegance is perfect for daily wear and also special occasions.

2. Matte Black Nails With Hearts

These nails look stunning, yet they are not over the line. Little hearts are done with so much precision, while the base is matte and transparent black. This design is excellent for women who like to try something new yet nothing too fancy.

Almond nails are the perfect shape for this manicure.

3. Constellation Trend

Are you into horoscopes and stars? Well, then, this is the manicure for you. Constellations never looked better, and on your nails in particular. One hand is done with white nails base and one with black, which gives this design a peculiar vibe.

4. Neutral and Black Combination

Let’s paint nails in black and white, but make it lovely, okay? This manicure is inspired by minimalism, and we love it. Some parts of the nails are left blank, while others are painted black with delicate white stripes around them.

5. Stars and the Moon

This manicure is so delicate and romantic. A combination of black nails, a transparent base, and just a pinch of glitter create an outstanding design. 

You don’t need extra long nails to do this manicure. Medium or long oval nails will be just fine for this design. 

6. Silver Glitter

You need to know that both silver and gold match with black perfectly. This manicure is done with a neutral, transparent base, silver glitter, and shiny black nail polish. Nails are short and shaped like an almond. 

7. Floral Patterns

Floral patterns look amazing when done in black. Also, make sure the base is nude or even transparent. Combining two or three manicure methods here leads to beautiful nails that will turn heads. 

8. Nuance Nails

Nuance nails have a design that allows you to do anything. With this black and nude manicure, you can make a shape you wish, different for every finger. This manicure accents every nail with a different design but is very minimalistic.

9. Short and Square

Even if your nails are super short, it doesn’t mean you should keep them simple. Besides, short nails are the most practical ones, and you can do whatever you wish while still having them manicured. This design with a black tip and glitter lines below is excellent for daily wear and special occasions.

10. Chanel-inspired

These nails will bring you back to some older times. Looking elegant and chic, this manicure reminds us of Coco Chanel and her famous plaid pattern. Don’t you agree?

11. Black and Silver Nails

Usually, it is a ring fingernail that is an accent nail. However, here we have a pinky fingernail that is covered in glitter. Looks fantastic, though. The rest of the manicure is mixed. Some nails are covered in black nail polish, while others have just a pinch of glitter. 

12. Short With Stars

Short nails may be better for certain manicures. That is the case with this one. You don’t need a large canvas to do a few gold glitter stars and dots and to create a kind of black French manicure. 

13. Long Square Nails

Not only do these nails look amazing on long fingers, but this design will also match any minimalist outfit. Milky white nail polish is in the middle, while shiny black and glittery black is on the sides. Lovely yet simple. 

14. Minimal Black French Manicure

Believe it or not, black french tips might look better than the original ones. Instead of doing one line, tell your manicurist to do two – one thicker on the tip and one thin. 

15. Rhinestones, Black, and Extra Long Nails

Some women prefer trying out different things on their nails. At the same time! And that leads to exciting and fashionable manicures that turn heads and make people look directly at your hands. Rhinestones in a circle, partly french manicure on some fingers, and a pinch of glitter – this style has it all. 

16. Matte Nails

Winter wonderland on nails? Yes, it is possible to have that, especially if you opt for white and black nail designs. Stiletto nails are perfect for this design since they leave enough space for everything you need. Black tips with a white matte base, snowflakes on the ring, and a forefinger make everyone stand out from the crowd. 

17. Festive Manicure

Holidays are an excellent time for a festive manicure. This black nail design is great since it is not over the line. You can wear it every day. 

Nails are short and oval-shaped. A combination of white, black, and gold glitter is lovely but at the same time, very minimalistic. 

18. Just a Pinch of Black

This style can be called “a classic french manicure with a twist.” Neutral, nude bases with white tips are typical for a french manicure. Adding a gold foil and black leaves on the middle and ring finger can turn this manicure from regular to extraordinary. 

19. Art-inspired

These nails are inspired by art. While some nails are covered in a solid black shade, others are created in an artsy way – with a pinch of black and silver glitter on. The shiny top coat makes these nails perfect for everyday wear and duties. 

20. Black and Gold

You can talk whatever you like, but hardly anything can beat the black and gold combination. This nail design will only confirm that. A combination of solid nail polish and french manicure looks stunning, especially on long nails like those in the photo above. 

All-black Nail Designs

21. Long Coffin Nails

These nails are done all in black color. However, to make them eye-catching, this woman opts for gold details, with just a bit of colorful glitter on the middle fingernails. It’s a nice and elegant manicure that can last for weeks. 

22. Matte on Point

These matte black nails are everything. They look so stylish yet very down-to-Earth. Adding a glittery line in the nail root will make a huge change. 

23. Animal Print on Black

Combining the matte black base on your nail with the shiny black animal print above is impressive. No matter how much you like to wear animal print, we guarantee this one will steal your heart. 

24. Minimal and Simple

This manicure is so clean and straightforward. But sometimes that is exactly what you need. Short nails, shaped round, and an all-black-everything outfit will make a perfect look. 

25. Gold Snake

Here we have one of those manicures that will steal the look. Even though the base is black for all nails, the gold snake steals the show. Moreover, a bit of glitter on ring fingernails comes as extra special. 

26. Sparkle Combination

A mix of different glittery nail polishes leads to this manicure. Black nails, as well as smaller and bigger glitters, look amazing when combined. Moreover, some black nails are shiny, and others are matte. 

27. Coffin Nails With Pearls

Coffin nails are eye-catching, even if you don’t have any manicures. If you add pearls around the edges with a black nail base, you will get a perfect manicure for any season and occasion. 

28. Inverted French

Here is an example of what we like to call classic with a twist. A French manicure is typically done on nude nails, but here with dark nails, it looks glam and rock ‘n’ roll inspired. A glittery line will only make this manicure look better, so do not forget to buy one super-glittery nail polish for this look. 

29. Almond Nail Shape

Almond shape is excellent for daily wear. In combination with black and gold glitter, you get a fantastic look that is appropriate for special occasions and casual wear. 

30. Like a Sky at Night

When you look at these nails, you can say they look like a sky in the night. Full of stars and other constellations. This effect is made by using a black background of the nail and bronze and silver glitter above. 

31. Simple With a Nice Touch

There is nothing wrong with a short manicure and simple black nail polish. However, you can add just a pinch of champagne glitter and get nails that will turn heads. It is that simple. Trust us. 


When Are Black Nails Not Appropriate?

There is a debate that continues about black nails and the workplace. Are black nails okay to wear in your office? Some people won’t even bother to think about it, while others claim they are inappropriate and shouldn’t be worn at work. 

The best is to see or ask your work manager if there is some dress code you should follow. That is how you will know if black is inappropriate or if they think it is completely fine. You can also consider wearing more neutral colors for your job interview instead of a black manicure.

Are Black Nails Suitable for Any Season?

Even though this is not a rule of thumb, black nails are considered suitable for fall and winter manicures. However, no one says you can’t wear black in the summer. The thing with fall and winter is in choice of clothes as well. We all seek darker, richer tones, and black nails match perfectly with anything else.

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