What Does Having an Accent Nail Mean (and Should You Have One)

What Does Having an Accent Nail Mean
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Nail art, in general, is excellent for all people who like to enhance their nails, not only with classy nail polish but also with something more. Here we talk about having an accent nail.

Have you ever questioned yourself about what having an accent nail means? If you are nodding, then this is the article for you.

Which Nail Should Be the Accent Nail?

Accent nails are perfect for spicing up your regular manicure. Whether you prefer classic red nails or nudes, accent nails can be a great way to make your mani unique and eye-catching. You can add some glitter, floral design, or any other print on one or two nails and watch for the reactions. Possibilities are endless. You just need to be creative. 

If you can’t decide which finger should be your accent one, we are here to help. Let’s check out various options so you can get inspired. 


If you are old enough, you probably remember that thumb used to be the main finger for an accent nail. That was because everyone was using thumbs to tap on their Blackberries. Pretty great throwback, right?

However, since then, you can’t see a thumb as an accent nail anymore. 

Even though thumbs give attractive options for you or your nail artist, they are a bit neglected. It could be since thumbs are hard to reach, and they are not so Instagram friendly, like, for instance, ring fingers. 

Pointer Finger

The pointer or index finger is one of the most used on the hand. So, why don’t you make it an accent nail?

It is not so common, but an accent pointer finger can be pretty amazing. It makes a bold statement, especially if you are a teacher or something similar. 

Whether you prefer glitter or simply another shade of your nail polish, we can guarantee the pointer accent nail will be visible wherever you go. 

Middle Finger

The nastiest of them all – the middle finger. If you want to say something really loud with your manicure, opting for a middle finger is the way to go. 

Quite often, women say they prefer the middle finger since it is perfectly symmetrical. You have two other fingers at the sides, and the one in the middle can make a perfect statement.

Accenting your middle finger doesn’t have to be rebellious. On the contrary, done with some finesse, it can appear glam and sophisticated. 

Ring Finger

Meet the most popular accent nail – ring finger. Having a ring fingernail as an accent is excellent since you can delicately say the message: I am single. There isn’t any ring on it. 

However, having a ring accent finger for your wedding or engagement is also a great idea. Your jewelry will be even more eye-catching. 

Whether you prefer glitter, geometry designs, or florals on your fingers, a ring fingernail is a perfect canvas for all these things. You can combine it with other fingers, such as the middle or the pointer. 

Pinky Finger

Pinky accent finger is not so common, but believe it or not, it can look pretty amazing. Teenage girls tend to do their pinky nails as accent ones by adding glitter. That is why the pinky accent nail is also called a party finger. 

You can make pinky an accent nail by choosing a lighter nail polish shade for it. For instance, in wintertime, you can polish other nails in navy and leave pinky ones in a lighter shade of blue. 

Can You Have Two Accent Nails?

For some women, it is a hard decision to make when it comes to accent nails. But, you shouldn’t give up on the idea. 

Having more than one accent nail is absolutely acceptable and could be prettier than having only one. For example, you can make your ring fingernail sparkling, but add one more for a show.

Two accent nails will make a fantastic statement and be pretty wherever you are planning to go. 

Does Accent Nail Have to Be Ring Finger?

Accent nail does not have to be ring finger only. As mentioned, all fingers can act like accents if you want them to. That said, you can combine them and have more than one accent nail per manicure. 

The ring finger is the most popular accent nail. There are many reasons, but the biggest one is probably due to rings placed on that exact finger. 

When You Shouldn’t Do an Accent Nail

When you think about it, there isn’t a situation where you shouldn’t do an accent nail. When done correctly, you can wear such nails at work, even with strict dress rules.

You don’t need to be vulgar to have an accent nail. What does having an accent nail mean? You can start from simple lines and get to glitter. If you are unsure about it, don’t combine everything in one manicure, but try out things slowly.

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