20 Ring Finger Nail Designs That Emphasize Your Personality

Ring finger nail design

It’s springtime! And isn’t that a wonderful time to try a new ring finger nail design? Whether you are already a fan of accentuating your ring fingernail or you are newby, we have good news. We selected interesting designs that can emphasize your personality – from minimalistic to those that will steal the show. The choice is yours. 

Why Do Girls Paint Their Ring Finger Nail Different?

There are many different theories about why girls paint their ring fingernails differently from others. Some are pretty simple, while others can be cultural.

In general, having an accent nail means different things based on the nail, culture, or other aspects.

One of the reasons women paint their ring nails in different colors or design is that there is a place for their wedding ring. You can say to someone you like: “Oh, you are looking at my ring fingernail, and there isn’t a ring on it.” The ring nails have been popularized by celebrities and nail artists who have been very creative with ring nail designs. 

The point of ring fingernail is to bring attention to that exact finger, where women usually wear a wedding ring or a band. 

Another reason is just for fun. If you want to make your manicure even more eye-catching and exciting, paint your ring fingernail into another color. Cultural reasons can also be a factor why women choose their ring fingernails to be in different colors.

If you would like to try something new but are unsure about painting all your nails, then try it on your ring finger. For instance, many women do it with glitter or rhinestones. You don’t want your hands to look tacky, and in this way, you can see how it looks when done on only one nail. 

Inspiring Ring Finger Nail Designs

Green on Point

Photo: Instagram/@handsbyhal

Matching with spring will be easy this season. Green nail polish is trending more than ever. You can accentuate your ring fingernail by painting it in unexpected black and white squares. 

Spring Inspired

Photo: Instagram/@nail_beauty_20

Here is another example of how green nails can look. Combined with a different ring finger design, this nail manicure is perfect for those who prefer classic yet want to celebrate the spring weather. 

Long, Black Stilettos

Photo: Instagram/@carlacapranails

If you are a fan of long nails, don’t hesitate to style them in stiletto shape. Sharp and sexy, these nails will reveal your sophisticated side. Small shiny rhinestone details on the ring fingernail will add some glamour. 

Minimalistic and Nude

Photo: Instagram/@yunail.studio

The marble effect on these nails is so delicate, almost invisible. Yet it is the perfect design for those who like minimalism and classy nail designs. You can ask your nail artist to add a simple yet effective gold line on the ring nail. This line adds so smoothly to this design. 

Colorful Ring Fingernail

Photo: Instagram/@an_krd

Something colorful to emphasize your personality and something shiny to show off your glamorous side. Light yellow nails are great for upcoming spring and summer looks.

Nude but Shiny

Photo: Instagram/@zhannanails

Nude nails are classy and fabulous to wear every day. However, if you want to make them more interesting, you should add just a bit of glitter to your ring fingernail. This rng fingernail design will turn heads since it will be visible every time you go out in the sun. 

Rhinestone Details

Photo: Instagram/@igorjovic

Neutral base on nails might appear dull, but everything seems much better with these rhinestones. Colorful rhinestones are great for brides-to-be and everyone who would like to emphasize their elegant personality. 

Pearly Nails with Rhinestones

Photo: Instagram/@igorjovic

Pearly nails look so elegant and sophisticated. However, it seems like something is missing. If you feel that way, talk with your nail artist and ask to add rhinestones or something else on your ring fingernail. These delicate blue rhinestones are gorgeous. 

Baby Blue

Photo: Instagram/@ddd.makeup

Baby blue nails are great for women who like colorful polishes. These nails are delicate, and baby blue is a wonderful candy-like color. For ring fingernails, you can opt to leave it neutral with a floral design or add sequins. 

Coral Almond Shaped Nails

Photo: Instagram/@lovanailsbeauty

Coral red is the perfect shade for spring and summer. You can enhance your ring nail but leaving it bare with a neutral base and adding shiny flakes. 

Delicate Nails for Brides to Be

Photo: Instagram/@moruz.dana

Is there a better way to enhance the shine of your wedding ring than to choose a manicure like this? This white and delicate nail design is perfect for all brides-to-be. Your engagement and wedding ring will be noticed alongside these sparkly rhinestones. 

Matte and Colorful

Photo: Instagram/@ani_style_beauty_studio

For a youngish and cheerful nail look, try something like this. This ring finger nail design is made with matte colors, making it look eye-catching and modern. Design is minimalistic, yet everything can look great with this sage green shade. 

Red Classic

Photo: Instagram/@ani_style_beauty_studio

Red is such a classic shade. You can combine red nails with any outfit combination, whether you are going to work or for a night out. The black line on the ring fingernail is enhancing enough to differentiate you from other red nail designs. 

Blue with Sequins

Photo: Instagram/@ani_style_beauty_studio

Nails like a blue sky in spring? It is possible to achieve with this lovely blue shade. To emphasize your nails even more, ask your nail artist to add sequins to your ring fingernail. 

Shiny Butterfly Design

Photo: Instagram/@tambonitas_unas

This manicure can be called – a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Don’t you agree? Even though it looks pretty impressive, an interesting combination of styles. Shiny little butterflies on ring fingernails are simply adorable. 

French Manicure with a Twist

Photo: Instagram/@ani_style_beauty_studio

French manicure is one of those timeless styles that come and go. This year, go for a French mani with a twist. Add a small yet sparkly design to your ring fingernail. This look is perfect for brides-to-be and those who prefer classic nails designs. 

Green Animal Print

Photo: Instagram/@nails_by_amyjane

Green nails are trending this spring and summer. Combine them with some unusual designs. Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to try animal print on their nails? Don’t overdo it, and ask your nail artist to do the animal print on the ring and pinky fingernails. 

Fuchsia Pink Coffin Nails

Photo: Instagram/@rosalba.russo

We are fans of interesting nail shapes. For instance, coffin nails will make all your outfits elevated. This shape can be styled with many different shades, but many women like to wear it with fuchsia pink. Leave the ring fingernail bare, but add rhinestones. 

Nude But Attractive

Photo: Instagram/@nailsbyn.jenin

Even though many women prefer wearing their nails in nude, almost-there shades, we think this one is more attractive. Due to different nail designs on each finger, this look can be great for weddings and office outfits. 

Lilac is Fancy

Photo: Instagram/@rosalba.russo

Lilac is one of those colors that appeared like a storm and stayed in the fashion, interior and nail industry for good.

It is no surprise since it is a neutral color that can be combined with many others. This manicure is great, but the ring finger nail design is even better. It looks chic and minimalistic, perfect for daily wear.

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