Summer nail designs are the must-have if you want to catch some attention at the beach. These are some of the funniest designs that you need to try this summer.

60 Catchy Summer Nail Designs for Fun-Loving Women

Summer is almost here. We cannot wait for it to come and to bring all the fun and joy. We switch from sweaters to t-shirts, from boots to sandals, and most of all from dark nail polishes to summer ones.

Nail designs for summer are full of colors, vivid, and cheerful. Nail shapes don’t matter – with all the colors you can be sure you will catch so much attention, wherever you go.

If you are thinking about summer manicure, we have so many examples for you to try. Let’s check them out together.

Fresh and Fun

Fresh and Fun nail designPhoto:

If these nails are not fun and so interesting then what is? They are so stylish and full of colors. Asymmetric lines, a splash of different vivid colors, and this short nails design will make you stand out from the crowd, wherever you go.

Florals for Summer

Florals for SummerPhoto:

Floral designs on oval nails can look nothing but perfect. While the base of your nail is nude, flowers will catch all attention. You surely don’t need to worry about that.

Pastel Nails with Gold Details

Pastel Nails with Gold DetailsPhoto: Instagram/@buffcsjen

If you are a creative soul, you want to show it off with your lovely nail designs. This combination of pastel shades and gold nail polish is simply amazing and will provide you with a great summer look. We can’t wait to switch to dresses and skirts and fun nail polishes.

Safari Inspired

Safari inspired nail designPhoto:

Earth-toned base with side foils gives you a tropical Safari vibe. All that you need to add is some chic button-down dress and flat suede sandals. You are ready for Africa safari!

Florals On Point!

Nail design with florals on point!Photo:

Who can resist floral nail design for summer? They are great for all seasons around, but the fact is that they match with lovely summer floral dresses. Make sure your nails are not too long for this nail design.

Blue Details

Nail design with blue detailsPhoto:

We were not aware that blue and gold make such a good combination. If you would like to try it for summertime, make sure to combine all these shades in one. Show off your creative side!

Shells and Turquoise Rhinestones

Shells and Turquoise Rhinestones NailsPhoto:

Shells and turquoise color are the best indicators of summer, right? Then, you should definitely incorporate them to your attire. Try something different this time and instead of a turquoise dress, try nail design with rhinestones and shells.

Blush Pink and Gold

Blush Pink and Gold NailsPhoto:

If you like classic more than rhinestones and foils, you can always opt for this lovely reverse French manicure. Oval nails are not only trendy, but they are also great for everyday wear – practical and perfect for work.

Like a Bouquet

Nail Design Like a BouquetPhoto: Instagram/@nailitmag

The fact is that floral design is always in style. This one in particular looks like you has recreated your favorite bouquet of flowers on your nails. Make sure your base is white, so the flowers can be even more highlighted.

Tropical Foil and Gold Details

Tropical Foil and Gold Details NailsPhoto:

Tropical plants are perfect summer symbols. So, why don’t you put it on your nails? Instead of a classic French manicure, put on a tropical foil on the top of your nail and gold rhinestone just in the middle of your fingernail. Check some French manicure designs with a stylish twist for more inspiring ideas.

Botanical with Dark Base

Botanical with Dark Base NailsPhoto:

Botanical flower foils to the middle of your fingernail will make you stand out from the crowd. As you can see, these foils match perfectly with gold details.

Green Palms

Green Palms NailsPhoto:

White nails might be boring, but when you add green palm tree details on, they become amazing and summer-ready. This nail design is perfect for day to night wear.

Geometric and Fun

Geometric and Fun NailsPhoto: Instagram/@ninanailedit

Who has said that geometric nails need to be minimalistic and monochrome? That statement is absolutely not true when it comes to this nail design. It is super fun and summer-like. You should try it on oval nails.

Blue Glitter

Blue Glitter Nail DesignPhoto:

Glitter nails might not be your cup of tea, but you need to try them for summer. Blue glitter nails might look like a mermaid skin, which is amazing, right? You can create a combination of white and blue glitter on your middle finger and make it look even more like a fish or mermaid skin.

Pink Nails with Tropical Design

Pink Nails with Tropical DesignPhoto:

Nothing shows off summer like palm trees. Instead of picking some neutral nail base, do ombre with two shades of pink nail polish. You will look stunning wherever you plan to go – from vacations to pool parties.

Pastel Cactus Nails

Pastel Cactus NailsPhoto:

Pastel matte nails are not recommended for fall and winter, but they are more than welcome for the spring and summer period. By adding cactus details, you will upgrade them to look more eye-catching. They seem so fun and summer-like.

Tribal Themed Nails

Tribal Themed NailsPhoto:

Tribal details look not only interesting, but they are also perfect for summer wear. The trend of wearing the tribal print was thrown over from fashion to the nail industry. You need to try it for summertime, trust us!

Navy-Blue and Nude

Navy-Blue and Nude NailsPhoto:

Quite unexpected combination for summer but, hey, this one definitely looks impressive. Flowers on thumb and ring finger in combination with matte nail polishes look simply gorgeous for summer wear.

Orange Tribal Inspired Nails

Orange Tribal Inspired NailsPhoto:

Ring finger is a perfect place for you to put on a tribal design. It will be catchy enough to gain all positive comments to you.

Hawaii Inspired

Hawaii Inspired NailsPhoto:

Flowers of hibiscus and tropical palm tree are main indicators of the island of Hawaii. Yes, those shirts and button-down shirts now can be transferred to your nails. Interesting combination of colors, right?