35 Bright and Colorful Nails for Summer

Bright and Colorful Nails For Summer

Summer is finally here. You can feel it in the air, the sun shines brighter, and all the girls show off their fresh manicure. So, is there a better time to get inspired? Check our gallery of art, colors, and fresh ideas. From classic red or coral nails to the gold foils and interesting nail drawings – you can find everything in the list below!

Pastel and Peachy Hues

Pastel and Peachy HuesPhoto: koees.com

Peachy hues are simply great for summer. You can always match them with whatever shade you wish. Even if it is glitter – it will give you perfect vibe for seaside and beach parties. Make your manicure enjoyable by combining a few shades on your nails as well as glitter.

Summer Pastels

Summer PastelsPhoto: koees.com

Lilac, baby pink, as well as grey are perfect shades for summer wear. They will perfectly match with your sun-kissed skin, bright bikinis, and flowy dresses. Pick the almond shape – it is practical and stylish.

Palms on Nails

Palms on NailsPhoto: fullfitwear.com

Baby blue nail polish as a base, a bit of pink at the edges, and black palms – that is how you make your nails totally summerish. Palms are one of the most famous motifs in the summer, so don’t hesitate to use it on your nails.

Coral And Gold

Coral And GoldPhoto: koees.com

Coral is one of the most popular shades on nails. Women tend to wear it during all seasons, but it is especially enhancing during summer. Combination of coral and gold circles on your nails will definitely catch all the attention.

Lilac Coffin Nails

Lilac Coffin NailsPhoto: koees.com

You say bright summer shade – we say lilac! It is not only fantastic for your summer wear, but also on your manicure. Coffin nails are eye-catching themselves, so don’t hesitate to pick them for your next manicure. They might not be the most practical, but they are great for making a statement.

Baby Blue

Baby BluePhoto: crazyforus.com

Baby blue nails with pearl shine will make your manicure look eye-catching. You can go for a combination of two shades – baby blue and pearl white. Short nails should be your choice since the colors are eye-catching enough.

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Yellow Pineapples

Yellow PineapplesPhoto: koees.com

Pineapples are favorite summer fruit. The point is to show off how much you love it by painting them on your nails. Yellow or orange should be a perfect choice for this kind of manicure. Let the pineapples be located on your ring fingernails.

Two-Shaded Nails

Two-Shaded NailsPhoto: koees.com

Peach and pink shades make an awesome mix. When you want two-toned nails don’t hesitate to go for these colors. They appear like a sunset during the hot summer day. This manicure is one of the most popular ones for everyday wear.

Green and Gold

Green and GoldPhoto: fullfitwear.com

Green shade might not be the most typical shade on your nails, but it definitely stylish and exciting. In combination with gold foils, you can get the sophisticated yet summer-ready look that is perfect for both everyday and elegant wear.

Rainbow Almond Shaped Nails

Rainbow Almond Shaped NailsPhoto: glamisse.com

You can wear this manicure all summer long, and you still won’t feel dull or bored with it. Rainbow shades in pastel hues will leave everyone breathless. These nails are perfect for both women and young girls who want to enhance their summer outfits.

Seaside Inspired

Seaside InspiredPhoto: crazyforus.com

Blue glitter nails that remind us of the seaside and ocean. You can even make some nails look like a mermaid or fish skin. You can do that by combining glitter with white nail polishes.

Ice Cream Nail Colors

Ice Cream ColorsPhoto: glamisse.com

You can make your nails appear like your favorite ice cream corn by painting them into yellow and peachy orange. However, for extra visibility, let it be on a white base.

Modern and Blue

Modern and BluePhoto: glamisse.com

Nails like these are so trendy at the moment. While the base is mint green, the rest of your nail is enhanced with different shades of blue, grey and green. These nails are perfect for summer wear and seaside.

Purple for Summer Party

Purple for Summer PartyPhoto: looksglam.com

Bright nails for summer are great, but what about those special occasions? Matching rainbow nails with your satin dress might not be the easiest thing to do, so you need to opt for something darker and elegant – purple nails.

Colors of Flamingo

Colors of FlamingoPhoto: looksglam.com

Pink flamingos were seen in a sea more than anytime before. That’s because the flamingo has become a statement. Put it on your nails as well – in classic shades of pink, white, and black. We can guarantee that you will be noticed.

Yellow Florals

Yellow FloralsPhoto: myblogika.com

Coffin nails are attractive, but let’s make them eye-catching. You can do that by painting them in yellow and leaving your ring fingernail transparent. That is precisely where you can draw yellow flowers to make this manicure perfect.

Shade of Sky

Shade of SkyPhoto: seshell.com

You can now have nails that look exactly like the sky in summer! Be creative and combine colors, tones, and drawings. Draw clouds on middle fingernails and add some glitter. This manicure won’t pass unnoticed!

Blue Nails with Floral Design

Blue Nails with Floral DesignPhoto: seshell.com

Dark blue nails might be perfect for cold fall and winter days, but in combination with flowers, it turns out to be great for summer too. By adding palm design, you will transform this manicure to be for all seasons.

Spicy Lemons

Spicy LemonsPhoto: seshell.com

Who would have guessed that pink and yellow can make such spicy and sweet manicure combination? We didn’t, but since we are aware now it is even better for us to opt for our new summer nail shade. Lemons and white dots will definitely catch all the attention.

3D Pastel Nails

3D Pastel NailsPhoto: styleskinner.com

We don’t know about you, but we simply couldn’t resist to show you off this lovely manicure. 3D mani became popular not so long ago, and women simply adore it. You can make your nails look so real and summerish with pineapple and cacti in pastel hues.

Stripes and Daisies

Stripes and DaisiesPhoto: seshell.com

Stripes and daisies actually make a perfect combination. Yellow and white stripes look fantastic, along with black nail polish which makes daisies even more visible.

Neon on Point

Neon on PointPhoto: seshell.com

Neon didn’t only find its way to fashion, but to the nail industry as well. Now, you can wear your rainbow neon nails wherever you go. They still need to look appropriate, so make sure to keep them short and sweet.

Cacti Design

Cacti DesignPhoto: seshell.com

White nails are great, but how to make them more appealing? We suggest adding some cacti design on some of your fingernails. Not only it will look fancy and stylish but also summer-ready. Keep them short and square to get the space for beautiful cacti design.

Orange On Point

Orange On PointPhoto: styleskinner.com

Orange has quickly become one of the most popular shades that you can wear in the summertime. It is chic yet bold and modern. A versatile shade like orange can go with every combination you make. If you want to spice things up, apply shiny foils in the orange-gold shade.

Glittery Honey Comb

Glittery Honey CombPhoto: styleskinner.com

Arrange the glittery foils to look like a honeycomb. We guarantee – you will adore this look. Choose the one nail where you can be creative and overdo it with the glitter. Let the rest of your nails have less glitter.

Matte and Minimal

Matte and MinimalPhoto: styleskinner.com

Matte nails took a heart of many girls. No surprise there since they are utterly stylish. The pink shade is great for summer, especially if you make it with a matte finish. Minimal drawing on the ring fingernail will make this classic mani look extraordinary.

Inspired By Nature

Inspired By NaturePhoto: looksglam.com

Palm trees, leaves, and green nail polish show us how much you love both summer and nature. We can’t adore these motifs as well. You can even leave your nails to be long. Our advice – go for almond nail shape.

Funky and Colorful

Funky and ColorfulPhoto: styleskinner.com

Color block nails can make you the main star wherever you decide to go. The combination of colors is incredible, along with the geometric patterns that are diverse on every fingernail. Combine stripes, circles, and triangles for a truly funky look.

Ombre Blue Nail Color

Ombre Blue NailsPhoto: styleskinner.com

Ombre is not only the technique for the hair dyeing. You can apply it to your nails. Blue ombre nails are made to look like waves. So, if you are not going this year to the seaside, nevermind. Your nails can make you imagine you are already there.

Rainbow Animal Print

Rainbow Animal PrintPhoto: styleskinner.com

From the headline, this combination might seem a bit of too-much-of-everything. Since in the summertime everything is allowed, you can pull off this design. Rainbow ombre nails are now upgraded with animal print.

Green Glass Nails

Green Glass NailsPhoto: pinterest.com

You can always opt for dark shades in the summer, such as black, burgundy, and green. Green will surely show us how much you like to hide under the palm trees in warm summer. Glass nails are unique and very interesting. You can wear them for both everyday and elegant wear.


WatermelonsPhoto: styleskinner.com

Colorful designs are great, but nails look even better if you recreate your favorite fruit on them. That is the case with this lovely watermelon design. A few neon shades will make your ideal summer nails even cutter.

Blue Sunset

Blue SunsetPhoto: naildesignsjournal.com

Watching the sunset at the seaside is one of the most amazing things to do when the temperature heats up. You can recreate the sunset on your nails! Draw palm trees and make your nails look ombre with lovely shades of sky, orange, and a bit of black.

Truly Colorful Nail Art, Indeed

Bright and Colorful Nails For SummerPhoto: naildesignsjournal.com

In summer, there are no limits. Skirts can be short, nails can be colorful, and the days can be long as much as you wish. These nails might be too much for someone, but in the summer, everything is allowed.

Tropical Fruit

Tropical FruitPhoto: naildesignsjournal.com

If you like fruit designs on your nails, then you should probably do something different than watermelon or lemon motifs. Opt for some tropical fruit, like the one shown in the photo above. Orange and green make a beautiful combination.

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