Coffin, or ballerina nails, are perfect for all nail addicts who prefer good design. If you want to see more, we have prepared a gallery full of nailart.

70 Coffin Nails to Flip For in 2020

Just recently we discussed different nail shapes. Here let’s focus on one particular shape – coffin, aka ballerina nails. Coffin nails are great for all fashion lovers and the true connoisseurs of nail shapes. They got their name because they remind of a coffin shape or ballerina pointy toe shoes in which they dance.

Coffin nails can be both short and long. The longer they are, the most attractive they look on your hands. Nail addicts all around the world wear this nail shape and enjoy the view.

From nude hues to the interesting patterns, glitter, and gems – everything is allowed. Here are some of our favorite designs that you should try.

Glitter on Top

Glitter on TopPhoto:

A bit of glitter never killed anybody, right? You can look amazing with long coffin nails, nude base and just a bit of glittery nail polish on the edges of your fingernails. Watch out though – nails this long should be treated well.

Pink and Gold

Pink and GoldPhoto:

Believe it or not, pink took the throne of shades once again. However, this time, instead of neon pink, you need to opt for something more blush and neutral.

Your pink shouldn’t be so eye-catching. This blush pink shade goes perfectly well with gold flakes and ballerina nails. Don’t take to long to try this great nail art.

Gold and White

Gold and WhitePhoto:

White nails are great for summer. But the question is – how to make them look more appealing and unique? We suggest going with gold foils that look like you have scratched your nails. They will give you a specific chic style and provide your nails with a bunch of positive comments.

Ballerina Nails with Marble Effect

Ballerina Nails with Marble EffectPhoto:

Marble effect on nails is more than popular among many stylish girls. As you can see, white and classic marble design is the best option to go for. Your coffin nails will look excellent, whether they are short or long.

Classy Burgundy

Classy BurgundyPhoto:

Many women opt for classic shades. Burgundy, classic red or black – it is on your to pick your favorite. Burgundy is a perfect shade for fall and winter months. You can opt for matte or glittery nail polishes. Anyway, they will make a lovely statement and give your outfits a significant upgrade from casual to fashionable.

Pastels for Summer

Pastels for SummerPhoto:

As you already know, pastels are more than welcome in your summer wardrobe. But why opting only for wardrobe when you can have lovely and colorful pastel nails? No matter how long or short your nails are, pastel shades in yellow, purple, pink, and mint will blow your mind.

Neon Green

Neon GreenPhoto:

Neons as trend took the hearts of many It girls. However, sometimes, you are not brave enough to wear neons as your attire. We get that. That is why you should go for neon coffin nails! You will look so bold and stylish that no one won’t pass without letting you know it!

Pearl Shine

Pearl ShinePhoto:

Even though these pink nails can be pretty classic and casual, you can make them look amazing. By adding a nail polish that has pearl shine, you will make your nails look gorgeous – elegant and so sophisticated. Even if you like wearing longer nails, they can still be appropriate for day to nightwear.

Pink Candy

Pink CandyPhoto:

Your nails can be as pink as your favorite candy. You just need to find that perfect pink shade and work with it. Whether your nails are a ballerina or you have made them in another shape, it is more than beautiful to wear them like this for daily events.

Nude Nails with Rhinestone Details

Nude Nails with Rhinestone DetailsPhoto:

Nude and matte nails are more than enough for a perfect daily manicure. However, you should opt for some detail, right? Go for colorful and delicate rhinestones only at one side of your nail. Even if they are subtle and small, these rhinestones can make a huge difference.

Matte Yellow Nails

Matte Yellow NailsPhoto:

Yellow nails in summer? Sure! When Beyonce has made her single Lemonde, everybody wanted that gorgeous yellow dress. Now, all the girls are craving for the perfect matte yellow nails. You can wear this color for both short and long nails.

Nude Pink

Nude PinkPhoto:

Once in a while, we all opt for nails that are nude and neutral. They are the best for day to night wear, since they represent one of those appropriate styles, even for your office. You can make your nails long, coffin-shaped in this lovely nude pink shade. We guarantee – you will adore them.

Floral Textured Nails

Floral Textured NailsPhoto:

Textured nails might not be something that we see every day, but they certainly are so eye-catching. The best option is to go for two textured, and the rest of your nails should be nude or matte, in some neutral shade.

Lilac and Daisies

Lilac and DaisiesPhoto:

These nails have it all – shade, shape, and delicate design. They are great for all the girls that like neutral, yet bold nails that help their outfits look better. Daisie design on the ring finger will make a huge difference. Still, your nails will be perfectly stylish.

Black Henna

Black HennaPhoto:

Black henna is not only reserved for your palm and hands only. You can now recreate this lovely detailed art to your nails as well. Combine this technique with the matte black nail polish. Your nails will look sophisticated and most of all, very bold.

Glitter Combo

Glitter ComboPhoto:

There are many types of glitter nail polishes. From tiny and delicate glitter to those who really make a statement. You can combine some of them in a manicure. However, make sure to pick colors that are neutral, blush, and nude. That is how you won’t overdo your manicures.

Pearl White

Pearl WhitePhoto:

Long and perfectly shaped – that is how we would explain how these nails look. Coffin shaped with a pearl white nail polish these nails are great for day-to-night wear. You can only choose the length of the nails – do you belong to long or short nails club?

Rose Gold Glitter

Rose Gold GlitterPhoto:

Rose gold glitter is one of the trendiest shades of the moment. You can make a statement with this kind of manicure in no time. All that you need is a perfect glitter nail polish that won’t scratch quickly, or you can opt for acrylic nails.

Elegant Bronze

Elegant BronzePhoto:

If you have decided to wear coffin or ballerina nails, then now it is the right time to pick a sophisticated and elegant color that will make everybody stare at your nails. Bronze is the right pick, we can guarantee! Combine metallic and glitter shades.

Acrylic Peachy Nails

Acrylic Peachy NailsPhoto:

There is nothing better than acrylic peachy nails that go perfectly with any other color. You don’t need to have super long nails for this shade to make it work for you. Whether your nails are long or short, this shade will look perfect.

Mint is In!

Mint is In!Photo:

Mint is one of those colors that you won’t usually wear. However, since the pastels are in trend this year, you can combine mint with other pastel shades or wear it alone. These nails are great for all of you who follow trends and want to look great.

Pink Ombre Nails

Pink Ombre NailsPhoto:

Pink ombre nails are simply gorgeous. Whether you like almond, square, or coffin-shaped nails, don’t hesitate to dye them in different shades of pink color. They will definitely attract view, and people will give you a lot of positive comments.

Summer Colors

Summer ColorsPhoto:

If pink, lilac, and orange are not the colors of summer, we don’t know which are. They look stunning in a manicure. And yes, they are mixed together to look like an ombre! You will adore them, trust us. We fell in love with them immediately.

White Nails

White NailsPhoto:

White nails are perfect in summer. You can style them with any outfit and with any style. If you wear long maxi dresses with crochet blouses above, these nails will be only perfect for fulfilling that look. You can opt for both matte or shiny versions of white nail polish.

Baby Pink Coffin Nails with Flowers

Baby Pink Coffin Nails with FlowersPhoto:

Baby pink is one of the most favorite shades of many women. It is stylish, chic, and most of all, versatile. These coffin nails are a bit shorter, but that didn’t stop this girl to opt for lovely floral design on ring fingernails.

Animal Print on Point

Animal Print on PointPhoto:

Animal print isn’t only present in fashion. As you can see, leopard print looks fantastic on your nails! Whatever color you wear with your animal print design, it will look great. However, we suggest to for neutral ones – that is how your nails won’t look overdone.

Matte Grey Nails

Matte Grey NailsPhoto:

Matte nail polishes became super popular a few years back. Since then, most of the girls opt for matte nails, since they do look more eye-catching. These grey nails look fabulous in combination with marble design. They are still low-key so you can wear them for every occasion during the day and night.

Rainbow Pearl Nails

Rainbow Pearl NailsPhoto:

You said pearl shine is not enough for you? No problem then! You can still upgrade your manicure by adding some of the wonderful rainbow colors to your look. These coffin nails will make a huge difference in your everyday outfits.

Black and Gold

Black and GoldPhoto:

Is there any more elegant combination than black and gold one? We don’t think so either. This manicure is great for many occasions – both daily and special ones. You can wear your long black coffin nails and still look amazing, wherever you appear.

Like a Night Sky

Like a Night SkyPhoto:

Making our nails look like a night sky is something that we always wanted to achieve. You have to admit that these nails look absolutely fantastic. Marble effect, in combination with gold flakes, gives us the impression that we are looking at the night sky. Hopefully, others will notice it as well.

Interesting Mix

Interesting MixPhoto: Instagram/@profiles_nails

A little bit of everything would be just perfect for this manicure. Gold foils, black matte nail polish, as well as marble design – all that in one look? Sure, why not! These coffin nails will look absolutely fabulous for all those girls who like to make a statement.

Orange Coffin Nails

Orange Coffin NailsPhoto:

Matte and orange – is there anything you can do better than this to make your outfits look eye-catching? We don’t think so. These neon orange nails will make everybody stare right at them. The reason – perfect summer shade, as well as shape.

Teal Blue Ballerina Nails

Teal Blue Ballerina NailsPhoto:

Teal blue matches perfectly with sun-kissed skin. You can absolutely count on this shade if you need to be the main star of some event. Coffin nails in teal blue will only make you look gorgeous, your nails polished, and your looks sophisticated. Add a bit of glitter to enhance the drama effect.

Colorful and Interesting

Colorful and InterestingPhoto:

Instead of going for a one-colored manicure, try something like this. Colorful mani with all rainbow shades will steal your heart on the first view. You can style it with almost anything, but especially with white summer clothes. That is how you will even enhance them.

On the Edges

On the EdgesPhoto:

By adding a bit of color on the edges, you will provide your nails with both style and bold vibes. You can count that these nails will make you look gorgeous, and even though they are colorful, they will be perfect for any occasion.

Purple and Blue Ombre Nails

Purple and Blue Ombre NailsPhoto:

If you want to make your nails look like a sea in the night, then you should use these two shades and create an ombre effect. Add a few glitter flakes on ring fingernails – that will add a bit of glamour. You can absolutely wear these nails every day.

Baby Blue Nails

Baby Blue NailsPhoto:

Simple yet powerful. You can wear this manicure for everyday wear, as well as for elegant and special occasions. As you can see, the baby blue shade matches perfectly with gold rings and sun-kissed skin.

Classic Red

Classic RedPhoto:

Sometimes, it is best to go for classic design and classy shade. Red is one of the most popular shades among many other colors. Whenever you feel bored or not in the mood for different trendy shades, go for red. You can’t be wrong with it, ever.

Black and Nude

Black and NudePhoto:

If you are interested in a manicure that will be equally stylish, interesting, and utterly chic, look no further than this one. This will blow your mind off. While the edges are dyed in black, the base is left nude, transparent. You see how simple details can make a huge change – a rhinestone at the center of fingernail looks excellent!

Summer White

Summer WhitePhoto:

White nails might not be the right choice for winter snow, but they will surely be great in summertime! White nails will look even more highlighted on your sun-kissed skin. You simply need to try them, even for your seaside vacation.

Nudish Grey Nails

Nudish Grey NailsPhoto:

Nude can have different and quite inspiring shades. It is on you to pick the one that suits your skin, undertone, and your style. You should definitely opt for those grey nude hues. They suit women with a cold undertone, but you can absolutely try it.

Short Ballerina Nails

Short Ballerina NailsPhoto:

Short and sweet – these nails are perfect for busy women who don’t have time to go to manicure their nails every week. Their length is ideal for doing everyday jobs; still, it looks fancy and stylish. A bit of glitter on the nails will add a touch of glamour to your everyday outfits.

Pinkish Glitter

Pinkish GlitterPhoto:

Pink nails in this neutral hue are great for workwear, as well as for special wear. You can absolutely count on this manicure if you want something stylish for work, but also if you are heading to some event where you need to shine. Glitter adds that sophisticated vibe.

Glittery Nails

Glittery NailsPhoto:

Glitter is always a good idea when you need manicure that is not too simple, nor too complicated to do. These different types of glitter allow you to make your manicure look amazing. Smaller glitters or big flakes? It is on you to choose.

Matte and Short

Matte and ShortPhoto:

For those girls that really like their manicure to be simple and chic, look no further than this one. Your nails are matte dyed in a really nice hue of pink and beige. Whether you like to have your nails long or short, this kind of manicure will be perfect for any occasion.

Metallic Vibe

Metallic VibePhoto:

Metallic is not the trend that only took the throne of the fashion industry. No, it appeared in the nail industry as well, in many forms and shades. You can combine neutral metallic tones with a bit of glitter. Sometimes it is smart to go for neutral colors like beige or pink and to pick a metallic shade.

Gold Design

Gold DesignPhoto:

While some girls love their nails to be neutral and quite low-key, others love their nails to be eye-catching and unique. If you are into trying something new, then you have to try gold textured nail polish. Along with gold rhinestones, you will find this manicure great for attracting all the attention on yourself.

Peachy with Glitter

Peachy with GlitterPhoto:

Peachy nails make a wonderful combination with white summer clothes. You can also opt for adding a bit of glitter on the edges of your fingernails. It will give you more glamour, style while making your peachy nails look more attractive.

Rhinestones Lover

Rhinestones LoverPhoto:

This manicure is not for everybody. It is only for those who like their manicure to be eye-catching and spectacular. Adding a lot of rhinestones on one or more nails will attract many views, and you will undoubtedly be noticed wherever you go. Instead of dyeing your nails in some vivid shade, opt for neutral tones like beige or nude.

Snow White Nails

Snow White NailsPhoto:

No shade can beat the white or black one. They are basic, pairable with everything, and most of all so stylish. Whether you like to do your manicure by yourself or you prefer acrylic nails, white is the go-to choice. This shade is perfect for coffin nails.

Long and Pearl White

Long and Pearl WhitePhoto: Instagram/@nails___nails__nails

When you have nails that are these long, we can’t say nothing but – congrats. Functioning with nails that are long is not an easy task. However, they are stylish. Opt for white shade with gorgeous pearl shine, and you can be sure your nails will be perfect.

Stylish Coral Red Nails

Stylish Coral Red NailsPhoto:

Matching nails with your sneakers? Why not! This color might come as intimidating to you, but once you try it, coral red will be your favorite one. You can wear it with anything else, including sporty clothes as well!

Holographic Nails

Holographic NailsPhoto:

This summer, opt for something exciting and quite unusual. Holographic nails are undoubtedly the best solution for all those girls who would like something eye-catching yet not too vivid. Since the base is transparent with lovely rainbow shades, you can wear these nails for many different occasions.

Red Ombre Nails

Red Ombre NailsPhoto:

Ombre nails are interesting, unique, and quite the right choice for all seasons. If you have a ballerina or coffin nails, you can count on the additional modern vibe to all your outfits. These nails are long, but you can also opt for a shorter version if that suits you more.

Matte Pastel Blue Nails

Matte Pastel Blue NailsPhoto:

Pastel shades are everywhere. Since no one can resist them, we can’t say that we don’t agree. From blouses and suits to your nails. You can match different shades in the best possible way and combine them for all possible event you need to go to.

Decorated and Eye-Catching

Decorated and Eye-CatchingPhoto:

Brown nails look warm and cute, but let’s make them look even more beautiful. How to do that? Easy! By adding more and more details that will bring out your creative side. Combination of glitter, rhinestones, and other decorations on your nails never looked better.

Blush Pink and Gold

Blush Pink and GoldPhoto:

The combination of blush pink and gold is the best! You can count on it whether you need an elegant and sophisticated look that will blow everyone’s minds away. Whether you like to wear this wonderful combination or you like to see it on your nail, don’t hesitate to go for it.

Shiny Rhinestones

Shiny RhinestonesPhoto:

Just shine! That is the mantra of this manicure. You can be absolutely safe and sure that this manicure will get you some positive comments. Shiny yet delicate rhinestones look great on nude background, while your ballerina nails are practical for everyday wear.

Lilac Glitter

Lilac GlitterPhoto:

Lilac is definitely the color of summer. That didn’t occur overnight. On the contrary, since the last year, pastel shades rule the world, so this comes as no surprise at all. Simply combine glitter and regular nail polish, and you will get a perfect manicure for summer.

Astrology on Point

Astrology on PointPhoto: Instagram/@monica_nguon

Fans of astrology – unite! This girl makes her nails look like a night sky, with stars and all astrology signs. Isn’t that great? It takes a bit of courage to wear the manicure like this since it is really unusual. However, your nails with sky and moon will be more than noticed!

White and Transparent

White and TransparentPhoto: Instagram/@monica_nguon

If you are looking for nails that will be perfect for summer as well as for your sun-kissed skin, look no further. These quite attractive and stylish white nails with a transparent part will be more than enough for you to make a statement.

Dark Green and Gold Details

Dark Green and Gold DetailsPhoto:

Dark green may not come to your mind when you think about nail polishes. However, you should definitely consider it as something that is utterly sophisticated. So, if you need your manicure ready for some elegant special occasion, don’t hesitate to choose dark green and gold glitter combo.

Black Matte

Black MattePhoto:

Black matte nails look eye-catching and sophisticated enough, but the point is to make them interesting. The best way to do that is to add them some glitter. Rhinestones at the edges of your nails will secure this gorgeous black matte look.

Zig Zag Nail Design

Zig Zag Nail DesignPhoto:

Gold lines, made to look in zig zag will definitely make your nails look gorgeous. Pink and gold is a tested-and-proved combo that works, and that is great for summer wear. These coffin nail shape will only enhance the zig-zag design.

Studded Ring Fingers

Studded Ring FingersPhoto:

If you are not afraid of a bit of shine and glitter, then you can check out this lovely manicure. It has everything that you need for a perfect summer look. Studded ring fingernails are made, or a bunch of rhinestones and they look a bit bold.

Blue Coffin Nails

Blue Coffin NailsPhoto:

Blue might not be the color that comes to your mind when you think about manicures. However, blue nails are matchy with seawater! You know what to do, right? Pick a manicure like this for your seaside escape or for some fancy beach parties during the day.

Neutral Shade with Marble Design

Neutral Shade with Marble DesignPhoto:

Neutral nails, in combination with marble pattern, are great for those who like subtle and interesting design in one. For even more elegant appearance, add a few rhinestones, near your cuticles. You can opt for mani like this if you are heading to some summer wedding.

Logos on Point

Logos on PointPhoto:

While you are watching neutral nails, some girls tend to show off their nails as logo polygon. Yes, you can now present to the world which of your branded clothes you like the most. So, are you LV, Nike or some other brand club?

Little Pieces of Art

Little Pieces of ArtPhoto:

This manicure really looks unbelievable. Long coffin nails and their designs look like small pieces of art. Every nail is different, and that is the main point here – expect the unexpected! This manicure is for the brave girls that are not afraid to show off to the world how bold they are.

Hippie Revolution

Hippie RevolutionPhoto:

Ballerina nails with hippie revolution messages and symbols are a great choice for summer wear. The peace, yin yang, bit of vivid colors, as well as words of peace and love are all found on these nails. Unusual manicure for an exciting style, don’t you agree?