Stiletto Nails: a Complete Guide With Pictures

Stiletto nails with white tip
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You have probably seen them all across your social media channels. Some of the biggest superstars and influencers tried and loved stiletto nails. And while others love them, others think they might be hard for everyday wear.

If you are a newbie to nail art, you should read this in-depth guide. We covered all the good and bad of stiletto nails. 

What Are Stiletto Nails?

Stiletto nails are styled to look fierce and bold. They are long and sharp, with pointy edges. You can imagine them as a long, thin, and towering high heel. That is exactly how they got their name.

Many people mix them with other popular nail shapes, such as almond or ballerina nails (coffin nails), but they are not the same. 

There are opinions saying that stiletto nails originate from Africa. It is believed African women and queens wore them in the same form as they are prevalent nowadays.

Just like with heels, not all women are fans of stiletto, but some are delighted to wear them. 

Almond Vs. Stiletto Nails – Is There a Difference?

Almond and stiletto nails are similar, yet not the same. They both require long nails, but the shape is not the same. 

  • Stiletto nails require a long length. They are shaped to look long and spiky, and the point is curving to the base like a triangle. 
  • Almond nails require medium to long length. They are oval with a soft point. 

The main difference between these two is that the almond nail shape comes with three different angles, consisting of two sides and the point.  

Who Should Wear This Form of Nails?

While some women wear their stiletto nails without any problems, others claim they simply can’t function with the “claws” on their hands. So, should you get stiletto nails?

We believe it is always a good idea to try them. You can ask your nail artist to do them shorter and then to grow them slowly so that you can get used to them. If Kylie Jenner can wear them, why don’t you try?

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Wear Them: if You Like to Make a Point

The most distinguishing thing about stiletto nails is their sharp ending. Their appearance, shape, and (usually) nail art itself will be provocative whenever you appear. So, wear them if you like to make a point. 

Wear Them: If You Prefer Dramatic Nails

The nail art is important for highlighting those dramatic stiletto nails. So, if you are the kind of person that prefers neon over soft pastels on your nails, then you should definitely consider this nail shape. 

Wear Them: if You Like to Look Sexy

Even though doing some everyday things might seem completely different with sharp pointy stiletto nails, you can turn this into an advantage. Make sexy cat moves, don’t rush when doing things, and add that sexy vibe into all of it. 

What Do Stiletto Nails Say About You?

If you like to wear stiletto nails, the chances are that you have a powerful, creative, and extrovert personality. You are cool and bold. Moreover, you are not afraid to show it to the world. Authenticity is the word you love, and that is why you express yourself in your own unique way. 

How Much Do Stiletto Nails Cost?

Stiletto nails usually don’t cost more or less than any other shape. If you are getting them done professionally, you should probably be ready to spend between $40 and $85.

Things like nail polish (acrylic, shellac, or gel) can add to this price. Keep in mind that you should re-do your nails every two weeks or so. 

Different Ways How to Style Stiletto Nails (10 Nail Design Examples)

Whether you are into nude nails or want to enhance those points just a little bit, we got some inspiration. Here are ten different stiletto nail designs for every possible situation.

1. Graduated Neons

If you are not into real neon shades (like green, pink or yellow), then this lovely shade is exactly for you. It is a nice and pretty neutral manicure, yet it will be more than noticed whenever you go. 

2. Red Pointy Nails

These stiletto nails are really pointy and long. That is why it is best to pick something classic for the manicure. A red shade with gold logo details is the right choice for everyone who likes to wear their nails long yet in a classic manner. 

3. Nails Inspired by Christmas

Christmas is here, and we all know what that means – a manicure inspired by this holiday. You can actually wear these stiletto nails all winter long. Red color, snowflakes, and just a bit of glitter will get you through the holiday season perfectly. 

4. Stiletto Nails With French Manicure

French manicure is one of those timeless manicures we all have tried even once. If you are a fan of these kinds of classic and elegant designs, don’t hesitate to match them with your long and pointy stilettos. 

5. Floral and Matte Nails

Floral nails are great for spring. They simply invite you to enjoy the lovely weather outside. You can pick a neutral or pastel and matte color as a base and do the delicate florals. Try not to overdo with the small flowers since the nails are already eye-catching.

6. Glittery Green

Glitters on nails? Yes! Especially during holiday parties and New Year’s Eve, these nails will turn heads. You can go with medium length, neutral base, and different types of glitter on points of your stiletto nails. 

7. Like a Blue Ink

While most women wear red for holidays, you can also try ink blue nails. Combining them with silver glitter will create a pleasant and delicate manicure, perfect for daily and special wear. Your nails might look like snow at night. 

8. Simple, Yet Neon Stiletto Nails

If you are looking for a manicure that you can wear daily in combination with your stilettos, then check this out. A straight neon line on a neutral and matte base looks pretty minimalistic and nice. It is one of those simple yet effective manicures you can wear all the time. 

9. Animal Print Nail Art

Animal print on nails will undoubtedly turn heads and make people remember your manicure. This print is cow-inspired, with simple black dots. Make sure the nails are matte. They will look more sophisticated than regular. 

10. Nude Stiletto Nails

Nude is always trendy. Whenever you can’t decide about your manicure, go for lovely nude shades, and we guarantee you won’t be bored. Nude stiletto nails will match all your wardrobe, and they are perfect for wearing every day.

Things to Consider Before Going to Nail Salon

Let’s be honest – not all women should wear long nails with pointy edges. However, if you are still considering stiletto nail shape, these are the things to consider before going to a nail salon.

Stiletto Nails Break Easily

The fact is that pointy tips break easily, especially if you are doing work that requires you to use your hands a lot.

You can imagine your nails as sharpened pens – they can break anytime. The key is to be careful and not panic if any of your pointy nails break. 

How Long Do Stiletto Nails Last

To keep your nails in place and looking nice, you need to replace or re-do them every two weeks. However, if you want to keep them longer than a few weeks, the upkeep is expensive. 

You Lose Good Side of Nail

Stiletto nails require you to file off a significant amount of side nails. Unless your nail artist knows the other way, you will lose the good side of your nail. 

Life Productivity Will Decrease

Some women say they started to appreciate everyday things more when they got stiletto nails. That is probably because your overall productivity in life will decrease. You won’t be able to apply makeup with your fingers while texting messages, and passwords will be very hard and take forever.

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