Instagram is full of amazing hairstyles and charming haircuts. Where to get better hairstyle ideas and inspiration than on the feeds of our favorite bloggers?

12 Hairstyles To Conquer Instagram

Instagram is overflown with beautiful photos from fashion weeks all around the world. Its girls have proudly shown off their outfits, as well as their interesting trendy hairstyles.

That is why, we have decided to show you some of the best ones, the ones that inspired us the most. These hairstyles are absolutely achievable, so go on and get inspired.

Sleek Hair and Headband

Sleek Hair and HeadbandPhoto: Instagram/@leoniehanne

Maybe you were not aware, but headbands are back to fashion. Thanks to many high-end brands you can now rock your casual straight hair with lovely colorful headbands all the time!

Braids on Point

Braids on PointPhoto: Instagram/@songofstyle

Even if this blogger has an ultra short bob, she still manages to make it look cool with braids. Let this be your spring resolution – more braids in your hair. If you want it shaggier than this, check shaggy bob haircuts for some examples.

Long Bob at its Best

Long Bob - LobPhoto: Instagram/@haileybieber

It is obvious that lob took the throne on Instagram.

Many bloggers, influencers, and superstars opted for this practical hairstyle that suits perfectly to everybody.

Low Bun

Low BunPhoto: Instagram/@carodaur

For both casual and elegant events one of the most popular hairstyles is a low bun. Just wrap your hair with the elastic and dress into your favorite dress.

Pretty Messy Lob

Messy LobPhoto: Instagram/@vivaluxuryblog

Combination of waves and a bit of messy hair can only give you the perfect result. This is an amazing trending Instagram hairstyle that you can wear every day, without feeling or looking bored.

Braided Top Knot

Braided Top KnotPhoto: Instagram/@blankitinerary

When the top knot is not enough always add a braid to make it interesting. A braid on the back side of your head with white thread will make you look cool and bold.

Sophisticated Sleek Hair

Sophisticated Sleek HairPhoto: Instagram/@brittanyxavier

When you want to make a statement or you go to some event where you need to show off your whole look, you should opt for this hairstyle. Sleek hair was always in style, but this spring more than ever.

Bangs and Waves

Bangs and WavesPhoto: Instagram/@rocky_barnes

Bangs are one of those things that never go out of style. That is why they are perfect for everyday wear as well as styled for something more unique. Find some inspiration and beautiful examples of long hair with side bangs.

Ponytail and Chic Scarf

Ponytail and Chic ScarfPhoto: Instagram/@happilygrey

Ponytails are great but have you ever tried to knot them with your favorite silk scarf? We simply adore this hairstyle look, which is trending on Instagram at the moment!

A Bunch of Colorful Pins

A Bunch of Colorful PinsPhoto: Instagram/@sincerelyjules

The festive season is near, as well as spring. Prepare on time and get inspired by this lovely hairstyle with plenty of hair clips presented by one of the most popular bloggers on Instagram.

Silk Scrunchie

Silk ScrunchiePhoto: Instagram/@adenorah

Yes, scrunchies are definitely back in fashion. Even though we have learned that no one on Manhattan is wearing them (Sex and the City episode), all It girls went crazy for them.

Braided Headband

Braided HeadbandPhoto: Instagram/@chiaraferragni

Instead of velvet or silk headbands, you can also opt for a braid. Yes, the braid! It will look more bold, fierce, and absolutely chic. Get inspired by Chiara.