5 Smart Ways To Put Faux Locs in a Bun

Faux locs in a bun

This standout style has been around forever.

Goddess faux locs are being worn by many celebrities like Rihanna, Taraji P. Henson, Tyra Banks, Zendaya, and many others.

Whether they are performing or walking down the red carpet, this protective style has been their choice for years. Some of them wear their faux locs in a bun since that is one of the best ways to get them styled.

How to Put Faux Locs in a Bun

These are some of the ways to get high, low, and messy buns. If you want to know which are the best ways to get your faux locs into a bun, look no further. We got five clever and easy ways to make your hair look stylish and eye-catching.

1. Faux Locs or Dreads in High Bun

Faux Locs in High Bun

You will need:

  • Stretchy hair tie or a scrunchie
  • Bobby pins

Start by pulling all your locs towards the front of your head. It looks like a high ponytail.

Secure all the hair with the big hair tie and throw the locs back. Section the high ponytail into two big parts. Twist them around to form a bun.

2. Putting Faux Locs in a Twisted Bun

You will need:

  • Hair tie
  • Bobby pins

This hairstyle is great because it is practically 2 in 1. You can either leave it as a twist pullback or continue twisting it into a bun.

Make two side parts and twist them all the way down to the ends. Twist it away from your face. The rest of your hair should fall at the back. Gather these two parts and tie them into a knot and secure them with a hair tie.

Section the rest of your hair into three parts. Twist the left and right sides while leaving the middle section untwisted. Use a scrunchie to tie off the end of the third part. Then simply roll and tuck it in the twisted pullback and secure it with bobby pins.

Take one twist and wrap it around the bun. Wrap it under, then tuck and secure it into the top of the bun. Do the reverse thing with the second twist (first the top and then tuck it in under the bun).

3. Messy Faux Locs Bun

Messy Faux Locs Bun

You will need:

  • Bobby pins

This hairstyle is inspired by Rihanna’s way of styling. She wears her dreadlocks like this all the time.

Leave two or more front locs out, gather the rest of your hair, and pull it up. Twist the locs around and tuck them into each other.

For some girls, this works just fine, while others need to use a few bobby pins to secure their messy bun. Some of the locs will stay out of the bun, which is the key to making the bun looks messy.

4. Half Up Half Down Bun

Half Up Half Down Bun

You will need:

  • Elastic hair tie

If you are not in the mood for a classic bun, then let’s try something a bit different. Half up half down style is great for those who like their locs to be casual yet sophisticated.

Leave one or two front locs for a messy look. Pull half of your hair up and secure it with a big elastic hair tie. It should look like you are about to get a ponytail.

However, when you tie that ponytail up for the second time, don’t pull it all the way through.

5. Double Space Buns

Double Space Buns

You will need:

  • Bobby pins

If you were thinking about putting your faux locs in a bun, we suggest trying something like this. This interesting hairstyle will undoubtedly draw attention to your hair.

You need to create two buns at the front of your head and secure the hair ends with the bobby pins. Leave the rest of your hair at the back to create a kind of a half up half down. Grab two side parts of the hair that is left and tie them in a knot at the back of your head. Wrap the hair ends around each bun.

As you see, putting faux locs in a bun is a great way to get them tamed and styled. You can wear all these styles for different occasions – parties, work, and other casual events. What do you think? Which one of these is your favorite?

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