55 Creative Ideas with Goddess Faux Locs

By Sarah J. Helms / Updated on July 31, 2020

Goddess faux locs are one of the protective styles that women around the world love to wear.

Some prefer wearing their locs during hot summer months. It is not a surprise. Their bohemian vibes are perfect for beach parties and swimming in the sea. You don’t have to worry that your hair might be damaged – it will grow beneath while you always have your hairstyle done!

These are some of the creative ideas we have found for you to try. We already have favorites – find the ones you adore and try them right now!

Half Up Half Down Goddess Faux Locs

Half Up Half Down Goddess Faux LocsPhoto: blackbeautybombshells.com

Summer is near, and you know what that means! You need to find a perfect way to style your faux locks. This is a great hairstyle that takes only 5 minutes of your time to be made. Add hair accessories for boho vibes.

Blonde Locs With Curly Ends

Blonde Locs With Curly EndsPhoto: blackbeautybombshells.com

Attractive and long – these are the words that describe this hairstyle. Blonde hair was never looking more interesting! Blonde faux locs with curly ends will make you stand out from the crowd, you can bet!

Side Sectioned Goddess Faux Locs

Side Sectioned HairPhoto: pinterest.com

One of the most important parts of making your goddess locs work is hair sectioning. If you decide to section your hair on one side, you will get a hairstyle like this. This hairstyle is great for buns, half ups, and breading.

Hot Red Goddess Braids

Hot Red Goddess BraidsPhoto: pinterest.com

For all those girls that like to attract attention, there is no better way than dyeing your hair in red. Moreover, if you decide to do goddess locs with attractive accessories – you win this hairstyling game.

High Ponytail

High PonytailPhoto: pinterest.com

Copper is a great hair color that suits women with both dark and light skin tones. In combination with goddess faux braids, it looks amazing. A great choice to wear in the summertime or the early fall.

Long Goddess Locs in Blue

Long Goddess Locs in BluePhoto: blackbeautybombshells.com

This hairstyle is certainly not for everyone. Only for the brave ones, we would say. Dyeing your hair blue is bold, while goddess locs will make this style look ready for summer.

Burgundy Ombre

Burgundy OmbrePhoto: pinterest.com

Ombre hairstyles are still one of the trendiest. Doing ombre in some specific shade like burgundy will make all your outfits look amazing. You can leave the roots in black, while goddess locs can be done in a burgundy hue.

Side Swept Locs

Side Swept LocsPhoto: pinterest.com

Your long goddess braids can look amazing if you gather them all at one side of your head. This hairstyle is great for elegant occasions. Simply add some jewelry, and you are done.

Colorful Accessories

Colorful AccessoriesPhoto: Instagram/@4chairchicks

Goddess locs are great style itself, but they look even better when decorated with colorful threads. You can easily pull them off when bored. However, try this look for the upcoming summer months.

Multi-Tone Locs in a Bun

Multi-Tone Locs in a BunPhoto: blackbeautybombshells.com

These multi-toned goddess locs will look extraordinary when wrapped in a bun. Simply pull all your hair into a high ponytail and then wrap it around to form a bun. You can leave a few strands out, so your curls are visible.

Black Goddess Locs Look

Black Goddess Locs LookPhoto: blackbeautybombshells.com

You can easily make your goddess braids look like this. Section two front parts of your hair and tie them in a knot at the back of your head. It’s easy like that! Yet, it looks gorgeous.

Blue like a Rainbow

Blue like a RainbowPhoto: essence.com

Pastel, as well as rainbow hair colors, are perfect for beach hairstyles. If you need inspiration for your summer hair, this might be the one. Seashells are fabulous for decorating your goddess locs.

Goddess Locs Bob

Goddess Locs BobPhoto: essence.com

Faux locs bob is for those girls that don’t like extra-long hair. It is practical, while locs keep your hair protected from external factors.

Accessories on Point

Accessories on PointPhoto: Instagram/@protectivestyles

Accessorizing your goddess faux locs is always a good idea. Burgundy, in combination with orange threads, will provide you with a bohemian look that catches attention.

Polished Look

Polished LookPhoto: essence.com

Long and polished goddess braids are great for daily wear. You can easily make them look messy, by wrapping them in a low or high bun.

Platinum and Honey Blonde

Platinum and Honey BlondePhoto: pinterest.com

Multi-colored blonde hair is great for creating thick and voluminous hairstyles. Goddess braids look beautiful. Leave strands of your hair undone – those curly parts will make a perfect combination with locs.

Impressive Color Combo With Burgundy Goddess Locs

Impressive Color Combo With Burgundy Goddess LocsPhoto: Instagram/@hair_designsbykoko

We have never even guessed how good burgundy and blonde hair can appear. This girl showed us how to rock these multi-colored goddess locs. Don’t forget to add seashell accessories, like the girl in the photo above.

Curls and Goddess Locs

Curls and Goddess LocsPhoto: Instagram/@hair_designsbykoko

By leaving some of your hair undone, you will make it look more casual and messy. If you decide to multi-color your hair, this hairstyle will appear even better. Don’t hesitate to try it.

Violet Color Faux Locs

Violet Color Faux LocsPhoto: therighthairstyles.com

Vibrant color faux locs look even better than the classic ones. This protective style is great since your hair can grow while you always have a ready-to-go hairstyle. Violet is definitely a color to try!

Honey Blonde Locs

Honey Blonde LocsPhoto: essence.com

Honey blonde hair should always be the choice of black girls. It simply looks amazing! Long braids can be achieved even if your natural hair is short. Just choose long Marley hair.

Pink like a Cotton Candy

Pink like a Cotton CandyPhoto: essence.com

You will turn heads with these cotton candy pink color. Make sure to bread your hair all the way down from your roots to the ends in this vibrant fuchsia shade.

Dark Chocolate Hues

Dark Chocolate HuesPhoto: essence.com

If you would like to achieve something chic yet with bohemian vibe, try goddess braids in dark brown shades. These light lilac thread accessories will look great on brown locs.

Messy Bun Locs

Messy Bun LocsPhoto: pinterest.com

Even if this bun might look a bit intimidating to you, it is actually pretty easy to make. You gather all hair at the top of your head and secure it with a hair tie. Then wrap it around and secure with bobby pins. Easy peasy!

Look with a Scarf

Look with a ScarfPhoto: Instagram/@harmonicurls

This is an easy goddess locs look that comes with a scarf. You can add it as detail and protection from the sun. Add some accessories to your hair and match it with your jewelry.

Headband and Locs

Headband and LocsPhoto: Instagram/@harmonicurls

The headband is always a good idea to gather and style your goddess faux locs. Pick whatever color you like and style it with your outfit.

Senegalese Twist

Senegalese TwistPhoto: essence.com

This kind of look is typical for the Senegalese twist. It looks great with curls and twists in combination. You can side sweep your hair and wear it like that for many different occasions.

Dark Purple Hair

Dark Purple HairPhoto: essence.com

Dark purple is yet another of those “strange” shades that you should try. It looks incredible though. Especially when you do goddess braids alongside. Go with yellow or gold accessories – they make perfect contrast.

Balayage Goddess Faux Locs Bob

Balayage Goddess Faux Locs BobPhoto: Instagram/@boholocs

This blended brown and blonde shade together look more than perfect. They result in a sun-kissed look that is perfect for warmer months. Adding goddess faux locs will make your bob stand out.

Wrapped Ponytail

Wrapped PonytailPhoto: Instagram/@drose_affect

The ponytail is one of those perfect and easy updos. Either you have long or short goddess locs, you can make this hairstyle rock. This wrap detail instead of classic hair tie looks absolutely great.

Wrapped Half Updo

Wrapped Half UpdoPhoto: Instagram/@maryebele_

Side sweep your hair at one side of your head. Then wrap it like you are about to make a braid. Leave some hair untwisted. This is an excellent style for women who like to have hair away from their face.

Wavy Locs

Wavy LocsPhoto: Instagram/@boholocs

For all those girls who have curly hair and think they can’t pull goddess braids – we have good news. They are more than possible to braid. This combination will look stunning with both dark and bright hair colors.

Short Goddess Braids

Short Goddess BraidsPhoto: pinterest.com

Short hair isn’t an excuse not to make goddess braids. Of course, you can make your bob appear more sexy and edgy with locs. Go with bohemian styles, and don’t forget to add some accessories.

Layered Goddess Locs

Layered Goddess LocsPhoto: Instagram/@imadamejay

Goddess locs have curly ends, and that is how you can divide them from other types of protective styles. However, to make these ends even more appealing, you can braid them on different heights and make layers.

Ombre Ponytail

Ombre PonytailPhoto: Instagram/@amandaz_fauxlocs

Ombre looks perfect on high ponytail hairstyles. While roots can be in natural hair color, the rest of the hair should be dyed in some light shade. Here the combination of black and brown looks amazing, especially with goddess locs.

Contrast Colors

Contrast ColorsPhoto: pinterest.com

Even if these two shades are not so common, they look good when blended on your hair. Curly ends in honey blonde shade will definitely stand out.

Bold Bun

Bold BunPhoto: Instagram/@simplyjade_101

This hairstyle has an attitude, even though it is made within 10 minutes. You will look bold and chic for any occasion. Always leave one or two strands at the front for a messy look.

Bohemian Faux Locs

Bohemian Faux LocsPhoto: pinterest.com

Short boho faux locs can be styled in many ways, but we think this is one of the easiest ones. Half updos, like this one, are great for daily occasions as well as for elegant ones. You can upgrade it by adding some jewelry.

Crochet Goddess Faux Locs

Crochet Goddess Faux LocsPhoto: mjbeautyclub.com

Crochet hair can vary in length and thickness. You can choose and create goddess locs as you wish. By adding accessories, you make this haircut beach appropriate.

Office Ready Goddess Faux Locs Hair

Office Ready Goddess Faux Locs HairPhoto: newnaturalhairstyles.com

Goddess faux locs hair is not only beach-appropriate. The right styles can be worn to the office as well. Polished looks like this one in the photo above are perfect for your workwear outfits.

Faux Locs in a Bun

Styled BunPhoto: newnaturalhairstyles.com

Not all buns look messy. Faux locs in a bun can be styled to look very chic and elegant. Look at this bun – even though goddess locs might make you think they are not appropriate, they can look very sophisticated.

Layered Side-Swept Locs

Layered Side-Swept LocsPhoto: Instagram/@voiceofhair

Not only the color of these locs but also this hairstyle will make many heads turn. Layered goddess braids side-swept provide you with a certain boho look that is perfect for everyday wear.

Like a Mermaid

Like a MermaidPhoto: pinterest.com

Do you want to have hair in color blue? No problem! It is perfect for summer months, beach parties, and seaside. You can braid your hair and dye it in two shades of turquoise blue and sea blue. Wrap it in a bun – voila!

Long Multi-Colored Locs

Long Multi-Colored LocsPhoto: Instagram/@stylesbymolly_

This is how long faux locs look like when you color them in different shades of brown. Go ahead and do it for the upcoming summer. Blonde strands will give you a sun-kissed look that is perfect for the beach.

Turquoise Blue Updo

Turquoise Blue UpdoPhoto: pinterest.com

Goddess braids can be hard to wear all the time. They are heavy but so stylish. That is why you can section and wrap the part of your hair. Make this updo bohemian by adding wooden and other colorful accessories.

Shaved Sides

Shaved SidesPhoto: Instagram/@p

The trend of shaving one or both sides of your head is not gone. You can still be unique and attractive with this kind of hairstyle. Side swept hair in combination with shaved sides will definitely make people comment on your style.

Elegant Updo

Elegant UpdoPhoto: pinterest.com

When you think about elegant updos, you can’t bypass style like this at the photo above. It is so easy yet so stylish that you have to try it. Brown roots with honey blonde ends will make this hairstyle pop out.

Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

Platinum Blonde HairstylePhoto: Instagram/@_talentedhands75

Platinum blonde can be tricky to maintain. It washes out quickly, and you need the right products to keep your hair hydrated. However, with faux locs you won’t have that problem. You can rock amazing platinum hair as long as you wish.

Glam Goddess Braids

Glam Goddess BraidsPhoto: Instagram/@shyinstar

Yes, goddess braids can be glamorous as well. It is just the way they are styled. Braid half of your hair and leave the rest loose casually at the back. A hairstyle like this one is perfect for both casual and elegant occasions.

Braids and Locs Combo

Braids and Locs ComboPhoto: Instagram/@b_coargayfg

The perfect thing about goddess braids is that you can style them however you wish. Are you not in the mood for crocheting all hair? No problem! Combining two techniques, braids and locs, is always a good idea.

Twists and Braids

Twists and BraidsPhoto: Instagram/@_braidedbeauties_

Combining two techniques to get perfect goddess braids is more than welcome. Twists, braids, and crocheting – everything is allowed. Curly hair ends in light brown shade will stand out. 50

Space Buns

Space BunsPhoto: Instagram/@_braidedbeauties_

Do you have long hair and no inspiration on how to style it? We recommend going with goddess braids and make them in two space buns.

Crochet Boho Locs

Boho locs might be the best option for girls who like a mix of curls and braids altogether.

Gather hair on the top of your hair and let it fall loose at both sides of your head. Accessories are optional.

Chic And Accessorized

Chic And AccessorizedPhoto: pinterest.com

Even hair that you plan to wear to work can be accessorized. Make sure always to have simple rings, silver or gold strings, threads, and other chic hair jewelry.

Honey Blonde and Black

Honey Blonde and BlackPhoto: Instagram/@_braidedbeauties_

Black roots represent natural hair color, while the locs are done in light honey blonde. You don’t need to dye your hair anymore to get the shade you always wanted.

Passion Twists

Passion TwistsPhoto: Instagram/@_braidedbeauties_

Twisting your hair will not only protect it but also make all your daily looks upgraded. Half up half down bun is something you have to try if you have goddess faux locs.

We hope you got plenty of ideas about goddess faux locs for your inspiration.

As you see, this hairstyle can range from stylish and elegant, to breathtaking and extravagant. It’s all up to you, your mood and your desire. If you’re looking for advice, here’s a couple of tutorials on how to do goddess locs.

Be creative!

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