15 Side Shaved Haircut Examples To Rock Your Next Cut

Side shaved haircuts
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Do you look at side-shaved haircuts and wonder how they would look on you? If you are nodding, we get you. All those women that shaved their heads are brave, and the results they get are astonishing.

Side-shaved hairstyles are not seen so often, but they could leave you speechless once you do see them. Side shaved haircuts are perfect for creating edgier and unique styles that you can’t achieve with more traditional cuts.

This haircut is quite popular among celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, Coco Rocha, and others, who tried this cut at some time.

Will Side-shaved Haircut Look Good On Me?

Side-shaved is a cut where the hair on one side of the head is cut to a length that falls just above the ear. This haircut can be tricky because it requires skillful shaving techniques.

You also need to balance exactly how much hair needs to be shaved for the best look.

This type of haircut is popular with women and men who want to try something different. Keep in mind, it will accentuate one side of your face. If this isn’t something you like, it might not be the best style for you.

Side shaved haircut will look good on you if you have a rounder face. The haircut has an angled fringe which makes a face appear slimmer.

Side Shaved Haircuts to Get Inspired

If you’re looking for a simple, low-maintenance haircut, then the side-shaved haircut is just what you need. The best part? You’ll be rocking an edgy, sexy hairstyle in no time!

Here we have a variety of haircuts so that anyone can choose one based on her preference. From very prominent ones to seek-and-hide side cuts (perhaps your workplace has a strict hairstyle policy?)

Let’s see 15 real women that rock the side shave cuts.

1. Two-Colored Side Shaved Cut

This hairstyle is unique due to its ash blonde hair color.

Two-colored hair is definitely something you don’t see every day. Black and white dye alongside a side shaved cut are the things that make this style very interesting. Bangs can be styled and matched with the sidecut, discovered once the hair is moved or thrown at the side.

2. Blondie Side Shaved  Haircut

Deep sidecut is just another way to upgrade your lob or bob.

No matter if the hair is straight or curly, throwing it at one side will make the side shaved haircut visible. The key is to cut the side just above your forehead but not to overdo it.

3. Short, Straight and Messy

When it is not enough to cut your hair short, you can combine this hairstyle with a side shave.

It will be like a lost piece to your puzzle. Make sure to ask your hairdresser to leave the hair at the top longer, so you can make side bangs.

4. Stylized Side Shaved Haircut

Some women prefer to have haircuts that are this unique. Green hair color plus stylized side shave – a bingo combination.

If you feel brave enough for this, we can only say – go for it. Otherwise, this hairstyle will look perfect on long hairstyles too.

5. Long Grey Hair

When someone decides to have grey hair on purpose, this is how amazing it can look.

This style with a side shave is great for those who prefer to wear their hairstyles in multiple ways. You can easily turn this great style into casual by hiding side cut.

6. Hidden Side Shave

While some prefer to wear their side shave visible, others do it more delicately.

This side cut is visible when your hair is wrapped in a bun or ponytail. Leaving side cut a bit longer is also an option to consider.

7. Haircut Suitable for Everybody

Many people connect side shaved haircuts to punk and young people. But we say it is not exactly like that. You can wear it whether you are 20 or 50 years old.

Bleach blonde hair and black roots look amazing when combined together.

8. Balayage with Side Shave

Even naturally wavy hair can look amazing if you decide to try a side shave.

When your hair is long enough so you can flip it to the other side, cut the side and then talk to your hairdresser about doing balayage. It should be a fantastic upgrade.

9. Amazing Undercut

This unique undercut is shown off when the hair is pulled back into a high bun or a ponytail. If you prefer to wear your hair like this, then you should definitely try this style.

It is suitable for all hair types and lengths.

10. Small and Sweet Cut

When you are new to side shaving, you may want to start small and then shave more hair.

That is exactly how this woman did it. She started small with a stylized shave and a high ponytail. It looks interesting enough and perfect for beginners.

11. Mandala Inspired Hair

Instead of doing a tattoo on your body, you can shave your hair in the form of a flower or other motif.

Mandala is one of the symbols that you can try on your side cut. There are many forms of it, but choose the one that is the easiest for cutting.

12. Straight and Long Haircut

Some women prefer to wear long hairstyles, even though they are a bit trickier to maintain.

Putting on masks, trimming your hair ends regularly – all these things are obligatory if you want to have nice long hair. Sidecut comes as an excellent upgrade here. You can show it off or hide it – it depends on your mood and occasion.

13. Gather the Hair Up

Unlike the other side shaved hairstyles, this one is much less visible. However, it still is lovely and unique. It can be shown off when you gather the hair up in a bun.

Bonus: if the hair is with notable highlights or balayage, this style is even more interesting.

14. Braided Hairstyle

Braided hair in combination with a side shaved haircut can look exactly like this – incredible and breathtaking.

Your hair should be long for this particular style. It will appear more powerful and glamorous.

15. Curly Undercut

Naturally, curly hair seems beautiful itself. If you would like to make it even more interesting, simply cut the side(s).

Regardless of your hair color and length, a side-shaved style makes every hairstyle appear unique.

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