25 Brown Hair With Highlights Ideas Worth Copying

Brown hair with highlights
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Who said blondes have the most fun? Brunettes have so many possibilities when it comes to highlights and hairstyles. No doubt about blonde highlights, of course, but for brunettes, there are so many options as well! Brown hair with highlights looks truly stunning. There are different shades of brown to choose from – from warm to cool browns, from coppery to light browns – the list could go on and on.

In addition, you can vary the saturation and tones of your highlights, changing from very subtle and tender or, contrary, vivid and expressive.

These brown highlights are universally flattering: they suit any hair type and any length and are so gorgeous. Check these hairstyles that we’ve rounded up for you and take your favorite straight to the stylist! And if you decide to do it on your own, here’s a good guide on DIY highlights for dark hair.

25 Brown Hair With Highlights Examples

Tiger’s Eye Highlights

Warm brown hair with red tinge with light copper highlights

The latest trend in highlighting for brown hair is modeled after the gemstone popularly known as Tiger’s Eye. Their color can vary from a maple syrup color to red-brown, often with golden honey-colored highlights. Take inspiration from nature and warm up your brown hair with these hues.

Caramel Ombre Highlights

long wavy hair with reddish-brown lowlights and caramel highlights

This is another take on the Tiger’s Eye trend, but with a slightly more ombre approach. The ends are lightened to a golden caramel color, and lowlights are created with a dark, reddish-brown.

The highlights don’t go all the way up to the roots of the hair, creating the classic ombre look. This would be a super low maintenance look.

Two-Tone Blonde and Burgundy Highlights

wavy light brown hair with golden blonde and dark red highlights

Change up your usual highlights routine by adding a little bit of burgundy red. This stylist has employed thick highlights in both golden blonde and dark cherry red. Doesn’t it remind you of gorgeous fall leaves? These unique highlights will definitely set you apart from the rest.

Warm Caramel Highlights with Red Lowlights

Wavy brown hair with red lowlights and copper highlights

This is another unique combination of colors that is perfect for warm complexions. This style uses bright copper highlights to add drama and pizazz as well as subtle red lowlights to tie it all together.

Golden Honey Ombre

brown hair with golden ombre

This honey-colored ombre is a great way to lighten dark hair without causing the damage of going full-on blonde and without the maintenance of regular touch-ups.

Rather than bleach blonde, this hairstyle incorporates natural golden tones. It’s not so light that it will wash you out, but it’s still light enough to make your complexion glow.

Classic Blonde Highlights – A True Beauty For Light Brown Hair

soft blonde highlights on light brown hair

This hairstyle uses delicate, blonde highlights to create a gorgeous, sun-kissed look (perfect hair color for spring, isn’t it). If you have light brown hair, these highlights will be an easy way to brighten up your look.

Caramel Highlights on Light Brown Hair

straight brown layered hair with golden brown highlights

Going just one or two shades lighter can create a beautiful highlighting effect, too – you don’t always have to go for the lightest blonde. This warm-toned hairstyle works best for those with naturally tan skin tones.

Subtle Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown hair with chocolate brown and copper highlights

Highlights aren’t just for brunettes with light brown hair – if you have dark brown hair (or even black!), you can play too! These highlights are a mixture of lighter brown and copper highlights, warming up the complexion.

Contrasting Balayage

dark brown hair with gold, platinum, and light brown highlights.

Highlights definitely don’t have to be subtle.

If you have dark hair, you can create a contrasting effect with light blonde highlights. Notice how the highlights have different shades – the key to making this look successful is to have a variety of different color highlights. Light brown, golden, and even platinum highlights can be seen in this hairstyle.

Chocolate Brown Highlights

black hair with chocolate brown highlights

If your hair is dark, you may not want to lighten them all the way to blonde. You can still get the look with highlights even with a shade of brown. If you have black or very dark brown hair, chocolate brown creates a nice contrast.

Black Bob with Subtle Highlights

black layered bob with subtle copper highlights

Have your highlights worked with your hairstyle? Ask your stylist to create subtle highlights that go with the layers of your hair cut. These thin, copper highlights highlight the angularity of the bob and give it an extra dimension.

Dark Chocolate Brown with Auburn Highlights

long, dark, chocolate brown wavy hair with auburn highlights

If your hair isn’t naturally dark, these highlights will make you want to go darker.

Adorn your dark brown or black hair with rich, chocolate brown highlights and a hint of auburn. It’s just the right amount of red – subtle, dark cherry accents will take your hair to the next level.

Coffee and Caramel Highlights

Dark brown hair with thick caramel highlights

Coffee and caramel – two fantastic foods that taste great both separately AND together! (Salted caramel lattes anyone?) Combine these delicious flavors with a subtle golden brown highlight on dark, coffee brown hair.

Subtle Sun-Kissed Highlights

Cool, dark brown wavy hair with light brown and blonde highlights

Less is more when it comes to these highlights. Here the stylist uses very subtle light brown highlights mixed in with strategic golden pieces that mimic highlights created naturally by the sun. This way, you can get a sun-kissed look even in the dead of winter.

Dark Red Ombre

Dark brown hair with dark red highlights

Why stick to brown and blonde highlights? Any brown-haired beauty can rock this subtle burgundy red ombre. The red highlights start at the top but intensify towards the roots, creating a subtle gradient.

Classic Three-Tone Ombre

Wavy hairstyle with a gradient from dark brown to golden blonde.

For the naturally dark-haired brunettes among us, this is the classic dark brown ombre that never gets old.

It’s divided into three sections -black or dark brown, light brown, and honey blonde. This means that you can let this ombre grow out without worrying about going back to the salon every few weeks.

Simple Ombre Lob

Woman with shoulder length hair and a natural blonde ombre

The lob, or the “long bob” is a really versatile hairstyle. You can grow it out or trim it to the same length without worrying about any awkward in-between stages, unlike a normal bob.

You don’t necessarily have to have long hair to do highlights, short looks great, too. Try adding some dimension to your lob by introducing a classic ombre.

Ash Blonde Ombre

Medium length wavy hair with blonde and gray ombre

If you’re sick of warm highlights, why not add a little gray into the mix? Ask your stylist to add gray pieces into your blonde ombre and highlights. This will create a cool gradient effect.

Grey Ombre

black, medium length wavy hair with silver ombre gradient

You can still lighten your hair without going blonde! Omit the golden tones altogether and get this unique gray ombre. This is perfect for anyone who has skin with yellow undertones that might otherwise clash with a blonde.

Subtle Golden Ombre

Medium length wavy hair with subtle golden highlights

This hairstyle is ideal for anyone who wants to do the least amount of damage to their locks.

These highlights start halfway down your head and only cover the outer layer of your hair – leaving your natural color to shine through. It’s a no-fuss, low-maintenance way to add a pop of color to your natural hair.

Full-on Blonde Ombre

medium-length light brown hair with blonde ombre starting from the ear down

This hairstyle works best if you have light or medium brown hair. The blonde gradient starts right around your ears and becomes the lightest at the tips, making it a sophisticated blonde hairstyle without being too high-maintenance.

Rose Gold Balayage

Light brown hair with rose-gold highlights

If you’re looking for something completely different, why not try rose gold? Neither totally pink nor completely copper, rose gold is the perfect in-between color. This color reminds us of the gorgeous lighting at sunset.

Rose Gold Ombre

Long hair with pink and orange ombre

This take on the rose gold trend is more than just an ombre.

Take a look – in addition to lightened tips, the whole head has been given subtle pink highlights. The stylist has incorporated subtle orange tones into the ombre to truly capture the essence of this precious metal.

Brown Hair with Pink Ombre

Dark brown hair with pale pink ombre

This interpretation of rose gold incorporates more pink than the previous two looks. If you love pink, why not go for it? The contrast between pastel pink and brown is extremely flattering and would work for a variety of different skin tones.

Copper Ombre Inspiration

Brown hair with copper ombre highlights

Try something new with this luxurious golden copper ombre. This rose-gold-inspired hairstyle leans more on the copper side than pink. It’s relatively subtle yet still colorful and feminine.

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