20 Lovely New Hair Colors for Women With Dark Skin

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Sometimes, choosing a new hair color can seem like a puzzle you have to solve. Many questions pop up in the head without always clear answers. Do you know exactly your skin tone? What about the undertone? Fil the new color fit my personality?

In this article, we talk about the basics and share some tricks on how to choose the right hair for your skin tone and undertone. We also share some inspirational photos so that you can prepare for your next hair appointment.

Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone and Undertone

Do you know how to determine your skin tone and undertone? If not, we have a guide that will teach you some tricks and give you guidelines about it. You might notice that some hair shades suit you better than others. Why is that? Because hair color should match perfectly with your skin undertones. 

It is not a mistake to go for some shade and try it just because your friend has the same one, but let’s learn something new, too.

If You Have Cool Undertones

Women with darker skin with cool blue undertones can choose anything between warm blonde, caramel, amber, honey, or butterscotch. Ash-blonde will look great on women with darker skin and cool undertones as well.

If you are a fan of red shades, go for warm red, amber, copper, and rust shades instead of cool red. It will make your blue undertones seem much better. 

Regardless of your skin undertone, you can always wear cool black shades, such as licorice, espresso, or blue-black.

For Women With Warm Undertones

Women with dark skin and warm undertones should avoid shades like warm blonde and instead go for something that won’t make their skin look yellow. Honey blonde with dark roots will work just fine.

If you are more fan of brown shades, you can choose between a more comprehensive array of shades. Mocha, dark chocolate, chestnut, and dark auburn will look ideal on dark skin and warm undertones. 

Other shades that look perfectly on warm undertone skin are warm brown shades like golden brown, honey, mahogany, or cinnamon.  

Best Hair Color for Dark Skin With Neutral Undertones

Consider using dark brown shades to brighten up your complexion. Go for ashy shades, too, since they perfectly complement the olive skin tone. Multidimensional red or auburn highlights make a perfect candidate for neutral undertones. 

Since you can wear almost any shade with neutral undertones, it would be nice to consult with your hairdresser before dyeing your hair.

Top Hair Colors for Women With Dark Skin Tone

We have chosen some of the best-looking hair colors for dark skin. The decision depends on your style and natural hair color. Let’s see.

1. Black

Black is beautiful. Black is an eye-catching color. If you have naturally black hair, you can only make fabulous hairstyles. On the other hand, if you want to give color more dimension, add a bit of color shampoo, and don’t forget to use a proper conditioner for curls.

2. Black Brown Ombre

Black roots with brown lengths make a perfect ombre hairstyle. It matches with black skin perfectly and with long hair and waves.

If your hair is wavy or curly, all those ombre shades will be visible and even more enhanced. 

3. Mahogany Brown

Mahagony shade is somewhere between brown and red but much more dark and sophisticated. You can match it with dark skin, straight or wavy hair. 

4. Chestnut Brown

Having the color of chestnut on black skin is perfect and will make you look amazing. Even better if you have naturally curly hair like a girl from the photo above! All shades of your hair dye will be visible. 

5. Medium Brown

The medium brown shade is perfect for those transitioning to lighter colors, such as honey blonde or light brown. It is the perfect balance between dark and light. You can ask your hairstylist to do brown hair with highlights as well for some extra texture.

6. Light Brown

Do you want to save your brown hair, but you also wish to have lighter highlights? Well, then, this is a hairstyle for you. It matches perfectly with darker skin tones and can be worn for months before you will need a touch-up.

7. Dark Brown

The dark brown or almost black shade is great for people who don’t like experimenting with their hairstyles. You can simply make curls or beach waves and be ready for the day ahead. 

8. Light Mahogany Brown

Mahagony brown is a beautiful shade that matches neutral undertones as well as warm ones. You can be sure this is one of those wow shades that won’t be left unnoticed. 

9. Dark Mahogany

Dark and deep mahogany will make your long hair look even more eye-catching. This color is excellent for women with dark skin and warmer undertones. These waves are easy to make and perfect to wear daily. 

10. Light Auburn Hair Color

Beautiful auburn hair matches not only with darker skin tones but also with fall weather. You can be sure this will be your new favorite shade once you try it on.

11. Dark Auburn Hair Color

This is a much more reddish-auburn style, yet very sexy and attractive. A combination of dark red and auburn is perfect for women who like to attract and be noticed.

12. Red Hair Color

Reinvent Rihanna’s red hair look with this shade. It is vivid and vibrant yet very wearable. You need to know, though, that red hair needs to be dyed regularly. It can be washed out easily, so make sure to follow the instructions.

13. Copper

According to the trend charts, this is going to be ‘the’ hair color to have this year. Whether your hair is straight or curly, copper is a way to style it. It matches perfectly with dark skin and colder undertones.

14. Strawberry Blonde

Another shade that suits dark skin and trending this year is strawberry blonde. It is a beautiful mix of different shades of brown, honey blonde, and red. When mixed, they create magic on hair.

15. Dark Purple Hair

We know that not a lot of women dare to wear purple hair. However, this mix is a real bomb! Shades of red, purple, dark purple, and just a pinch of orange will look amazing on a pixie cut. 

16. Light Blue

“Blue hair, don’t care” should be the motto of all women wearing this unusual color. A fascinating shade of blue combined with voluminous curly hair gives us a look to remember.

17. Honey Blonde Ombre

Honey blonde ombre is modern and very easy to maintain. You only need touch-ups every few months to keep your hair in shape. It matches perfectly with darker skin and cool undertones.

18. Burgundy or Maroon

Dark burgundy hair is simply beautiful and so lovely on dark-skinned women. If you are looking for a hair color for dark skin that will be compatible with your everyday style, we suggest considering this one.

19. Orange Red

A deep orange shade that almost looks like red is great for women who like to turn heads toward them. This hair color is undoubtedly eye-catching.

20. Ash Blonde

Many women with darker skin think that they can’t wear light blonde hair. However, you need to know that they match warm and neutral undertones. Ashy blonde should be your choice for this spring.

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