3 Things Showing That Strawberry Blonde Hair Is For You

Who suits strawberry blonde hair?
Photo: Instagram/@martinabierova

Strawberry blonde is a lovely shade. It is a modern blend of a few hues that look so good together. That’s why strawberry blond hair is literally everywhere. It’s enough to glimpse at Instagram or Pinterest to see that this blen is so popular, an so many women wear and adore it.

You can find a variety of strawberry blonde shades. But how to know if this shade is exactly for you?

Does strawberry blonde hair look good on me?

We hope, you will find an answer in this article.

Who Suits Strawberry Blonde Hair

Before deciding, you’ve got to take three factors into consideration: your skin tone, eye color, and your natural hair color.

1. You’ve Got Fair and Pale Skin Tones

If this is the case, be assured – strawberry blonde will look good on you. This shade goes hand in hand with cool and pale skin complexions. It is a fantastic mix – many women that have tried wearing this combination never changed their minds.

Have a look at strawberry hair ideas and examples to get some inspiration.

Who suits strawberry blonde hair? This girl made it right.
Photo: Instagram/@sareh_michelle

If you have freckles, pale skin, and a bit of redness in winter, then you are a perfect candidate for a strawberry blonde shade.

Many actresses wear strawberry blonde hair – from Nicole Kidman to Jessica Chastain. You can also look good with this blend. Go for light, honey, and caramel shades, and don’t be afraid to wear them with glamorous curls.

Reddish hues alongside rose gold can appear pretty amazing on pale ladies. A typical representative of strawberry blonde is Blake Lively. Her light skin tone and green eyes look even more enhanced with strawberry blonde shades.

Copper is yet another hue that can be worn with a strawberry blonde. You can wear it as highlights, or in combination with a honey blonde.

What If You Have Dark Skin Tone?

Dark-skinned girls may ask – Will strawberry blonde look good on me? They are usually not connected to the strawberry blonde shade. However, with the just-right amount of it, your hair can look equally good as it looks on pale girls.

Some famous dark-skinned ladies use cinnamon shaded bases that add shine to the blonde hair. You can also keep the roots dark while the rest of your hair can be done in classic reddish blonde.

Dark-skinned women should also go for copper and gold combination. These shades create a luxurious blend that is hard to beat.

While rose gold is a massive trend, it isn’t looking so natural. Yet, it suits perfectly to dark skin women. It is another way to wear strawberry blonde by being a bit eccentric.

Caramel hue is perfect for women with chocolate brown eyes and skin. Combined with strawberry blonde hair ends, you get a fabulous and glamorous blend that is hard to resist.

As long as you stay natural, strawberry blonde will be OK for dark skin complexions. Try dark roots, and play with shades for the rest of your hair. Have a look at the strawberry blonde hair color chart to identify your particular shade.

2. Strawberry Blonde Hair Is Perfect with Blue and Green Eyes

Strawberry blonde is one of those shades that goes with many different eye colors. However, some colors look better than others. If you were wondering would strawberry blonde suit me, scroll down for more.

Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, look no further since this shade is perfect for you. This combination of orange and red goes amazingly well with blue. Not a surprise, since blue and orange are located right across from each other on the color wheel.

Green Eyes

Auburn shades are one of the best matches for green eyes. If you combine auburn, reddish, and strawberry blonde shades, you are on the horse of having a perfect hairstyle.

Consider butterscotch in combination with blonde highlights as well. If you would like to dye your hair in light strawberry blonde, pick honey and reddish highlights.

Brown Eyes

Dark brown eyes come alongside dark skin.

Will strawberry blonde look good on me? Ask no more. This beautiful girl looks excellent with strawberry blonde shade.
Photo: Instagram/@martinabierova

Since there is no proof you can’t wear strawberry blonde as dark-skinned, you can also match it with your eyes. Try golden brown hues, with copper and red highlights. Also, honey blonde is a hit.

3. Blonde is Your Natural Hair Color

If you are regularly dyeing your hair, then you know that the color of your natural hair has a lot to do with the final result. Brunettes won’t have instant transformations to blondes, while blondies can have problems of becoming red-heads when going darker.

Strawberry blonde is the most natural and easiest to achieve if you have blonde or light red hair. You will get to the final results easier, and it might even look better on light-haired women. From honey blonde to reddish and auburn shades – they all look amazing on natural blonde hair.

On the other hand, as we mentioned earlier, brunettes and dark-haired girls can get strawberry blonde hues as well. You should be patient, though. Also, you will have to bleach your hair. The color should be created gradually, but the results will still be amazing.

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