40 Stunning Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Beautiful strawberry blondes

Strawberry blonde is one of the trendiest hair colors at the moment. It is utterly stylish, chic, and popular. Many celebrities have given it a try, so why can’t you?

Strawberry blonde hair suits many women, especially those having blonde natural hair. Have a look at the ideas below and pick your adorable shade.

Strawberry Blonde Ideas

#1: Lovely Blonde Waves

Hair with Strawberry Blonde Waves
Photo: Instagram/@larisadoll

Strawberry blond is a trend that you shouldn’t pass by without trying. Why not making your wavy hair look like this?

#2: Messy Strawberry Blonde Bob with Bangs

Messy Bob with Bangs
Photo: Instagram/@anhcotran

Chopped bangs are one of those things in the hair industry that never go out of style. Every girl has tried them even once. This funky strawberry shade will match perfectly with the shaggy bob and these chopped bangs.

#3: Light Strawberry Blonde Hair

Light Strawberry Blonde Hair
Photo: Instagram/@hairbylacey_

Match with the strawberry pudding by dyeing the hair in the same shade. This light blonde hair will certainly make you look gorgeous.

#4: Dusty Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Hair with Dusty Strawberry Balayage
Photo: Instagram/@texasbalayage

Balayage is one of those techniques that can make your hair looks unquestionably fantastic.

If you are into strawberry blonde hair, but you don’t know which shade to choose, ask your hairdresser to do a balayage. You will have various shades merged in one hairstyle.

#5: Long and Wavy Hair

Long and Wavy Hair
Photo: ecemella.com

Long and wavy hair that is healthy is beautiful. You can be sure many people will make positive comments about your hair and shade. Curl it for the summer parties.

#6: Braided Blonde Hair

Braided Hair
Photo: Instagram/@hairbyjackieb

You have to love braids! They are not only practical but always in style and great for all the occasions. This one requires a lot of hair and a bit of practice. Once you achieve that you will be able to make it and wear it daily.

#7: Straight Rose Gold Hairstyle

Straight Rose Gold Hairstyle
Photo: Instagram/@luzie_the_balayage_artist

A combination of rose gold and strawberry gold is something that you need to try. It looks more than beautiful, especially on a straight hair like this.

#8: Long and Braided

Long and Braided Hair
Photo: Instagram/@hairbyjackieb

Long strawberry blonde hair is gorgeous. However, to make it even more interesting, make sure to braid it. Half up half down hairstyle is a good idea for a day to night events.

#9: Super Short Bob Haircut

Super Short Bob Haircut
Photo: Instagram/@colour.jade

If you are into strawberry blonde hairstyles that are messy and short at the same time, then this haircut is the right one for you. When it comes to dyes, here are a few blends that appear perfect in a combination.

#10: Brunette and Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Brunette and Strawberry Blonde Hair
Photo: Instagram/@hairbysharmichele

You might think that brunettes can’t achieve strawberry blonde dye on their dark hair. Well, that is not entirely true. You can make an ombre with dark roots and golden strawberry blond ends. Your look will make a statement.

#11: Elegant Hairstyle

Elegant Hairstyle

Strawberry blonde might seem like bold and eccentric. However, trust us, wearing it for elegant occasions is more than appropriate. You can enjoy in large curls and long hair, and finish everything with vivid makeup.

#12: Comb Over

Comb Over Hair

Your hair will always look more voluminous and after all more interesting if you comb it over one side. Opt for that if you’re willing to improve your daily look or if you want to look fabulous for an elegant occasion.

#13: Hair with Dark Roots & Strawberry Blonde Ends

Dark Roots - Strawberry Blonde Ends

If you are still in doubt should you do a complete strawberry blonde, then leave your roots dark. You can do an ombre with any dye, but try to go with strawberry this time.

#14: Dark Strawberry Blonde

Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair
Photo: Instagram/@uma44

Not all blonde shades are pinkish. Strawberry blonde can even be dark, going to bronde. It still looks trendy and fantastic, so you should absolutely try it.

#15: Two Braids

Two Braids
Photo: luxyhair.com

We are all aware of how hard it can be to style long hair. It tangles easily, you need to dye it regularly, and to keep it healthy. Braids make everything easier. You can use them in those situations when you don’t have time for anything else.

#16: Textured Lob

Textured Lob

There is nothing more beautiful than lovely textured hair. A wavy lob haircut like this looks cute, stylish, and elegant. With a balayage technique, you can have it as well. All that you need to do is to use your curling iron to make these lovely layers and waves.

#17: Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Strawberry Blonde Ombre
Photo: Instagram/@stylistcharlottefinck

Instead of leaving your roots all-natural or dark, make sure to dye them in dark red or pink shade. When it comes to the rest of your hair, you should make it textured and short in some lovely blonde shade.

#18: Pinkish Strawberry Blonde

Pinkish Strawberry Blonde Hair
Photo: Instagram/@sandraiselin

The pinkish strawberry shade is for the brave girls that have an eccentric and unique style. You can wear it whether you have short or long hair.

#19: Hair with Burgundy and Strawberry Blonde Combo

Burgundy and Strawberry Blonde Combo

Dark burgundy and strawberry blonde make an excellent combination. With warm-toned hair and these beach waves, you will be ready for summertime shortly.

#20: Healthy Long Hair

Healthy Long Hair
Photo: Instagram/@chelscaruso

If you are one of those lucky girls with long and healthy hair, then this hairstyle will be an excellent treat for you.

Strawberry blonde shade, dark undertones, and large waves will provide you with a fantastic style for many different occasions.

#21: Light and Strawberry

Light and Strawberry Blonde Hair

A beautiful balayage like this will make you look like a star, wherever you plan to go.

Waves, fantastic texture, and this lovely strawberry blonde shade are perfect for those girls who look for a change.

#22: Wet Waves

Wet waves - beautiful wavy hair
Photo: Instagram/@harstudio11

A darker shade of strawberry with a tiny bit of auburn blonde will make you look fabulous. It is elegant and great for all of you who would like to keep it casual and low-key.

#23: Edgy Bob

Edgy Bob

Straight and asymmetric, this bob is perfect for everyday wear. The shade is excellent and very interesting, which makes this classy hairstyle eye-catching.

#24: Copper and Strawberry Blondes

Copper and Strawberry Blondes
Photo: Instagram/@tibbiesyndra

If you curl your ends and dye them into strawberry blonde, you will have a lovely texture that will reflect the rest of your hair. Cooper roots will round off this hairstyle and make it look amazing.

#25: Hair with Caramel and Strawberry Hues

Caramel and Strawberry Hues

Golden caramel dye is one of those shades that you need to love, whether skin complexion you have. The blend of caramel and strawberry blonde is something that you will surely adore.

#26: All Shades Of Strawberry Blonde

All Shades Of Strawberry Blonde

If you would like to mix all the shades of strawberry blonde dye, there is no better way to do it than with the short bob. Roots are darker than the rest of the hair, while the other shades are perfectly blended.

#27: Rose Gold with the Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Rose Gold with the Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Rose gold hair color is yet another trend that many girls have tried and adored it. In combination with strawberry blonde, it looks even better. You can be sure your hairstyle will be noticed.

#28: Brownish Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Brownish blonde hair

When we say blonde, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it with brown hues. The brown base with highlights (strawberry highlights in this case) will be your favorite combination.

#29: Blue Eyes and Strawberry Blonde Hair

Blue Eyes and Strawberry Blonde Hair

Blue eyed women can always count on the strawberry blonde shade, since it goes perfectly with their eyes and skin complexion. You should also add a blue scarf like this for the perfect retro hairstyle.

#30: Flower Bun

Flower Bun

Once you start thinking buns are too casual, you have to try a flower bun like this. This half up half down hairstyle is perfect because it is highlighted, textured, and great for all the events.

#31: Bronze Tones

Bronze Tones
Photo: Instagram/@jadesthlm_by_ida

Copper or bronze tones are great for those women who like to keep their hair elegant and look classy. You can’t resist bronze tones in combination with strawberry blonde hair ends. It simply looks beautiful.

#32: Blonde Bun

Strawberry Blonde Bun
Photo: Instagram/@girlgetglamoroushair

If you have planned some elegant occasion and you don’t know which hairstyle to choose, don’t worry – we have found the one for you. This bun is classy, elegant, and simply perfect for all kinds of special occasions.

#33: Braided Half Up Half Down

Braided Half Up Half Down

Braids make everything better, right? If you are into the half up – half down hairstyle, you can also make a braid to make it look more romantic. This is one of those universal hairstyles – great for every possible occasion.

#34: Twisted Hairstyle with Highlights

Twisted Hairstyle with Highlights

It is not usual to see dark highlights on blonde hair. But once you make this exception, you will realize how good dark strawberry blonde highlights look.

#35: Long Hair with Honey Hues

Long Hair with Honey Hues

Long hair looks perfect if it is healthy. Don’t forget to nourish your hair ends, especially after dyeing it in the strawberry blonde shade, which requires bleach.

#36: Berries on Point

Berries on Point
Photo: Instagram/@frauschneidersonja

No matter what shade of berries you choose, they will look very eccentric on your hair. For instance, you can mix the shades of berries, cut your hair into a messy bob, and be chic.

#37: Top Knot

Top Knot
Photo: byrdie.com

Top knots, no matter if they are made half up or completely, look so lovely and chic. You can wear it for all possible occasions as well as your casual home wear.

#38: Platinum Blonde with Highlights

Platinum Blonde with Highlights
Photo: Instagram/@lhhairartistry

Platinum blonde requires bleaching your hair. However, the results are always great. You can also give a try to strawberry blonde highlights and make this hair even more interesting.

#39: Long Hair with a Twist

Long Hair with a Twist

Extreme long hair is beautiful. The twist is the perfect detail that will absolutely give a fantastic vibe to your strawberry blonde hair.

#40: Messy and Layered

Messy and Layered
Photo: Instagram/@amanda_jane_salazar

For women who like to make a statement wherever they go, there is no better choice than a layered hairstyle like this. The color, the cut, and the length – everything is perfect.

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