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60 Inspiring Ideas For Blonde Hair With Highlights

Blonde hair is considered as a bit hard to maintain. However, we can’t deny it looks extraordinary. Especially if you decide to do highlights. They make every hairstyle more exciting and eye-catching.

If you are in a lack of inspiration on how to transform your hair from casual to unique, here are some ideas. We must add, they are all beautiful and very easy to achieve.

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Neutral Balayage

Neutral BalayagePhoto:

Blonde hair is attractive. However, if you want to make it even more interesting and easier for maintenance, then opt for highlights. The best ones are achieved with the balayage technique.

Golden Caramel Hues

Golden Caramel HuesPhoto:

Choppy haircuts are great, but they look even better with highlights. Caramel golden hues will make your hair shine and look fantastic. You can create additional beach waves and be ready for everyday wear.

Contour Highlights

Contour HighlightsPhoto:

When you want to frame your face with your hair, look no further from highlights. This lovely combination of shades, from dark roots to really light blonde highlights will blow everybody away.

Dark Roots and Blonde Highlights

Dark Roots and Blonde HighlightsPhoto:

Dark roots can show off your natural hair color or the darkest shade of your hair dye. The rest of your hair will look amazing with ashy blonde highlights. Shaggy haircut like this is very easy to style.

Brown and Blonde Combination

Brown and Blonde CombinationPhoto:

Brown roots match perfectly with light hair ends. You can even opt for the transitional color in the middle – let it be gold blonde.

Ashy Blonde Highlights

Ashy Blonde HighlightsPhoto:

From the darkest ashy blonde roots, all the way down to the lightest ashy hair ends – this hair looks fantastic. You will need to take good care of your hair, but it will pay off, trust us.

Choppy Bob with Highlights

Choppy Bob with HighlightsPhoto:

Choppy bob is one of the favorite hairstyles of many girls. It looks messy and very chic. When you have highlights on, choppy bob gets that wow effect.

Ashy Highlights on Golden Hair

Ashy Highlights on Golden HairPhoto:

Golden hues can be enriched with lovely platinum highlights. Even if you think that mixing warm and cold tones might not be a good idea, this has shown all of us that we were wrong. This combo is just perfect.

Balayage Tones

Balayage TonesPhoto: Instagram/@balayageartists

The more, the merrier – different tones of your hair make it look stunning. More tones of blonde you use, the bigger the chance that you will be noticed.

Honey Blonde

Honey BlondePhoto:

We adore honey blonde shade. It suits almost everybody and looks perfect whether it is natural or dyed. You can always ask your hairdresser to do light blonde highlights. They will match perfectly with the honey shades.

Highlights Done Right

Highlights Done RightPhoto:

All shades of blonde on your hair mean that your hairdresser did the right job. You will enjoy in lovely shades, highlights, and reflexions of your blonde hair, wherever you go.

Brown Base – Blonde Highlights

Brown Base - Blonde HighlightsPhoto:

If you have naturally brown hair, it is completely normal to transfer in blondies in one period of life. If you are not sure how to completely dye your hair in blonde, do it with highlights.

Straight Blonde Hair

Straight Blonde HairPhoto:

Straight blonde hair looks polished, healthy, and very nice. However, straight blonde hair with highlights looks even better. You can be sure people will notice you.

Half Up Half Down Bun

Half Up Half Down BunPhoto:

Highlighted hair is perfect for styling. No matter what hairstyle you choose, highlights will give it special wow effect that you will love.

Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

Blonde Hair with Brown HighlightsPhoto:

Instead of having dark hair with light highlights, here the situation is vice versa. And we have to admit it looks great. You will be unique and gain a lot of comments.

Braided Highlighted Hair

Braided Highlighted HairPhoto:

The darkest shade of blonde should be on your roots covering your hair to the middle part. As you can see yourself, a braided highlighted hair looks even more eye-catching than the regular one. It’s easy to achieve.

Platinum Hair and Dark Roots

Platinum Hair and Dark RootsPhoto:

Platinum hair is much more attractive than regular blonde shade. You can be sure that with platinum highlights and a cute bun you will look amazing, wherever you go.

Warm Rose Blonde

Warm Rose BlondePhoto:

Strawberry blonde hair is the newest trend that we adore! You can always try it by dyeing your whole hair or making only highlights.

Highlighted Updo

Highlighted UpdoPhoto:

You can make such great updo hairstyles with highlighted blonde hair. This messy bun looks great and can be great for both everyday wear.

Low Highlighted Bun

Low Highlighted BunPhoto:

Messy, chic, and most of all attractive looking – that is how we can describe this lovely updo. You can wear it for both elegant and casual occasions.