Your Hair Color In Spring: From Golden Blonde To Denim Blue

Freshen up your look for spring by adding these three-dimensional golden blonde highlights and lowlights

What is a better time to change up your hair than spring? We’ve got the lowdown on the latest hair dying techniques and trends as well as some classic spring go-to’s that can be worn with any hair type.

1) Radiate With Golden Blonde

Freshen up your look for spring by adding these three-dimensional golden blonde highlights and lowlightsPhoto: Instagram

Emulate those beautiful rays of springtime sunlight with a golden blonde burst of color. This warm-toned blonde makes us think of great times to come basking in the sun’s rays.

It’s anything but dull – the highlights and lowlights create dimension and movement in the hair. Say hello to springtime with this bright and cheerful color.

2) Shake Things Up With Copper Red

Spruce up your spring look with a burst of red - this short red wavy cut uses both light and dark copper tonesPhoto: Pinterest

Blonde isn’t the only color that will get you in the spring mood.

While auburns and dark reds are typically associated with fall, this copper will feel light and fresh just in time for spring. We love how this copper balayage is bright but not overwhelming.

3) Go Dark With Warm Brown-Black

Such warm-toned dark brown crown braid is a chic way to welcome the spring. And spring doesn't always have to mean highlights or lighter color.Photo:

When you think of black hair, many people think of cool tones, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Ask your stylist for brown-black hair with warm tones. This can brighten up your complexion, especially if you have golden or caramel undertones.

4) Lighten Up Just a Little With Barely-There Highlights

Dark brown hair and subtle blonde highlights is a way to get a new spring look with minimum damage to your hairPhoto: Pinterest

If you don’t want to damage your natural hair, consider a subtle change for spring. Asking your hairdresser to give you thin, subtle highlights just a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color is a low-maintenance look that won’t fry your hair.

5) Contour Your Face With Eclipting

Ask your local hair salon if they do eclipting to get this fresh new look - see how these golden highlights frame this woman's facePhoto:

Eclipting, a term recently coined by Aveda, is a new trend that is essentially a way to use your highlights to contour your face, whether that’s making your face look slimmer or rounder. Using color theory, hair stylists add hand-painted color around your face to sculpt the face shape you want.

6) Bring Back A Classic With Strawberry Blonde

Blake Lively has been seen rocking strawberry blonde looksPhoto: Pinterest

There’s no better time for strawberry blonde than spring.

Halfway between blonde and red, this unique color will have you standing out in the best way possible. Take a leaf out of the Emma Stone’s and Blake Lively’s book – this color is incredibly flattering for blue eyes. It gives off a cool vintage vibe when paired with a red lip.

7) Shine On With Caramel Blonde

You'll love the way your hair shines with a caramel blonde do like this wavy lobPhoto: Instagram

This caramel shade of blonde has long been Jennifer Lopez’s signature hair color. The shade of this delicious sugary treat can be used to add dimension to blonde locks or lighten up darker hair. Regardless of how you wear it, a wash of caramel color will help you feel ready for spring.

8) Go Lighter With Creamy Blonde

Get a head start on summer by choosing a yellow-blonde hairstyle like this onePhoto:

If you’ve got the skin tone for it, this light blonde shade has more yellow to it than silver or platinum. It’s creamy and buttery, just like many of our favorite desserts. Let it slowly fade out to get a perfect ombre by the time summer comes around.

9) Get Beach Ready With Sun-kissed Highlights

You can never go wrong with a sun-kissed look. Check out this side-by-side comparison of a woman's light brown hair before and golden blonde highlights after.Photo: Instagram

Leave the Sun-In in your adolescence where it belongs and opt for a much less damaging way of lightening your hair— by leaving it to a professional!

A good hair stylist can lift the pigment from your hair in ways that are far better for your hair than box dyes or Sun-In. Take this inspiration from stylist Jamie Dana to your hairdresser and get ready to enjoy spring.

10) Go Deep With Caramel Brown

Peep these beautifully long caramel braids on model Jazzmine LeighPhoto:

Similar to its caramel blonde counterpart, caramel brown focuses on darker caramel hues. This color is light yet very rich. As long as you have yellow or golden undertones, any skin tone can make this color work. We’ve been seeing caramel brown on celebrities for years – now’s the perfect time to take the plunge.

11) Go Pastel With Lilac Hair

Pastel hair is never a bad idea. This stylist has incorporated both dark and light highlights in this lilac look.Photo: Instagram

Nothing truly says spring has sprung more than lilac hair. Why should spring flowers get to have all the colorful fun?

Pastel purple is flattering on most skin tones, and won’t fade to any ugly colors – at most, it will fade to a muted purple-blonde or even slightly gray. Keep a full head of purple or grow it out to an ombre– whatever you do will be certain to add a dimension of fun to your look.

12) Tone It Down With Ash Blonde

Add some interest to your hair by using gray tones. In this hairstyle, side-swept bangs and a short gray ombre create a light and springy 'do.Photo: Pinterest

Gray and silver hair have been hugely popular in recent years, and this spring is no exception. Ask your hairstylist to give your blonde hair an ashy tint achieved with a purple toner to brighten up your complexion a little. The style pictured is somewhat of a “grombre”— a gray ombre if you will.

13) Turn Heads With Blorange

If you're feeling adventurous, why not try out the blorange trend like this gorgeous curly-haired modelPhoto: Pinterest

As one may be able to guess, this combination of “blonde” and “orange” is a unique color that’s recently come into fashion. It’s got stronger orange undertones than strawberry blonde does, yet it’s more vibrant than rose gold. You can go for a whole head of blorange or just a dip-dye.

14) Take Cues From Nature With Tiger Eye

This classy ombre hairstyle uses three different colors: dark brown at the roots, light brown as a transition, and golden blonde at the tipsPhoto: Pinterest

Inspired by the multicolored gem, the tiger eye look has currently proven to be one of the most popular hairstyle trends.

It’s different from your typical head of highlights, but it’s still conservative enough for any job. Tiger eye stones can lean brown or red and have varying amounts of gold in them, so you can choose whichever version suits you best.

15) Add Excitement With A Pop Of Color

A pop of pink is way more low-maintenance than a full head of pink hair. Magenta accents have been added to the ends of this woman's natural brown hair.Photo:

This spring, get in on the unnatural color trend. This time, the name of the game is subtlety. You don’t have to go for a whole head of pink hair – a dip-dye or some well-placed streaks will do the trick.

You could even dye the underside of your hair (often called ‘underlights’) for a peekaboo effect. Pick your favorite — go for plum, mermaid blue, magenta, or any other bright color.

16) Push The Limits With Ice Blonde

There's no such thing as "too blonde." This model posing in a black top and ripped jeans has her hair tied back and has paired her platinum hair with contrasting black lipstick.Photo:

Not to be confused with ‘creamy blonde,’ this shade of blonde is real platinum. It’s the perfect shade for the 90’s revival look that’s so popular right now.

This color is so blonde it’s almost white! Those with natural blonde or light brown hair can take things up a notch with this icy hairstyle. If you’re a natural brunette, consider lightening your hair to an in-between shade for a while before going full-on platinum.

17) Go Bold With Denim Blue

If you're really in the mood for something different, have some fun with your favorite shade of denim. This woman has gone for a brighter blue on her fabulous curly locks.Photo:

Unnatural hairstyles are now more acceptable than ever, and blue is having a moment. If your job or school allows it, denim blue hair could be your next signature color. Your perfect denim may be lighter or darker, just like your favorite pair of jeans.

It can be as subtle or not subtle as you want — adding more gray will keep the style on the more conservative side. You can do a full head, a balayage, or a dip-dye— there’s no one right way to do the denim hair trend.

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