16 Best Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Active Women

Blonde woman with a low-maintenace haircut
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We love everything that makes our lives easier when it comes to hair. Especially when you are a busy woman, running around all day, you don’t have much time in the morning for your hairstyle. And guess what? You don’t have to spend all your free time brushing your hair, sectioning, and styling it. 

We’d like to show you some of the best low-maintenance haircuts that every active woman should know.

What are the easiest haircuts and hairstyles to take care of?

Do you ever wonder what the most effortless hairstyle and haircut are? 

According to hairstylists, the easiest haircuts to maintain are short pixie styles and long layered hairstyles. Both of these don’t require anything more than washing, drying, and perhaps styling if you have any time. If not, you can simply let both of these haircuts air dry. They will still look perfect. A bit messy, but just right. 

When it comes to hairstyles that you can do in no time, there is plenty that you can wear, even to your office and still look great. Hairstyles like buns, ponytails, and simple yet effective braids are the easiest to style. 

Within 10 minutes, you can have an amazing hairstyle yet still, be ready for work or taking your kids to kindergarten. 

What is a Wash and Wear Haircut?

Wash and wear, aka wash and go haircuts, are the ones that will require a minimum of your time to style. It can be any length and require minimum or no styling at all. Whether pixie or long, you can pick any of these cuts. It all depends on your preferences, face shape, and hair type. 

How to Manage Wash and Wear Haircut

Here are some quick tips on managing and styling your wash and wear haircuts. 

  • Use a hair mask once a week. It will keep your hair smooth and shiny, even if you are not using hot styling tools. 
  • Make sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Your hair won’t frizz, even if you let it air dry. 
  • Cut your hair regularly – every four weeks or so. This is the best way to ensure your hair stays healthy and shiny. 
  • If you color your hair, make sure to do touch-ups every six weeks. Your hair will be vibrant and in the right shade all the time. 

Top 16 Low-Maintenace Haircuts To Get Inspiration From

Have a look at these lovely low-maintenance haircuts. We have grouped them for every hair type.

The Best Low Maintenance Haircuts For Thick Hair

1. Goddess Braid

Making a low crown with a classic French braid is easy and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. You can wear this kind of haircut to school, work, or just as an everyday look. 

2. Messy and Long Layers

There is nothing better for long and thick hair than a classic layered hairstyle. These layers are unique since the hair is colored with balayage technique. It will give an illusion of texture. 

3. Shaggy Layers

Shaggy layers are great for taking off the weight from your hair. They are also excellent for women that are active and busy. You can air dry them, making them messy and nice – rock ‘n’ roll inspired. 

4. Textured Bob

Instead of the classic bob, go for a textured one. You won’t be disappointed with the effect it will have on others. Textured bob requires minimum to no time at all for styling, so you can wear it over and over for days. 

The Best Low Maintenance Haircuts For Fine Hair

5. Face Framing Layers

Face-framing layers are one of those low-maintenance haircuts that women with fine hair will adore. You can simply air-dry your hair. Even better, use a brush alongside drying if you have some time. 

6. Shag Layers

Short to medium layers are perfect for thin and fine hair. Shag haircuts can add texture that you need but won’t take much of your precious time. You can also be sure these bangs don’t require much care either. 

7. Blunt Bob

Blonde hair and blunt bob are an amazing combination. You can straighten it or let it air dry. The blunt cut is perfect for active women since it doesn’t require much care and styling. 

The Best Low Maintenance Haircuts For Curly Hair

8. The Messy Bun

Is there any better way to style curly hair when you are in a rush? We don’t think so.

Among all short messy haircuts, a messy bun is one of the quickest and easiest ways to gather your hair and still look sophisticated.

9. Curly Bob

You simply don’t have to do anything with a curly bob. The length and the blunt cut will make your curls even more defined. The curly bob is an excellent haircut for women who don’t have time to get ready in the morning. It is a perfect mum haircut. 

10. Side Part on Curly Hair

You can style bigger natural curls this way with just a few hair products. You will need a good shampoo and conditioner as well as the mousse to put after. Do a side parting for even better volume. 

The Best Low Maintenance Haircuts For Wavy Hair

11. Beautiful Beach Waves

Smooth and shiny hair is imperative for every woman. These beach waves are low maintenance, especially in combination with curtain fringes and layers.

12. The Low Ponytail

Is there anything simpler yet more beautiful than a low ponytail? Adding a cute hair accessory, like these pearls or some attractive pin, will make this hairstyle even more sophisticated. 

13. Low Maintenance Waves

For this hairstyle, you will need a big brush, a hairdryer, and just 10 minutes of your time. The result? Fantastic and smooth waves that you can wear every day, to work, to school, or for a date. 

The Best Low Maintenance Haircuts For Straight Hair

14. Short Bob

Whether you like to wear bob blunt-cut or layered, this is one of those low-maintenance haircuts that you will adore. The ends can be lighter than the roots for an even better appearance. 

15. Straight Layered Hair

There is nothing easier than straight layered hair that you can gather or let free. If you are heading to the gym or for a run, just wrap it in a bun. Otherwise, you can let it fall freely. 

16. Fishtail Braids

It’s such a great hairstyle for active women. You can keep it for days and not worry if it looks bad. It might take some time to braid the hair, but once you do it, you can be sure these fishtail braids will stay until you prefer. 

Conclusion: Picking The Perfect Easy-Care Haircut

Every active woman wants low-maintenance haircuts that won’t take so much of her time. Whether you are into short or long hair, one thing is sure – with these haircuts, you will only remember the salon when you need touch-ups or cutting off. 

Low-maintenance haircuts should suit all face shapes. You can simply pay attention when choosing how thick or fine your hair is.

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