How to Rock Straight Layered Hair: Hairstylist Advice

Straight layered hair
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For all the women with straight hair out there – we hear you. Sometimes, it seems challenging to style it, make it look decent for a formal occasion, or simply add some volume. That is why layering is a perfect thing you can do to your hair. And if you were wondering how to pick the suitable layers, don’t worry – we have answers straight from the hairstylists. 

Layering is an excellent cutting technique that can make even the flattest hair look amazing. It gives structure to your hair, volume and can define curls. The layers are suitable for many hair types, even for curly hair. 

Women around the world adore layered hair. They are easy to style, not taking too much time in the morning for you – isn’t that ideal? Here is our guide about everything you should know about layering your straight hair. 

Are Layers Good for Straight Hair?

According to hairstylists worldwide, you can’t go wrong with layers if your hair is straight. It will only lift it, add a bit of texture, volume, and body. Flat hair can appear dull, but when you cut it in layers, you will have more chance to style it, only by using a brush and the blow dryer. 

If you are a fan, adding different fringes and bangs can also perfectly match your straight layered hair. 

Don’t forget, that layers add volume to hair.

This is especially important for women who have long, thin hair. Some women even use this trick to get rid of thick hair by layering it down, but that doesn’t mean that volume is gone. 

The voluminous, fuller look can be achieved if you layer your hair from mid-shaft until the hair ends. 

Different Types of Layered Haircuts

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Did you ever wonder how it is possible that a layered hairstyle can look so good on your friend but not on you? What you probably didn’t know is that there are many different types of layered haircuts. These are the most popular types you can try, depending on your hair length and face shape

Short Layers

Short layers are great for removing the triangle face shape. They can be added to regular haircuts, such as bobs. This doesn’t mean that you will have extra short layers on your head that are hard to maintain. On the contrary, short layers present the distance between one layer and the next. 

These short layers can be positioned wherever you decide – just around the face or all the way around. You can discuss that with your hairstylist, depending on the hair length and thickness. 

You will like this type because:

  • They remove bell or triangle shapes.
  • You will be able to part your hair in different ways, as you wish. 
  • This type of layer will add volume to straight hair and blunt hairstyles. 

Long Layers

Long layers are not about the actual length but the distance between your longest and shortest layers. If you are a fan of boho style and long hair, then this type of layer is right for you. 

Long layers look natural and with bohemian charm. You will have some extra long and some really short layers on your hair, usually around the face. This hairstyle is also known as the Olsen hairstyle since the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley rock it all the time. 

You will like this type because:

  • It is suitable for really long and normal, thick hair. 
  • You will be able to let your hair air dry and style itself. 

Layers Around Face

Some women prefer to put layers just around their face, simply to add texture and movement. The rest of the hair can have layers or can be cut blunt. This is one of those hairstyles that look perfect no matter how you style it – straight or curled, it requires low maintenance. 

You will like this type because:

  • It is a low-maintenance hairstyle – you can let it air dry and leave your hair straight as it is. 
  • This is a perfect hairstyle for those women who are growing their hair. 

Classic Layers

Yes, that classic hairstyle that you can see on many celebrities, bloggers, and models. These classic layers are the trademark of Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Kate Middleton, and Margot Robbie. 

Classic layers include medium layers in the front around the face and subtle layers in the back. Nothing is too dramatic, but enough for your hair to get some extra movement. 

You will like this type because:

  • It is excellent for normal and thick hair. 
  • You will be able to style your straight hair easily simply by using a curling wand or flat iron. 

Shaggy Layers

Shag or shaggy layers are perfect for removing weight from your hair. They also bring so much texture that you will be surprised how good your hair can look. This is a typical rock ‘n’ roll hairstyle, so you know how to wear it. Don’t hesitate to match it with those leather pants! 

These layers vary from very long to very short around your face. This type of layering comes with side bangs. Lots of layers will remove the bulk and weight from your hair and create so much texture. 

You will like this type because:

  • It is great for women who like to wear their hair down. 
  • It suits women who have long and thick hair. 
  • It is a face-framing hairstyle due to the side bangs you get to wear. 

Textured Layers

If your hair is straight, but you want to achieve soft beach waves, then cut it in textured layers. They will undoubtedly add some texture, movement and create volume. Weight from your hair will be either completely removed or thinned out. 

You will like this type because:

  • It is great for easy styling. 
  • It is suitable for women with extra thick hair. 
  • This hairstyle is perfect for all who prefer to air-dry your hair. 

What Is the Difference Between Feathering and Layering Your Hair?

Feathering and layering are two different cutting techniques. Both are great, but there are specific differences between these two. 

Feathered cuts create layers similar to bird’s feathers. The hairstylists use razors instead of scissors to create the look. The style became popular in the ‘70s, yet it is still highly requested nowadays. 

Layered cuts involve cutting hair in different patterns, creating different types of layers. You decide between the space of your layers. Usually, the shortest ones are around the face and close to the roots. 

Main Differences

  1. The layered haircuts work on all hair types, while feathered don’t. If your hair is thick and voluminous, you should definitely stick to feathered hairstyles. Otherwise, for those with fine hair, it is better to pick layers. 
  2. These two cutting techniques are done with different tools – layers with scissors, feathered cut with a razor or a blade. 
  3. According to the hairstylists, layered haircuts are much easier to style than feathered ones. 

8 Straight Hair Styling Options

Now that you know everything about layers, their length, and the differences between feathering and layering, you should get inspired for your next haircut. These are the options we suggest. 

1. Straight Layered Hair With Bangs

Not only this copper shade but also this lovely layered haircut will turn many heads towards you. This is one of those low-maintenance hairstyles that you can wear every day. You will have to style only bangs to keep them straight. 

2. Straight Layered Hair With Fringe

This is how your hair will look if you pick fringe instead of classic bangs. Those curtain fringes are typical for shaggy layers. They frame the face just perfectly. Whether your hair is thin or super long, this hairstyle will be the right choice. 

3. Blonde Layered Hair

Blonde and honey highlights will be even more enhanced if you cut your hair into layers. These layers are not too short. On the contrary, they are perfect for medium and long hair. Use a flat iron to style your hair and make it look polished. 

4. Classic Highlighted Layers

Dreamy auburn hair is sometimes what we all want this fall. When you add honey blonde highlights to this combination, you get an amazing and very versatile hairstyle that you can wear daily. Layers around the face will frame it and match your face shape. 

5. Face-Framing Layers

It is great to see how lovely face-framing layers can look – especially those highlighted in a lighter color than the rest of your hair. Make sure to apply a conditioner and use a flat iron to keep these layers straight and in place. 

6. Feathered Layers

Feathered layers are achieved with a razor or blade. As you can see, the layers are more visible here, so if that is what you wanted, go for this highlighted feathered look. Tell your hairstylist to make fringe too. 

7. Short Layers

Even though some women think short layers are hard to maintain, you get a fantastic hairstyle when you pick the right ones for your length. Layers around the face shouldn’t be too short but just above the chin. You can use a brush and blow-dryer to style this type of hairstyle. 

8. Shaggy Layers

Shag haircuts are popular among rock ‘n’ roll stars. This cut consists of short layers around the face and long ones in the length of the hair. It is obligatory to put on bangs or fringes and wear them messy. 

Layers for Different Hair Lengths

Different hairstyles require diverse layers. Whether your hair is long, medium, or short, you can wear layers. Just keep in mind a few things before cutting it off. 

Should Long Hair Be Layered?

Long straight hair can actually look perfect when layered. The key is to choose the layers you like that are easy to style and suitable for your hair type. With long hair, that shouldn’t be a problem. You can pick different styles.

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If you have long, blunt hair, it can look full and dull without layers. Choosing layers can get rid of the weight and add more texture. You should go for face-framing layers that will perk up the style. 

Soft layers will add some movement, while classic layers are an excellent choice for long hair. You can also go for boho and shaggy layers if you like ‘natural’ and messy looks. 

How Do You Style Medium Length Layered Hair?

Medium-length hairstyles are easy to style. Even though the most popular hairstyles for medium hair are lobs and bobs, you can opt for layers instead of blunt ends and add some texture. 

Layers will certainly provide that sassy and pleasant look to medium hairstyles. You can opt for face-framing layers, add fringes or bangs. 

According to the hairstylists, shoulder-length layered haircuts are low maintenance. You can style them easily by using a blow dryer, brush, or styling tools. 

How to Style Layered Short Hair?

Many women avoid having layers on their short hair. They think those cuts are hard to maintain, but that is not exactly like that. So, what is the key? Working with the right hairstylist. 

Short layers tend to be more complicated, so finding the stylist who knows what is doing is crucial. Also, you will need to visit a salon more often since the layers tend to lose their shape quicker than usual. 

Short cuts with layers can be and look effortless and very chic. Pixie cuts or very short bobs with layers are perfect for all women seeking a change in their hairstyle.

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