10 Best Hairstyles for Women With Big Nose

Best hairstyles for big nose
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Having a bigger nose is something that you shouldn’t be ashamed of. However, some women feel pretty self-conscious about it. If that is the case with you, know there are ways to make your nose look visually smaller.

Along with some makeup techniques, such as contouring, some hairstyles also help lessen the appearance of a big nose. 

While some hairstyles can emphasize the features on your face, forehead, or cheeks, others can remove the attention from your nose or chin. 

What Hairstyle Looks Good With a Big Nose

Choosing a proper haircut for a particular face shape is essential as it lets to enhance some of the facial features while concealing the others.

We have collected great hairstyles that look amazing with a big nose. Have a look at how these haircuts and hairstyles draw attention away from the nose, regardless of thin or thick hair.

Hairstyles That Draw Attention Away From a Big Nose

Asymmetric Bob

Asymmetric hairstyles are perfect for drawing attention away from a big nose.

Adding side bangs and layers will surely make a balance on your face, just what you are seeking. You can ask your hairdresser to create side-swept bangs and make waves. 

Longer Bob

Lob is a bit longer than bob but is an equally stylish hairstyle. If you want to hide your nose, you should consider this cut. Make sure to wear this style waved since that is the secure way to draw attention off your face. 

Soft Waves

Soft curls will make your face look wider but your nose smaller. This game of proportions is important if you want to hide your big nose with a hairstyle.

Create a volume by using a spray or mousse, and then make soft waves with a curling iron. 

You can do this on both long and short hairstyles.

Soft Layers

If you have medium hair and are looking for the best hairstyles for a big nose, you should do this. Cutting your hair in soft layers will soften your facial characteristics as well. Whether you like to wear straight or wavy hair, soft layers are the right choice for everything listed. 

Layers on Bob

When it comes to the bob hairstyle, many women decide to go blunt since it is the classic way of wearing this style. However, we encourage you to try a layered bob. It will draw attention away from your face (it means – from your big nose).

Dimension of layers, as well as the style itself, will surely attract more engagement than the nose. Trust us. 

Best if Your Hair Is Thick

Side Part Hairstyle

When your hair is thick, you will need something to take off that weight. Best option? Layers combined with a side part. You can wear hair that is both medium or short, as long as it has a side part and soft layers. Highlights will add dimension, but you can also go without them since your hair is thick. 

Short Layered Haircut

Since women with thick hair can feel that weight on their heads, it is a good idea to go for layers. To draw attention away from your big nose, you should also consider this layered haircut to be short, like this bob. Asymmetric and really short – that is what you should ask your hairdresser to achieve. 

Enhanced Curls

If you have thick, curly hair and want to make your nose smaller, then the best thing to do is to enhance your curls. Hiding a prominent nose with a curly haircut is great since everybody will comment on your hairstyle and not pay attention to your face. 

Best Cuts if Woman’s Hair Is Thin

Deep Side Part

When your hair is thin, all you want to do is to add some volume and texture. Sometimes, it is possible to do this by choosing a hairstyle with a deep side part. This is also one of the best hairstyles to draw attention away from the features of your face.

Highlighted Hair

Having beautiful highlights in your hair will not only make you stylish but also give your hair dimension and reflect the sun. All these factors will bring attention to your hair and away from your face.

This kind of hairstyle is excellent for those with thin hair. Although this goes for all hair lengths, it is good to highlight bob haircuts.


Does Big Hair Make Your Nose Look Smaller?

The rule of thumb is – that the more volume on your hair, the fewer people will look at your face. So, if you have a chance and want to find the best hairstyles for big noses, opt for more texture and volume.

So, always have products like hair spray or mousse around.

Can Big Noses Be Attractive?

Of course! You shouldn’t be ashamed of your nose. We all have some flaws that we would like to hide, but it is nothing that you should be worried about. Many different styles can make your nose look visually smaller but not less attractive. Who knows? Maybe someone will like your nose just the way it is.

Is Short or Long Hair Better for Big Noses?

The best hair length for hiding big noses is medium to long. You should definitely avoid pixies and short haircuts. Otherwise, you won’t hide your nose but show it proudly. 

Longer hair is much more distracting than short hair, so you should always go for these lengths. However, short hairstyles like textured bob cuts can also look great. Just let the professional do the job

Do Bangs Look Good with Big Noses?

Bangs can be a pretty good companion in hiding your big nose. However, you need to choose them well, because they look different. 
Regarding a prominent nose, side bangs are usually the best bangs you can choose. They will hide the nose and emphasize your eyes and cheekbones. Curtain bangs look equally good.

On the other hand, you should avoid blunt bangs across your forehead. They can make your nose look even bigger than it actually is by emphasizing it.

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