9 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Get Curly Hair Without Heat

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Women love curls. Curly hairstyles are timeless. Yet, women not naturally gifted with gorgeous curls often wonder – how to get curly hair easily and efficiently.

We tend to think that to achieve beautiful curls, you need different tools, wands, curling irons, etc., but it usually takes time, and it damages hair.

Are there any easier ways? Of course. Let’s see.

Different Ways to Curl Your Hair

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Most women would prefer not to use heat to make their curls. They want to try different, less damaging options. Yes, it is possible to make curls even if you don’t use heat. From Bantu Knots to overnight methods – let’s see some of the simple ways.

Without damaging your hair’s moisture, these methods will create waves and locks for everyday wear.

1. Wash and Go Method

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The wash-and-go method might be the most popular for creating mess-free and natural-looking curls. It doesn’t require any heat.

All you do is wash your hair, add styling products, and let it air dry. Simple as that. This method is especially good for oily textures. Also, the good thing is that you can choose your favorite products. 

First, wash your hair and gently massage a shampoo that is mild enough for your scalp yet effective enough for your hair.

The next step is adding a conditioner. It should soften, detangle, and elongate each hair strand. Detangle your hair while still having conditioner on. Rinse the hair well. 

Now, it is time for styling products. Unlike other methods, you are doing everything in the shower. While your hair is still wet, apply gel, cream, or mousse – whatever it is that you use.

Now let your hair dry. You can’t touch it, squeeze it, or do anything else. If you lack time, you can use a hair dryer, but it is always better to let your hair dry slowly. 

2. Curling Your Hair In Finger Coils

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With finger coils, you can either curl your straight hair or enhance your curly hair after straightening or pressing. You create voluminous hair with naturally-looking waves by wrapping strands around your fingers. 

Start with washed hair, but leave it a bit damp. Leave-in conditioner will lock in the moisture and make it easier for you to detangle the hair. Comb the hair with a wide tooth comb and start sectioning your hair. 

Split the hair into two big sections, then into smaller sections. You should apply gel to prevent frizz in every hair section. Depending on how you want your coils to be, you should take smaller or bigger sections of hair and then split them in half. Twist the coils as tight as you want. Continue until you have all your hair in coils. 

You can use a headscarf to keep your coils from getting flattened. This is especially important if you are doing this before bedtime. On the other hand, using a satin or silk pillowcase is also a solution that can help maintain your coils during the night. 

3. Getting Perfect Curls with Bantu Knot Outs

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First, make sure your hair is washed, conditioned, and left just a bit damp. Then, gather 1-2 inch sections of your hair and twist them until they resemble a rope. Now, you can twist the section around itself to create a small bun. 

Wear a shower cap and take out knot by knot in the morning. Apply some hair oil to lock in the moisture and hydrate those curls. 

4. Getting Retro Vibes with Velcro Rollers

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If you are looking for extra volume and beautiful retro curls, then velcro rollers is the right method. You can use bigger or smaller rollers depending on which kind of curls you prefer. 

As always, starting with washed and well-conditioned hair is the first step of this heat-free method. Squeeze the excess water with a towel or an old cotton shirt. You can then section your hair and go for the rollers. 

Make sure to roll these rollers upwards until they sit on your scalp. If the roller is not sticking to the scalp, you might make hair sections too thick. You should be able to do this without any bobby pins. 

Now, it is time to wait. You should wait until your hair is completely dry to take off the Velcro rollers. You can go through your hair with your fingers and finish off the look with a hair spray. 

5. The Headband Method

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The headband method of curling your hair will provide you with Coachella-style waves that are big and voluminous. All you need is a headband or a waist tie from your robe. 

Start by prepping your hair, washing, conditioning, and applying all the products you usually use. Then it is time to set in the headband or a tie. Put it on your head, and separate your hair from the back to the front into two big sections, left and right. You can use a tie and gather the side you will be doing after, so it doesn’t bother you. 

Start wrapping a small amount of hair around the headband or a waist tie rope. As you go, you gather more and more hair until you have wrapped all the hair around the headband. You repeat this process with the other side as well. 

When you are done, twist the ends and roll them into buns. Secure everything well with a scrunchie. 

6. Scrunching Your Hair

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Scrunching is an easy yet very efficient method to get curly hair. You only need something to enhance your curls (mousse, gel, or sea salt spray). 

Wash your hair with a shampoo and use a conditioner. You should go for a volumizing shampoo since you want your curls to look the best they can. When you are done, use a towel to squeeze the water out. However, don’t dry the hair completely. 

While the hair is still damp, you should apply a mousse or a gel. Bend a bit forward and start scrunching your hair. While the product is still on, you should work on scrunching your hair like you are crumpling a piece of paper. Watch to avoid getting the product on your hair roots since it can make your hair appear greasy. 

How To Get Curly Hair Overnight?

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Effortless curls or splendid beach-wavy hair can be achieved even during the night. These methods are not only simple but also sleep-suitable. They won’t bother you during the night, and in the morning, you will enjoy gorgeous waves and curls, ready for a day. 

7. Don’t Throw Away An Old T-Shirt

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By reusing your old T-shirt, you not only get great Hollywood-inspired curls but also save the environment. This method might seem strange initially, but it is straightforward, and the results are amazing. If you prefer tighter curls, use a tank top or something with less material. 

You must first wash your hair and let it air dry, but not completely. Brush it, and then grab your old T-shirt. Twist it until you get a nice roller shape. Bring the ends together until you have a donut shape. Use a scrunchie to secure the shape. 

Use a brush to gather all your hair from one side to the front, and put the T-shirt roller on your head. Start wrapping smaller sections of your hair around the roller. When you reach the end, secure the hair with a bobby pin. Repeat with other sections and the other side as well. 

8. Braiding is Always a Good Idea

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One of the easiest ways to get curls is by braiding your hair. This is also a perfect overnight solution since braids won’t bother you while you sleep. With braids, you can get nice and voluminous loose waves that are great for daily wear. 

Start by washing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo, then follow with the conditioner. Since you are not using a curling wand, you must master braiding if you want curls to be well-defined. 

Comb the hair and make sure it is well-hydrated. Usually, it is easier to braid on the side instead of the back. Section the hair into three big sections. Start braiding the hair until you get to the end. Secure everything with an elastic.

9. Silk Curling Ribbons

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Silk curling ribbons have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. Not a surprise! Everyone who has tried it said it made their hair look gorgeous with voluminous curls.

You can start by washing your hair. If hair is washed and dry, dampen it with a spray bottle.

You can skip the styling products. However, if you want this style to last longer, use a hair spray or a gel that will enhance the curls. 

Find the middle part of a silk curler and put it on your head. All you need to do is wrap the section of your hair around the ribbon. First, wrap those at the front and then at the back. Now, push the end of the curler up and wrap everything with a scrunchie.

When you wake up, your curls will look just gorgeous. And most importantly, you can sleep for another 20 minutes and not think about styling your hair.

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