How To Diffuse Curly Hair: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

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If you have curly hair, you probably know how hard it can be to style it. Having curly hair is simply stunning, but it can be challenging to manage it.

Should I use a special mousse, hair serum, or a specific washing technique? We will explain how to diffuse curly hair and make it look fabulous.

Why Should You Use a Diffuser?

Women with waves and curly hair should use a diffuser when drying their hair. Many wonder why, but this little thing will make their curls look fabulous and defined

A diffuser attachment on hair dryers is designed especially for curly and wavy hair. It disperses the airflow of the blow dryer in a certain way to make curls defined and reduce frizz. It is a healthier way of drying hair, keeps curls in place, and boosts the hair’s volume.

How To Use the Diffuser Properly

Prep the Hair

After you have washed and conditioned your hair, you can add preferred styling products. Even though many people argue about when you should start with diffusing, you should let your hair dry a bit (at least 40-50%) first.

Choose the Right Setting

The proper heat and air settings can make your curls beautiful. On the other hand, poorly chosen settings can also make your hair look dull and your curls not adequately defined.

Hairstylists recommend playing safe and going for medium or even low settings. Even though it may take longer to dry your hair, this is how you can play safe and aim for lovely hair. 

Many blow dryers have a cool setting button, which is also great for styling curls. You can use it towards the end to make your curls dry and set for the rest of the styling. 

Section Your Hair

It would be easier for you if you worked in sections. You can start by drying the hair ends first and then moving around the head. Spend a couple of seconds on each section and move toward the roots.

Flip It for More Volume

One of the tested ways to get more volume for your hair is by diffusing it with your head upside down. Doing this lets you dry those hard-to-reach sections at the back of your hair. 

Apply a Hair Serum/Oil

Once you have finished diffusing your hair, you can apply hair serum or oil to your hair lengths and ends. Find a product that will hydrate your hair without weighing down your curls. 

How To Diffuse Curly Hair Without a Diffuser?

Even though adding a diffuser to your hair routine will bring many benefits, it may not be an option for some. 

You can start by simply air-drying your hair. If you prefer to use a hairdryer, you can do it, even without a diffuser attachment. One healthier option for drying your hair is wrapping the curls in a T-shirt or microfiber towel. This might make your dry time longer, but the results will be excellent, and your curls will still be defined.

Mistakes and No No’s

Avoiding common mistakes will lead to perfect and curly hair, regardless of hair type.

The Hair Is Too Dry

Even though the rule that your hair should be at least 80% dry to use heat does apply, it doesn’t apply to curly hair. On the contrary, according to hair stylists, your wet hair is crucial for diffusing it and making that curl definition on point.

Keeping the hair wet before using a diffuser will also eliminate frizz. All you should do is soak the wet hair with a t-shirt or a towel and scrunch it to soak excess water. 

You Are Not Applying (Enough) Styling Product

Sometimes, just having curly hair is not enough. You need to apply a styling product before diffusing the hair. Finding the right products for your type of hair is crucial. 

After you are out of the shower, prep your curls with a leave-in conditioner and the styling product of your choice. Apply enough of it on your scalp and lengths to hear them making a squishy noise when you scrunch the curls. It means your hair is full of moisture and ready for a diffuser.

Wrong Heat Settings on Diffuser

You should be using the low heat setting and pressure on your diffuser.

Otherwise, excess heat causes frizz. Lower settings, as well as the pressure, will take more time, but in the end, you will be satisfied with the results. 

You Are Probably Moving a Diffuser Too Much

Don’t move the diffuser too much.

The best option is to keep the diffusor in place but flip the hair sections you want to diffuse. Tilt the head to the side and back and hold the diffuser as close to your scalp as you can. Make sure not to burn yourself. Don’t move the diffuser until the section of the hair is completely dry. 

Touching Your Hair

Believe it or not, touching your hair while diffusing will only cause frizz. We know it can be challenging not to touch your hair, but resist until dry.

Once your curly hair is completely dry, you can scrunch it with your hands. Softly squeeze it and open your palms. Do not rub your fingers together, and don’t pull the fingers through your hair. This can break your curl pattern and cause them to be dull. 


Should You Diffuse Curly Hair With Hot or Cold Air?

The heat settings on your diffuser should always be on the lower setting. When you set the diffuser on low heat, you will achieve better voluminous and defined curls.

Does a Diffuser Make Your Hair Curlier?

The diffuser serves as a tool to enhance and tighten your curl pattern. It means your curly hair can look curlier than before.
You will see the difference if you have used a regular blow dryer before. 

How Do I Maintain Curly Hair and Keep It Frizz-Free?

To maintain your curls and keep your hair frizz-free, it’s advisable to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, which helps to retain the natural moisture of your hair.

Avoid brushing your curls, which can disrupt their natural shape and lead to frizz. Protecting your hair with a suitable product before using heat styling tools is also important.

Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel, which can cause damage and frizz, try patting it gently to remove excess water. Whenever possible, opt for air drying your hair instead of a blow dryer, as the latter can strip your hair of moisture and increase frizz.

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