What Haircuts Work Best for Big Foreheads (and What to Avoid)

Best haircuts for big foreheads
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If big foreheads are bothering you, there are some things you can do to hide them and feel more confident.

We will describe some tricks for prominent foreheads that make them look visually smaller.

Choosing a proper haircut for your face shape is so important! This is especially important if you want to conceal or emphasize some of your face traits. This article also shows some of the best haircuts for big foreheads – have a look and pick your favorite! 

How to Make a Forehead Visually Smaller? (6 Tips)

Making a big forehead narrow is all about creating an illusion. You can do that with the different hairstyles and makeup tricks we are about to teach you. 

Avoid Foundation on Hairline

You should avoid applying foundation just on your hairline. By doing this, your hairline will have a natural shadow that creates an illusion of a forehead that ends much lower. 

However, if you decide to apply foundation, go for a shade that is a bit darker, and apply it along the hairline and temples. It will give you an illusion of a smaller forehead. 

Brows and Eyes on Point

Your eyebrows can help you in making your forehead look smaller. You need to draw them a bit higher than you usually do, and you will instantly see the difference. Drawing a higher arch with thicker eyebrows should create an illusion of a smaller forehead. 

Putting on more dramatic eye makeup should draw attention away from your forehead. Winged eyeliner, as well as the smokey eye, will do the magic for you. 

Get Bangs

When it comes to hairstyles that can make your forehead appear smaller, bangs are a quick and easy solution. Simple blunt bangs will hide the forehead. You can also opt for fringes that gradually become longer at the sides. They are the most secure bet. 

However, if you have a prominent nose, you should avoid blunt bangs across the forehead and opt for curtain bangs, side-swept bangs, or fringes. 

Loose and Messy Hairstyles

While you should avoid the middle part, you can still wear messy hairstyles with it. The texture is all you should think about. Pulling a few strands of your hair out will create an illusion of a smaller forehead. 

Wear Hair Accessories

Accessories will draw attention away from large foreheads. Whether you like to wear a scarf or sparkly hairpin, don’t hesitate to go for some accessories for both day and night events. A bandana should be an excellent companion in hiding your forehead. 

Voluminous Hair 

Instead of wearing flat and straight hair, work on the volume next time.

You can use a hair spray or a mousse to create a volume that balances your face. Otherwise, straight and flat long hair can make your face look even longer and enhance the forehead. 

12 Best Haircuts That Suit Big Forehead

1. Side-Swept Bangs and Long Waves

Side-swept bangs on long and medium hair can look great, whether or not you have a prominent forehead. Waves with bangs that hide a prominent forehead look excellent for brides-to-be and women heading to some formal event. 

2. Curtain Bangs

Try going for curtain bangs. Suddenly everyone is wearing them! No surprise, they look nice on all hair lengths. Plus, they are great for hiding high foreheads. 

3. Fringes

Choppy fringes are not only stylish but also great for women with big foreheads and long faces. They will create an illusion of smaller prominent characteristics on your face. You can quickly style them and make them great for daily wear. 

4. Full Bangs

If you are into full bangs, we say go for them. They will look amazing with all hairstyles, both short and long, straight or layered. You can style them with a simple brush and dryer or straightener.

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5. Long Layers

Long layers can be simple yet very effective. Especially with people who would like to hide their big foreheads. If you decide to highlight your hair, even better! All these features will draw attention away from the features you want to hide. 

6. Messy Beach Waves

Messy hairstyles are simple to style, great to wear, and perfect for women with high foreheads. Regardless of your hair length and type, you can make beach waves look a bit messy. Air dry your hair and use a hair spray after washing. 

7. Middle Part but Messy

Messy curls combined with the middle part can be a pretty good mix for all women. Especially those with big foreheads should go for this type of hairstyle. By chopping face-framing layers, you can be sure all the attention will be away from your face.

8. Low Chignon

Here we have a great example of how future brides-to-be can look amazing on their big day and hide their foreheads. The polished and sleek side part and fringes are combined with a low chignon for a perfect bridal hairstyle. 

9. Braided Half Up Half Down

Long hair with a braid is perfect for everyday wear, as well as for formal occasions. You can style your hair both ways, straight or curly. Be assured that this hairstyle will make an outstanding balance on your face. 

10. Bob with Middle Part

If you were thinking about getting a new hairstyle for summer, then this kind of bob should be your choice. Curtain fringes, bob, and middle part – all these things can make you look trendy and stylish. And hide the forehead.

11. Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is usually recommended when speaking about big foreheads. This one is choppy and very stylish. Curly fringes fall across your forehead, hiding it and making it look smaller at the same time. 

12. Lob with Beach Waves

These face-framing layers in platinum will surely draw attention away from your prominent face characteristics, whether you have a bigger nose or forehead. The length of the lob haircut is just perfect – not too long, nor too short. Wearing short hair like this is ideal for the spring and summer seasons.

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