What Face Shape Does Layered Hair Suit Best (Explained)

What face shape does layered hair suit best? Woman with a beautiful layered haircut.
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When it comes to haircuts and picking the right one, your face shape plays one of the most important roles that help you decide. Sometimes, it seems that you have chosen the prettiest or most modern cut, but if it doesn’t work out with your face shape, you can quickly be disappointed.

Instead of copying some trendy cut, look out for haircuts that suit your face shape.

No matter what faces shape you have, some hairstyles can highlight your face’s best features. 

What is Your Face Shape?

Before you even start looking for a new haircut, you need to determine your face shape. This article shows different face shapes and explains how to find yours: How to Choose the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape.

In short, face shapes are usually categorized into six groups: oval, long, square, diamond, round, and heart-shaped. You should try to take a photo of your face or look at the mirror and see which face shape it resembles the most. See what parts are widest vs. shortest. Focus on your brows, cheekbones, jaw, and the length of your face.

It could be hard to determine the exact shape of your face, and it’s okay. This is usually easier for women who have strongly expressed features of the face.

Face Shapes That Look Good With Layers

4 different women face shapes
Oval, square, heart and round face shapes are perfect for layered haircuts

To help you decide if the layered hair is for you, here are some examples for 4 different face shapes. Layers usually look best on oval, square, heart-shaped, and round face shapes.

You can see that in many cases you don’t have to choose the length, just to pick the suitable layers that will enhance the features of your face.

Layers for Oval Face Shape

When you think about doing layers on an oval face, just avoid those that will make your face look too long. Face-framing and longer layers that make your center part of the face highlighted are great. You can start by cutting them just below the chin. You can pick both straight or wavy hair to cut into layers. 

Layers for Square Face Shape

When your face is square, long layers can make it look even broader. What you should do is to go easy on layers, make them light and soft. Pick not overly defined layers that will create the illusion of a softer jawline. A long bob or lob with subtle layers will do the perfect job for all women with square face shapes. 

Layers for Heart-Shaped Face

It is best to layer the hair so that it won’t hug your face. Heart-shaped women have a naturally broad forehead and narrow jawline, so it is best to find layers that fall away from the face. Choppy layers that start high when your hair is thicker will be your best bet. Read more about the best haircuts for big foreheads to see some examples.

Otherwise, if your hair is shorter and thinner, consider cutting layers below the chin. They will add body and texture to your hair, enhancing just the right features of your heart-shaped face. 

Layers for Round Face Shape

Women with round face shape should aim for layers that will make an illusion of a longer face. Long and light layers will create this look.

On the other hand, short and choppy layers will enhance and definite your cheekbones and jawline. You should pay attention to your hair type, whether it is thin or thick, and choose the layers according to that. 

Does Layered Hair Make Your Face Look Thinner?

Layered hair, whether long or short, can actually make your face look thinner.

Face-framing layers will balance the weight of your hair and your face. It gives you an elongated look. Long layers are also suitable for making a face look thinner. When parted in the middle with length just below your chin, the layers will bring the jawline down and instantly make your face look longer and narrower. 

If you prefer shorter hairstyles, asymmetric bob is one of those face-thinning cuts. A layered bob with side parting and fringes will make your face thinner and longer.

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