30 Inspiring Short Messy Haircuts to Reshape Your Look

Short haired woman with pixie cut
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A new haircut is by far one of the most visible and easy-achievable ways for a new you. Here, we decided to present short, messy haircuts.

In the past, short hairstyles and haircuts were associated with a boyish look. But now, short haircuts are not just for men anymore. Women rock this look and feel confident about it.

The best thing about these haircuts is that they are low-maintenance and easy to style. You can even get a messy haircut if you have curly or wavy hair.

1. Two-toned Messy Haircut

Two-toned hair never looked better. Combined with a messy and short bob, this is one of those looks that are head-turners.

If you are unsure about the colors you see on this woman, ask your hairstylists to do the transition with shades similar to your base hair color. 

2. Curls with a Headband

A headband is an excellent hair accessory for taming those short messy haircuts. Especially curls, they just need to be appropriately styled. If you want to make them look messier, let them air dry, but don’t forget to use special hair products for them. 

3. Auburn is the New Blonde

Even though this color is connected with fall, you can wear it all year long. The hairstylists say that red and auburn shades are new blondes. Why don’t you try this shade on a short messy bob? 

4. Flag Colors

If you are feeling creative enough, ask your hair colorist to color your hair in the shades of your flag. This messy haircut just got an interesting twist. A top knot is an excellent way to gather the hair and make all those colors visible.

5. Messy Volume

Bob is a fantastic hairstyle. It is versatile, suits many face shapes, and, most importantly, is low maintenance. 

This bob is cut on thick hair, which only enhances the volume. Make it messy by letting it air dry and side-sweeping the parting of your hair. 

6. Short and Sweet

Super short bobs look amazing when you have minimal time in the morning to get ready. The key is they don’t require styling at all. You can simply use a mousse or a foam to make it a bit messy and wavy and let the wind do the rest. 

7. Pink for Spring?

The pink color is not seen so often on hair, but when we see it, it looks extraordinary. This highlighted pink bob is a bit wavy, messy, and choppy. 

8. Copper Curls

There is nothing more beautiful than natural curls. These are super small and dyed in a copper shade. Keep them in shape by cutting them regularly. The messy look can be achieved by simply letting your curls be natural and voluminous. 

9. Hair With Sun-Kissed Babylights

Looking natural was never easier than with babylights. Your hair will get that sun-kissed look with messy vibes. However, don’t confuse this short, messy haircut with something you can’t wear to work. This is appropriate for both casual and workwear. 

10. Big and Messy Waves

You can achieve these big waves with a styler or a big brush. Whether you have more or less time, you can make this look. Short and messy hair like this is great for casual wear.

However, if you add hair accessories, you can turn them into an elegant and sophisticated hairstyle.

11. Braided Rainbow Hair

If you want to try something new this year, we recommend going for something like this – a short messy hairstyle perfect for both day and nightwear. It consists of two braids and rainbow-colored hair. 

12. Highlighted Bob

Asymmetric highlighted bob is the perfect example of a low-maintenance hairstyle. You don’t have to visit a hair salon so often, and your hair can look either polished or messy. Make it more voluminous by using a dryer and a brush if you have time. 

13. Short Shag Hairstyle

The short shag hairstyle is very rock ‘n’ roll inspired. These bangs, as well as layers, are indeed low-maintenance. That is why many women decide to get this style. You can wear it to parties, work, and as an everyday hairstyle. 

14. Elegant and Messy?

Can you have a haircut that is messy and elegant at the same time?

Big waves like this can be very office-appropriate. However, they don’t have to look so polished. Let them be a bit messy. 

This hairstyle looks very French and sophisticated, but it won’t take all the time you have to style it. 

15. Textured and Choppy

Are you looking for a summer hairstyle that you can wear every day? That’s the one! 

Blonde hair with incredible platinum highlights will appear great in the sunshine. You can style it in 10 minutes. Wash, dry, and use a mousse to create these beach waves and a messy look. 

16. Dark Chocolate Brown

Dark chocolate brown hair is perfect for women with light and medium skin tones. You can be sure it will suit you well, whether you like to wear your hair straight or wavy. Make it messy with these casual beach waves. 

17. Honey Blonde Bob

Honey blonde waves are so beautiful and amazing for spring and summer. If you want to transform your hairstyle, pick this shade and go for a short haircut. They won’t only make you modern but also save a ton of styling time. 

18. Braided Messy Bun

Braided hair means only one – low maintenance. Since braids can stay for a few days on your hair, you can be sure that they won’t require daily styling. A messy bun will get you throughout the day, whether you spend it at home or work. 

19. Low Chignon

When you say chignon, it automatically means something elegant and sophisticated. However, not every low chignon bun has to be polished. The hair should be wavy and gathered in a simple bun for that messy effect. 

20. Easy Wrapped Bun

If your hair is already highlighted or two-toned and you look for a way to elevate it, check out this haircut.

All of your honey, strawberry blonde, and light brown shades will be highlighted while your hair is in an effortless bun. 

21. Cooper Side Fringes

If you are looking for a way to change and reshape your look, then go for fringes this year. These are low-maintenance curtain fringes with that cute and messy vibe you will adore. 

22. Bridal but Messy

Even though most bridal hairstyles are polished and elegantly styled, they don’t have to be that way. You can have a beautiful bridal hairstyle but make it just a bit messy and casual, if you prefer that way. 

23. Chocolate Short Messy Haircut

Whether you have straight or curly hair, a shag haircut can be the right choice for you. It is a style that many superstars of the ‘90s were wearing, but it is kind of timeless. This is still very popular nowadays. It’s a great messy look for all who don’t prefer styling their hair every day. 

24. Curly Bob

If your hair is naturally curly, you can enhance those curls and cut the hair really short. It also means you will have more time to sleep in the morning – this is one of those hairstyles that require minimal time to style.

25. Pink Hair

What a pink, shaggy haircut! Messy, casual, yet very eye-catching, this is one of those transforming styles everyone will look at. 

26. Colorful Hair

Did we mention that colorful hair is back in style? You can be eccentric and cut off your hair short. Don’t stop there, though. 

Make sure to dye your face-framing layers and choppy, messy bangs into neon pink.

27. Rose Red Messy Haircut

If you prefer to match your lipstick with your hair color, pick rose red dye. Short messy haircuts in this shade will look amazing, whether you are doing them for daily or office wear. 

28. Lavender Hair

When you want to transform your hair, it is best to try something completely new. Go for platinum hair dye with lavender highlights. This beautiful combination of colors will suit both short and longer bobs. 

29. Textured and Voluminous Curls

Curly hair generally requires a bit more care than straight hair. However, if you are using products for curls, don’t forget to put on something for texture. That will always provide extra volume and a messy look that you can wear every day. 

30. Volume on Point

This asymmetric bob is great for women with thick and highlighted hair. The style of this cut can provide you with even more texture and give you that messy yet stylish look that many women dream about.

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