How to Choose the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

Find a haircut for face shape
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Your face shape can play an important role when it comes to makeup, contouring, highlighting, but also in planning your new haircut. There are different types of haircuts for face shape that you can choose.

However, there are rules and tricks you need to know to be satisfied with the final result. There is nothing worse than a bad haircut, right? 

Determining Your Face Shape

Women face shapes
Women face shapes

To identify your face shape, look at the mirror and pay attention to these three criteria

  • The widest part of your face (forehead, jaw, or cheeks)
  • Your jawline (is it round, square, or pointy?)
  • Your face length (short or long)

We describe some of the most common face shapes below. Of course, people have unique traits and shapes, but you can still use the information below as guidance.

Heart Face Shape

If the forehead is the widest part of your face while the chin is pointed, you have a heart face shape. Some people even have a widow’s peak at their hairline, but you can still have a heart-shaped face without it. If it is hard for you to imagine this shape, just think about the upside-down triangle instead. 

Celebrities: Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Hyland, Mary-Kate Olsen, Scarlett Johansson

Square Face Shape

If you need to determine your face as square, you need to look at the sides and the jaw. When your face is straight-shaped, your sides are straight, while your jawline is slightly angled. Your face is equally wide and long. When you measure the edge of your temple to the top where the jawline starts, you can notice it is the same distance as your left to the right jaw. 

Celebrities: Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger

Round Face Shape

The easiest way to describe the round face shape is to think of it as square-shaped but with much softer angles. Instead of being straight, your face sides slightly curve outwards. The cheekbones are the widest part of your face, while the chin is usually rounded. 

Celebrities: Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Lawrence, Drew Barrymore, Mila Kunis 

Oval Face Shape

Some call it the most versatile face shape. People with oval face shapes have foreheads that are just a bit wider than their curved chins. If you have a tall forehead and cheekbones are the widest part of your face, you have an oval face shape. 

For those that find it hard to picture this face shape, just imagine an egg placed upside down. 

Celebrities: Blake Lively, Courtney Cox, Tyra Banks, Kelly Rowland, Olivia Munn

Diamond Face Shape

The diamond-shaped face consists of high cheekbones and pointed chins. There is not much of a difference between heart-shaped and diamond-shaped faces. However, there is one main difference – if you have a diamond face shape, your hairline will be narrower. 

Celebrities: Jenifer Lopez, Serena Williams, Megan Fox, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Greene

Rectangular Face Shape

If you got a rectangular face shape, it means the face is longer than wide. This shape is similar to a square face shape, with some differences. Your forehead, jawline, and cheeks are approx the same width. On the other hand, your chin is slightly curved. 

Celebrities: Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung, Liv Tayler, Gisele Bundchen

What’s the Prettiest Face Shape?

All face shapes are beautiful and unique. However, the oval shape is considered to be the most versatile one. Hairstylists say that haircuts for oval faces can be done effortlessly.

The research done at the University School of Medicine in Philadelphia showed that the most desirable face shape is the heart or V-shaped one. It is the most visually attractive, and according to some, it is mathematically perfect.  

This face shape refers to a wide forehead and chin. The jawline is narrow, while the cheekbones are as wide as your eyebrows. 

Best Haircuts for Face Shapes

These are some of the best traditional hairstyles that you can get for each face shape. Also, we will mention the haircuts you need to avoid.

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However, it’s worth repeating, every face is different, so take everything with a grain of salt. These are more like generic advice rather than absolute rules.

Haircuts for Round Faces

Chin-length bobs with face-framing layers or long bangs will perfectly suit round faces. What you want to achieve is to elongate the face with a hairstyle. That is why adding height and having a strong front will help you achieve that. 

Haircuts to Try

The best haircuts to try are long layers, pixie style, beachy waves, side-swept waves, the central parting of classic layered hairstyle. Layers will help highlight all your features, while a full pixie should expand your face. 

The central part will do miracles with your round face, so don’t hesitate to try it next time you visit the hairdresser. 

Haircuts to Avoid

If your face shape is round, avoid tight curls, thick bangs, and everything else that can shorten your round face. 

Haircuts for Triangle Face Shape

When it comes to triangle face shape, you should know that there are many options to pick from. From short cuts to side fringes, wavy layers to straight hairstyles. You would want to make a balance between the parts of your face that you want to highlight. 

Haircuts to Try

Layered hairstyles are great for balancing and softening your wide jaw. Make sure the layers are thinned out in the jaw area since that is the only way they can be flattering. 

Haircuts to Avoid

In general, if you pick a long hairstyle for a triangle face shape, it can look bad if not done correctly. That is why hairdressers recommend picking shorter styles. Always avoid hairstyles that draw attention to your jawline – straight bob cuts are one of those. 

Haircuts for Square Faces

Women with square faces should concentrate on hairstyles with fuller sides but soft corners. Some hairstyles to try are textured shag cuts, long layers, or side-swept bangs. 

Haircuts to Try

Try something that will soften the sharp lines of your face. Wearing bangs swept at one side can make an illusion of softer edges on your face. Also, wispy and forward falling hair is perfect for making balance and softening the sides of your face. 

Go for medium to long hairstyles since they are the most suitable for this face shape. A haircut volumized in the crown area is also a great choice.

Haircuts to Avoid

Middle parts, solid and thick bangs, as well as chin-length bobs will work against you. All these cuts and styles will enhance your jaw and strengthen it, which is precisely what you want to avoid. 

Haircuts for Rectangular Faces

The rectangular or oblong face shape is longer than it is wide. The key is to find a hairstyle that adds width, minimizes the vertical length, and keeps the volume from your ears up. 

Haircuts to Try

Try styles that are short to medium but with longer front layers. Face framing layers, as well as soft waves, are more than welcome. They create movement, body, and texture that will soften the straight lines of oblong faces. Chin-length bobs that are just a bit layered can also work pretty well with an oblong face shape. 

Side or diagonal parts will break up rectangular shapes by adding more volume and width. 

Haircuts to Avoid

Rectangular face shapes are not made for middle parts and flat straight hair with no movement. Hairstyles that add volume at the crown or the top can only prolong your face. 

Haircuts for Oval Faces

The oval face is one of the most versatile shapes. So, if your shape is oval – then lucky you! Almost every hairstyle suits your face shape. The main thing to remember is not to pick some style that will hide your face or eyes. Let that oval face be seen. 

Haircuts to Try

Whether you prefer to wear your hair short, medium, or long, don’t overthink before trying. From bobs, lobs to long layered hairstyles – everything suits you. You can also create bangs and fringes. 

Haircuts to Avoid

There aren’t particular hairstyles you should avoid when it comes to oval faces. However, make sure the hair is not falling over your eyes and face, and don’t add too much height at the top of your head. 

Haircuts for Heart Faces

A heart shape requests haircuts that will minimize width on the forehead, maximize it around chins, and create length. You can add bangs or fringes. Just make sure they are cut diagonally or at the sides of your face, rather than straight across. 

Haircuts to Try

Chin-length hairstyles that are layered or slightly textured are the most suitable for heart-shaped faces. If you like bangs, you can cut them, but make sure not to cut them straight across. Curtain bangs and side fringes will do the work for you. Blunt bangs can only make your face appear shorter and wider. 

Haircuts to Avoid

Try to avoid blunt and short hairstyles that will enhance the upper part of the face. Heavy cut across bangs can only make your face look shorter, so you should avoid them as well. 

Haircuts for Diamond Faces

Women with diamond face shapes should work on softening the angles of their sides and avoid styles that accentuate the sharp jawline. Shortening the length of the face is also important, and you can achieve that with straight across bangs. 

Haircuts to Try

Shoulder-length or shorter wispy layered hairstyles that will add width to the chin area are the ones you should try. If you want to highlight cheekbones, just wear your hair behind the ears. Tucked in like that, hair will be off your face, so you can show off beautiful cheekbones. 

If you prefer shorter lengths, go for pixie cuts that suit heart-shaped faces perfectly. Side-swept bangs or brow-grazing fingers will match with any of these hairstyles. 

Haircuts to Avoid

Generally, any style that enhances the width of your forehead or cheekbones should be avoided. Short hairstyles that add volume only at the crown should be avoided too. You should always leave hair on your neck and chin area. The middle part will only add length to your face, so stay away from styling your hair like that. 


What Hairstyle Suits All Face Shapes?

Believe it or not, there is one haircut for face shape that suits everybody. Whether your face shape is oval or heart-shaped, your hair thin or thick, the bob haircut will be suitable. The key is it can be customized to fit everyone’s hair and face. Even if your face shape isn’t ideal for bob, many hairstylists claim it is all about styling it right. 

How Do I Find the Right Hairstyle for My Face?

First, you need to determine your face shape. Then, follow the suggested haircuts and see if anything seems interesting. Keep an eye on what haircuts you should better avoid.

While some face shapes require hairstyles that highlight some features, others should be hidden. And once again – if you realize that your face shape isn’t compatible with your favorite hairstyle, don’t be discouraged. These are just suggestions. You can work everything out with your hairdresser.

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