23 Great Ideas for Medium-Length Hair With Layers

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How long has it been since your last hair change? Do you think it’s time to switch things up? Well, you are in the right place. Flipping through magazines and Pinterest boards may be helpful. However, it may not give you the right advice for your hair type and needs. 

Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to stand out with medium-length hair with layers.

Medium-Length Layered Hair Ideas and Styling Tips

These stunning ideas highlight your features, spice up your medium-length hair with layers, and boost your confidence.

1. Messy Lob With Curtain Bangs

Layer up this messy and edgy hairstyle to add texture and volume to your look. Channel your inner Halle Berry by adding curtain bangs to wrap up the look.

2. Blunt Shag Bangs With a Layered Cut

The beauty of this look is that anyone can pull it off. The blunt bangs help conceal a prominent forehead, making it the best-layered hairstyle for rectangle and square-shaped faces.

3. Unevenly-Cut Messy Lob Medium Length Hair

Step out of your comfort zone with a messy, uneven style. Adding some swoops to the hairstyle will make it more textured and delicate. The best part about this style is you can do it in the comfort of your home with a curling iron and scissors. 

4. Sleek Medium Length Hair With Layers

You can achieve this look with smooth and sleek hair texture. The sleek-swoop layers look even better with caramel highlights. The highlights give your lob hair the illusion of dimensions, fullness, and health.

5. Medium-Length Hair With Layers and Sliced Ends

Nothing gives hair more volume and style like sliced ends. The illusion that your hair is tapering towards the bottom will make the thinnest strands appear fuller. Therefore, if you struggle with thinning your hair, try this trend for a change.

6. Razor-Cut Lob Medium-Length Hair With Layers

Do you have fine hair and struggle with getting a medium-length hair look? Well, look no further. The razor haircut will give your hair feathered, light, and shaggy-trend layers.

7. Curly Shaggy Layers on Medium-Length Hair

With natural hair curls, this shaggy look will bring out your best facial features. Plus, it’s super easy to pull off, especially for women with a tight schedule. Styling your hair will be a two-step process that will have you done and ready to go in minutes. 

All you have to do is, wash your hair to bring out the curls and use a product to scrunch it. 

8. Wavy Medium-Length Hair With Layers

Channel your inner lioness with this medium-length hairstyle. Make a positive first impression and turn heads with this curly look. Create distinct hair curls that flow from your scalp to the ends. Add some spice to it by making your medium hair uneven or adding highlights. 

The hair curls will give your hair a thick and lustrous look.

9. Natural Gray Layered Lob Style

Do you have naturally gray hair strands? It might be time to start embracing them. If you’d like to explore this hairstyle, try some silver highlights on your hair and add curls or uneven cuts to spice it up. 

10. Off-Center Parting on Bob Hairstyle

It is no secret that this is a popular style. You must catch it in the tabloids or celebrity red-carpet looks. The off-center parting layered style is simple yet stunning. Some people like it with even straight ends, while others prefer disconnected cuts to soften the look. 

Do you want to enhance or highlight your facial features? Well, the off-center parting style should be your go-to look.

11. Consistent or Uneven Swoop Layers

The uneven swoop-layers style is versatile and works for anyone who likes switching up their hairstyle regularly. Whether you pick even or uneven layers, swoops will layer up the look, increase volume, and give your hair some movement.

12. Loose Lob Waves and Layers

If you do not like hair swoops and defined curls, loose waves are an alternative to spicing up your look. The wavy hair is barely-there, and the ends have a choppy layer finish that gives off an easy-going vibe. 

You can spice up this hairstyle by getting tiny highlight strips around your head. 

13. Face-Framing Hair

The best part about the blonde face-trimming hair with layers is that it is customized to fit your face frame. Additionally, the hairstyle softens facial features like strongly defined cheekbones or a square face shape.

14. Straight Medium-Length Hair With Layers

If you want to turn heads when you walk into a room, the straight, medium-length layered style will do that. Straight hair may not be easy to maintain, but it is worth the strain. Not only will this style boost your confidence, but it will make you look chic.

15. Straight Inverted Medium-Length Hair With Layers

Are you looking for a medium-length layered style that frames your face? Well, here it is. The layers and medium and layered flirty on each other create a head-hugging illusion. Switch it up by adding highlights to the ends or hair strands across your scalp.

16. Two-Tire Layered Brunette Cut With Highlights

If you have thick hair, try the two-tire layered cut. The outer layer of the hairstyle is slightly shorter than the inner layer, creating a two-tire haircut. Spice it up by flickering the ends, using highlights, or flat ironing it to inverted layers depending on the shape of your face.

17. The Layered Mullet

From Rihanna, Zendaya, and Zoe Kravitz to David Bowie, the mullet is one of the most famous hairstyles. Why not create some edge by rocking one with layers? A mullet is short at the front and sides and long at the back. 

Layering the long hair at the back to match your face shape and hair type will customize the mullet to your style.

18. The V-Cut Medium-Length Hair With Layers

The v-cut is edgy, feminine, and a good option if you want to command attention in a room when you walk in. The layers of hair surrounding the face draw in towards the back from both sides, creating a v-shape. 

The hair at the back is left long and stays unbothered to accommodate the V-shaped layers placed on it.

19. Symmetrical Swoop on Layered Bob

The beauty of this mid-length hair with layers is the symmetry. The layers are consistent and even give an illusion that your salon stylist was doing the math when laying them one after the other. Some highlights would lift the style and show the symmetry of the layers.

20. Beach Waves on Medium-Length Hair With Layers

Are you overly stressed when it comes to styling your hair? Do you prefer a style that allows you to spruce up and get going? Beach waves are perfect for a minimalist since the natural curls in the layers do not need constant attention, like frequent curling and blow-drying.

21. Half Updo Bun With Bangs

Bangs add a little fun and edginess to a hairstyle. On the other hand, a bun updo adds some length to the face, making it the best hairstyle for round-shaped faces. Trying out highlights will brighten up your best facial features.

22. Fine-Ended Medium-Length Hair With Layers

Are you struggling with thinning hair? Well, make your style appear fuller by thinning the ends of your hair. With thin hair at the bottom and more hair at the top, you will add more dimension to your look, even if the layers are straight.

23. Blunt Ombre Shoulder-Length Layers

Blunt layers highlight the jawline, making it the best style for oval-shaped face people. They balance out the strong jawline, making it softer and flattering. Steer clear from this style if you have a pointed jawline because it will make it look more defined and harsh. 

Will Layered Hair Suit Your Hair Type?

Your Pinterest Board probably has at least 50 images of medium-length hair with layers. You probably have imagined yourself styled in all of them and even picked out outfits to match. However, you must find out if layered hair suits your hair type

Getting the right style for medium-length hair with layers is difficult. Is your hair too thick or thin for medium-length hair with layers? Can it look fuller, bouncy, or lighter? 

The bad news is that medium-length hair with layers works wonders for some hair types and less for others. On the other hand, the good news is your hair elasticity and texture will help you make medium-length hair with layers look good. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting the best style for your medium-length hair with layers.


Getting a medium-length layered haircut has to be done right, and your hair volume has everything to do with it. For example, thick hair is naturally bulky. Thus, if not layered appropriately, it can form a bell shape. 

The layers will help remove the weight from the ends and give your hair some movement. On the other hand, for the most part, thin hair doesn’t look well when layered because the salon stylist is working with less hair.


Generally, coarse hair is layer-friendly. However, this does not mean that thin hair cannot hold layers. If your hair is fine-thick, layering it will help by adding movement and reducing weight. On the other hand, with fine-thin hair, light layers will help retain as much hair as possible.


The length of your hair affects how many layers you will need. The shorter the hair, the more layers you will need, especially for people with thick hair. The layers make the style more flattering, especially around the ends, where it forms a bell shape.

Straight Or Curled Hair

Curls work better with layers. The volume that comes with layers gives your curls more bounce and movements. On the other hand, straight hair relies more on texture, volume, and length to determine the best style. 

Now that you know what style works best for you depending on your hair texture, length, volume, and curls, you can also consider face shape.

What Face Shape, Medium-Length Layered Hair Is Best For?

Generally, the shape of your face determines if a hairstyle will look flattering or otherwise. How will medium-length hair with layers look good on you? The basic rules are below. You could also read more about whether layered hair suits you based on your face shape.

There are six face shapes: rectangle, square, round, oval, heart, and diamond. If you don’t know your face shape, these three questions will help you narrow it down:

  • Is the length of your face short or long?
  • What is your jawline shape? Is it pointy, square, or round
  • What is the widest part of your face? Is it the jaw, cheeks, or forehead?

Rectangular Face Shape

A rectangular face shape has sharper cheekbones and a longer frame. A full fringe with voluminous layers is the best medium-length hair with layers for this face shape. The volume will soften the features of the face and give the hair movement. 

Furthermore, it will shorten your face shape rather than draw attention to the rectangular face shape. Often, a rectangular face shape is associated with a prominent forehead. 

Therefore, adding versatile and fun side bangs to your medium-length hair with layers will make your face seem slimmer.

Square Face Shape

When you think of a square face shape, a-list stars like Taraji Henson and Zoe Kravitz pop into your mind. It is common and versatile, especially when styling medium-length hair with layers. 

Textured layers work well with this face shape since they soften the sharp angles and highlight the other features of the face.

Round Face Shape

A side part or face-framing layer and swoops will balance out the roundness of the face. Furthermore, you can slim down your face shape using uneven layering because the layers draw attention away from the face shape. 

Steer clear from face-framing layers because they will highlight the roundness of your face.

Oval Face Shape

With an oval face shape, focus on enhancing the bone structure rather than hiding. Any layers that can highlight your jaw, stay away from long hair layers and swoop because they will create an illusion of a longer face. 

Try more textured and short layers when styling your medium-length hair with layers.

Heart-Shaped Face

Medium-length hair with layers on a heart-shaped face is fun and versatile. The key is to have fun. Bring out that mullet and channel your inner Rihanna or Miley Cyrus. Also, include any layered hairstyle that adds movement and texture to your hair. 

Heart-shaped faces are more symmetrical, making them versatile for hair options. Therefore, go for medium-length hair with layers that enhance your face symmetry and its features.

Diamond Face Shape

Most people with a diamond face shape have narrower foreheads. When styling a narrow forehead, choose layers that widen your face in the right places and highlight your cheekbones. The idea is to broaden your forehead or conceal it completely. 

For example, the eye-tickling fringe and textured layers will divert the focus to the cheekbones and jawline. We can all agree that picking the right medium-length hair with layers is more work than saving pictures from Google. 

So much thought goes into selecting the right medium-length hair with layers. Since you have narrowed it down to your hair type and face shape, here are ideas and styling tips to play around with your hair and switch it up sometime.

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