Straight Blonde Hair

How to Dye Blonde Hair With Highlights: Two Awesome Tutorials

Many women tried highlights, even before you can think about them. We think about natural techniques as well, such as squeezing lemon all over your hair to make it lighter or using honey for this same purpose.

Nowadays, many different techniques can provide you with perfect highlights.

The process of getting highlights was changing through the years, and finally, now you can choose. The original method was developed back in the sixties when women wore rubber caps with holes on them. Later on, these techniques became more and more advanced, and today the most popular one is balayage.

Doing highlights on blonde hair is not so hard. You should have a few things prepared in advance, but the process is relaxing really. The result, if done correctly, is truly awesome. Check these selected ideas of blonde hair with highlights if you don’t believe us.

You should start your highlights with blending brush and sectioning your hair. Grab a small strand of your hair and apply dye on it. Wrap it in an aluminum foil. You can repeat this process until you are satisfied with all your hair strands.

Let the products stay for about 15 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water.

How to Do Blonde Hair With Two Shades of Highlights

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You should start by dividing your hair and sectioning it – one section in the back and two in the front. When you are done, split the back section into two horizontal ones.

You should apply two formulas, i.e., two hair dyes in one, to get even more beautiful look and more volume. Place the foil in one hand, put your hair on it, and dye. You should then wrap-around the foil and secure it from bleeding. Combine formula one and formula two all towards up to the scalp.

You should split the crown section into three horizontal parts. These sections will make dying easier and make your hair look incredible with all shades mixed.

Repeat these steps until you reach the top of your hair. When the right and left sections meet, leave a ⅛ inch of your natural hair at the top. This will make your hair look more natural when it starts growing up.

How to Dye Blonde Hair with Highlights On-the-Go

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If you are interested to see how quick and easy you can do your highlights on blonde hair, then look no further.

For achieving this hairstyle, you will need a powder lightener, developer, gloves, a bowl, a beaker, application brush, and a whisk.

You should mix powder and developer and decide which shade of blonde you would like – choose 30 volume developer for lighter highlights or 20 volume if your hair is naturally light.

If you want to do this quickly and easy, practically on the go, you should dye only about ten hair strands around your face. Sometimes, less is more. Add lightener only to your virgin hair, until the middle of your head.

Keep a spare towel around you – before starting a new section, make sure to wipe off excess product from the gloves after each section dyeing.

Let the dye stay for about 15 minutes. You should wash your hair with the purple shampoo, which will protect your hair from getting brassy.