4 Tutorials Showing How to Do Perfect Goddess Locs

Woman with amazing goddess locs
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Goddess locks have been a staple hairstyle for all black women around the world. These locs are popping up all around – from Instagram to YouTube.

Everybody is into them.

Since goddess locs are protective as well, many women decided to give them a try. The result is an attractive hairstyle that is quite well protected with no need to be styled for months.

The famous goddess style was created by Dr. Kari Williams. Dr. Kari runs a hair salon in LA, where she looks after many celebrities’ hairstyles.

However, evidence of the original dreadlocks dates back to India. The style came around in Africa in 500 BC. There are many different types of locks, from traditional to modern ones. Goddess locks are stylish, and although they take some time to make, but the result is always breathtaking.

If you were thinking about trying goddess locs but didn’t know where to start – look no further. These tutorials will help you get through all the things you should know when braiding your hair.

How to Do Goddess Locs

A five-hour process of turning hair into goddess locs

Blogger Luhhsetty takes us with her as she tries goddess faux locs for the first time. This is the traditional way of getting your locs done.

However, if you are not sure how it will turn out, leave it to the professionals.

This five-hour process starts with hair sectioning.

You can opt for more or less precise sections. After braiding in wavy textured hair, the stylist now braids her hair again, yet this time the color is different, with an ashy hue. This way, she creates more texture and matches the natural color with the braids.

Then, all the braids are wrapped with Afro kinky hair and glued at the bottom.

You can put on accessories, like threads or jewelry, to make your locs even more eye-catching.

Here’s a good faux locs guide if you’re considering synthetic hair.

Tutorial on Goddess Locs for Short or Medium Hair

Making locs on shorter hair

Casharee from the Youtube channel InOnlyCash shows us how to braid goddess locs if you have short or medium hair or you want locs to be that length.

She uses light blonde and honey blonde braids to create this gorgeous look.

Casharee starts with preparing her hair for braiding. She uses castor oil and styling lotion. Due to her short hairstyle, she cuts her braiding hair in half.

She places it evenly to start braiding. The rubber band helps her secure the end of the braid and gather her natural hair that has been left out. She takes the long hair and wraps it around the braid, leaving the ends loose.

The trick is if you are not satisfied with the tightness of your loc, you can use your hands and just roll it up and down until you get it styled as you wish.

Home-Made Goddess Locs for Beginners

A great tutorial for doing locs for the first time

Tommie has nailed her goddess locs for beginners. If you are really looking into trying goddess locs for the first time but want to do it at home, this tutorial will be great for you.

She has done it with Jamaican locs, Bohemian, and Barbadian braids. Her natural hair is short and curly.

Tommie started by sectioning her hair into four big parts and then dividing each of them into smaller sections. She uses two strands of Marley hair and one Barbadian or Bohemian strand to create thick locs.

She warned us that the curl has to be longer than Marley hair. The braids should be loose since you need to add another piece of Marley hair to wrap around. If you want to create a frizz, just rub the braid with your hand from the bottom to the roots.

To keep your hair moisturized, soak the locs with shea butter oil.

Fast and Easy Goddess Locs

Find out how to create traditional goddess locks

Sharmel from the YouTube channel Snatched by Sharmel shows us how she created traditional goddess locks. Moreover, she has done it easily. She prefers the individual wrap method since it looks more natural. The whole process took about seven hours.

Small braids take more time, while opting for bigger ones can make the whole process last shorter. Sharmel decided to go for effortless sectioning, completely random, which is also a big time-saver.

She braided her natural hair first and then started adding more fake hair to get the goddess locs. With the combination of techniques and a crochet needle that holds the wavy hair, Sharmel begins wrapping her locs.

If you run out of braiding hair, make sure to have shorter strands aside so you can simply continue wrapping. You can secure the ends by using a lighter.

You might think – God, these goddess locs take forever to make!

We agree, but the result is quite fabulous! You can wear them for a week or a few months. Your hair will be protected while still able to grow, and you will have a gorgeous hairstyle that requires low maintenance.

Are you in? We say – go for it!

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