25 Trending Crochet Hairstyles For Black Women

Crochet braid hairstyles for black woman

The chances that you have seen crochet braids everywhere are pretty big. They were quite a popular style in the โ€˜00s, and now they are back.

You shouldnโ€™t mix them with crochet box braids, though. While crochet box braids are attached individually, classic crochet braids appear more natural, with a lot of hair movement. There are many different styles of crochet braids.  

What Are Crochet Braids

Even though one can consider crochet braids a hairstyle, it is more of a method of adding hair. Crochet braiding refers to adding extensions to natural hair. The hair is not being sewn in but looped under the cornrows with the special tool called a crochet needle.

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Crochet Braid Hairstyles for Black Woman

1. Interesting Color Combo

Are you ready to wear pink and white crochet braids? If you are nodding, then this style is exactly for you. It is a bit of an eccentric style that will undoubtedly turn heads towards you. Wear it super long or medium. 

2. Purple Crochet Braids

When braids themselves are not enough, pick a fascinating hair color. Once you do, you will have a fantastic hairstyle that you can combine and wear in multiple ways. Up or down – it is up to you!

3. Classic Brown Crochet Style

Voluminous at the bottom with a classic color shade, this hairstyle is perfect for both girls and women. You can style it with different hair accessories, worn up or down. 

We suggest trying half updo for work and wearing it down casually. 

4. Short and Curly Crochet Style

You can upgrade short hair and any pixie hairstyle with crochet braids. You can ask your hairdresser to do bigger but short braids with curly edges that will fall freely. Make sure most of the braids are on the top of your head for greater volume. 

5. Crochet Top Knot

Crochet braids in combination with a top knot can look fabulous. Black braids are eye-catching, while top knots can be fashionable and practical. It can come in handy when you need the braids out of your face. 

6. Highlighted Hair

Crochet braids with highlights will bring some light into your everyday outfits. A combination of dark brown and light blonde shades looks natural and stylish, and suits women with dark skin, no matter the undertone. 

7. Pink and Lilac

Even though you might think this headline is referring to an outfit combination, it is referring to the hairstyle. Small and delicate crochet braids in this color will make you stand out from the crowd. 

8. Curly Ends

The specific thing about crochet braids is curly ends. They are usually left out with goddess braids and butterfly braids. Your hair will look more voluminous and textured.ย 

9. Braided Updo

If you belong to women who usually prefer wearing their hair up, ask your hairdresser for a hairstyle like this. You can be sure your hair wonโ€™t fall while it is protected at the same time.

10. Long and Twisted

Crochet braids this long are perfect for women who prefer classic and casual hairstyles. You can combine hair weaves in different shades. In this case, black and brownish are melted perfectly into tiny braids. 

11. Curly and Brown

This brown shade and these curly crochet braids look lovely when combined. You can ask your hairdresser for this length – it is both practical and modern. 

12. Passion Twists

Passion twists are a popular type of crochet braids. They look fuller; more hair is crocheted into your natural hair, so the braids are thick. You can make them even more eye-catching by braiding them in two shades. 

13. Dark Brown with Lighter Ends

Dark brown roots match with natural hair. The crochet braids, though, are done in an ombre style, which looks impressive. The dark brown is paired with a honey brown shade, giving a perfect final result. 

14. Thick Brown Crochet Braids

There is nothing prettier than thick and long hair. You can achieve this look with crochet braids. Make sure to buy a lot of weaves to achieve both thickness and length. You should match this honey brown shade with the color of your skin. 

15. Black Crochet Braids

Black hair is suitable for everyone. You will surely enhance your braids, no matter how thick or thin you decide to crochet. It is one of those universal hairstyles that you can wear up or down. 

16. Shiny Burgundy

Burgundy might not be the typical hair color for many women. However, we can all agree it looks pretty impressive on black women, especially when combined with braids. You can wear this long hairstyle without worrying about getting bored. 

17. Ombre Braids in Blue

Yes, you have read it well. This ombre hairstyle is not a typical one, for sure. The woman did it in a dark and light blue shade, and we canโ€™t stop looking at it. Making thin braids might take some time, but once done, you will be amazed by the results!

18. Half Up with Braids

If you have ever wondered how to make any hairstyle with crochet braids, then this is the solution for you. Swept hair and gathered at the back with a clip. The rest should be left to fall freely. 

19. Voluminous Fifi Braids

These are black crochet braids, also known as Fifi. They make the hair appear voluminous and more textured. Those braids are made without leave out. Perfect for women that prefer classic hairstyles. 

20. Dark Red Curly Braids

This hairstyle is one of those that will make you stand out from the crowd. Not only because of this exciting hair shade but also the locs that are amazing and bouncy. 

21. Dark Golden and Black Curls

Here is the solution if you want a perfect hair shade to complement your black braids. Dark golden braids combined with black are anything but boring. You can style these crochet braids long and short. 

22. Crochet Locs

Such hairstyle is protective but is also something you can easily wear daily. These crochet locs are perfect for young and older women, regardless of style. 

23. Crochet Box Braids

Box braids might be the most popular type of crochet braids. They are polished, all looking the same in size and length, perfect for minimalists and women who prefer classic looks.

Make them eye-catching by picking an exciting hair weave – like the burgundy-brown shade in the photo above. 

24. Ombre Locs

These ombre braids are thick and have a medium length. If you ask us, they are perfect for women who prefer low-maintenance hairstyles that are wearable daily.  

25. Cornrow Style

Here is what you will get when you opt for cornrow crochet braids. You can quickly wrap them around in a bun and wear them up. This hairstyle is perfect for all black women. 


Are Crochet Braids Damaging to the Hair?

Even though it is considered one of the protective styles, crochet braids can damage your hair in some situations. It is important not to leave them on your hair more than you should.

It would help if you left crochet braids to the professional. Otherwise, you can do them wrong, causing your hair to be damaged.

Either way, if you feel that the braids are too tight around your roots, ears, and nape of your neck, speak up and tell the hairdresser to redo them.ย 

When your braids are too heavy, they can cause tension, finally leading to hair loss.ย 

How Many Packs of Hair Do I Need for Crochet Braids?

Usually, the hair amount that you need for crochet braids depends on the specific look you want to achieve.ย According to the hairstylists, you will need four to eight packs of hair for different styles.

What Are the Different Types of Crochet Styles?

The crochet styles can be worn straight, curly, twisted, natural, kinky, and braided. These styles require different extension hair packs, so decide about the style you want to achieve before making a purchase.ย 

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