35 Crochet Braid Hairstyles For Black Woman That Are Trending Now

By Janice Wasem / Updated on May 15, 2019
Crochet hair is fake hair that is attached to your hair by a special technique. Check out how beautiful it looks and try to find the perfect one for yourself.

Although crochet braids are made of fake hair, they can look more than real. They got their name by the technique they are applied to your head – by crochet needle. Whether you have short or long hair, you can decorate it with crochet braids and make it even more interesting.

We have prepared some of the best hairstyles for black women to try. Trust us, you will adore them.

crochet braidsPhoto: hairstyledesign.net

With huge hair and crochet braids like this, you will be the main attraction wherever you decide to go. The bun does get a whole new meaning.

Blonde crochet braidsPhoto: hairstyledesign.net

Blondies have much more fun – even when it is about hairstyles! Black women don’t wear blonde hair often, but when they do, it looks just like this.

Crochet braids dyed into redPhoto: hairstyledesign.net

If you really want to be authentic and rebellious, you should dye your crochet braids into the red.

Bright layers of crochet hairstylePhoto: hairstyledesign.net

Be absolutely gorgeous with bright layers of your crochet hairstyle. You can always add a statement piece of jewelry.

Purple long hair and #crochetbraidsPhoto: hairstyledesign.net

Purple is for the brave girls. If you have long hair and crochet braids, don’t hesitate to dye parts of your hair into some exciting color, such as purple.

Voluminous hairstylePhoto: hairstyledesign.net

This girl explains what does it really means to have a voluminous hairstyle.

Crochet curlsPhoto: styleinterest.com

After putting on your crochet curls, you can curl them and make them look like this. This is the perfect look for celebrations, birthdays or parties.

Voluminous hair is a perfect thing crochet curls can providePhoto: styleinterest.com

Voluminous hair is a perfect thing crochet curls can provide. It might come hard to maintain, but it looks fantastic.

Spiral curls are great to tryPhoto: styleinterest.com

If you need a polished and sophisticated look, then these spiral curls are great for you to try. This hairstyle is perfect for everyday and elegant occasions.

Lovely Afro hairstyle will take everyone's breathPhoto: styleinterest.com

When a girl wants to make a statement with her hairstyle, she definitely does this. Lovely Afro hairstyle will take everyone’s breath.

Dye your hair into purple!Photo: styleinterest.com

If regular Afro sounds too simple for you, then dye your hair into purple!

The pixie cut with #crochetbraidsPhoto: styleinterest.com

The pixie cut is perfect for maintaining. When you add crochet braids to this combination, you get a perfect and interesting hairstyle for everyday wear.

Natural yet fantastic highlighted lookPhoto: styleinterest.com

Opt for a natural yet fantastic highlighted look – this hairstyle looks bold and kinky.

The multi-textured hairstylePhoto: styleinterest.com

The multi-textured hairstyle is something that you don’t see very often. It will make you unique and fabulous.

You can wreathe colored thread on some parts of your braidsPhoto: hairstyledesign.net

To revive the tradition, you can wreathe colored thread on some parts of your braids. It looks perfect for long summer days spent at the beach.

Split your hair and dye parts in redPhoto: hairstyledesign.net

Split your hair and dye parts in red. When you updo your hair into a bun it will look eye-catching and very interesting.

Amazing red #crochetbraidsPhoto: hairstyledesign.net

Goddess braids like this look astounding, especially if they are in unusual hair colors. Dye your hair into the red to stand out from the crowd.

Short bobs combined with #crochetbraidsPhoto: hairstyledesign.net

You will be amazed how nice short bobs seem when they are combined with crochet braids. These hairstyles are perfect for both casual and workwear.

Bigger braids are perfect for elegant occasionsPhoto: hairstyledesign.net

Not only tiny crochet braids are allowed. You can also make your hairstyle into bigger braids – perfect for elegant occasions.

A bun on the top of your headPhoto: hairstyledesign.net

Let your hair look like a waterfall when done into a bun on the top of your head.

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