Tight Faux Locs? Learn How to Get Stiffness Out

Tight faux locs
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Locs are awesome. They are protective and fashionable, and they can be styled in so many ways. However, they can cause pain as well.

Tight faux locs can occur when you at least expect them. The pain can be unbearable, and many girls regret even doing the locs. That doesn’t have to be the case with you!

Tight Faux Locs – What Can Cause Stiffness

If you have noticed that your scalp is inflamed and super tight, then you need to know one thing – your locs are probably not installed well. Always talk to your hairdresser (if you do them in the salon) that you don’t want too tight locs or braids. You don’t need to go through the pain for the sake of money.

Other than causing you pain, tight faux locs can cause alopecia, which easily leads to hair loss. You certainly don’t need that. It can also cause severe headaches and hairline skin bumps.

How to Loosen Tight Faux Locs?

Amazing faux locs hairstyle
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So, how to get rid of stiffness and pain and fully enjoy your marvelous goddess faux locs? These are some tested-and-proven tricks that are great for relieving the pain without destroying the locs.

1. Take a Shower

Water will indeed shorten the lifespan of your locs, but it is also one of the quickest approaches to get rid of the pain. You can take a shower or, even better, spritz your hair with water. This second method is pretty useful during cold months since locs tend to dry longer than you expect.

The third method requires putting your hair in a towel. The towel should first be wet with warm water. Leave it for about an hour before removing it.

Locs absorb a lot of water, and they can loosen that way. Cold and hot water alongside root massage will reduce the pain you are feeling. However, this tip is not so popular since your braids or locs can be destroyed more quickly than you planned.

2. Pencil Tip

A pencil is a great thing to have around when you want to make a hairstyle. You all have probably seen how to make a bun with a pen. Well, a pencil tip is excellent for loosening your faux locs.

Get the pencil in each stiff braid and loosen it. You should stick it in the cornrow or the center of the braid and try to loosen it as much as you can. For smaller locs and braids, use something even thinner, like a skewer.

3. Get a Massage

Massage is a great way of relieving the pain when you have a migraine or just for relaxation. If you have someone to do it for you – great, if not, try to do it yourself. You should massage only the exposed bit of your scalp. Otherwise, you can ruin your faux locs. Try to relax as much as you can, so the pain can be eliminated.

You can apply oil for this scalp massage but try not to overuse it. Pick between olive oil, tea tree oil, or essential oils such as peppermint and lavender.

4. Change the Hairstyle

Tight faux locs can be very unpleasant. So, the easiest way to prevent them from hurting is to wear them down after braiding. If you put them in a bun or high ponytail, that can only make you feel worse.

Experiment with new styles when your faux locs are down. For instance, section two parts at the front and tie them in the knot at the back. You can also braid a low and messy braid that casually falls at one side or the back.

5. Leave-In-Conditioner

When you do faux locs, a leave-in-conditioner is a pretty useful thing you can have at home. It is designed especially for your needs, releasing your hair from itching and loosening tight faux locs.

Apply a small amount of the conditioner. The best way not to overdo it is to use your fingertips. Massage gently to the root of each braid. You don’t need to wash your hair after this treatment.

6. Take Some Painkillers

Taking painkillers might be the quickest way of easing the pain. However, the pain can return. If the pain returns, you should call your hairdresser or even consider removing the braids.

Even though some say that beauty comes with a price, you should never suffer and go through the pain of the hairstyle.

Tight faux locs can look beautiful, but when they are not installed properly, they can lead to more significant problems. We hope these tips will help you ease the pain and enjoy this marvelous hairstyle.

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