51 Ways to Wear Butterfly Braids

Stylish butterfly braids
Stylish butterfly braids

Butterfly braids are utterly stylish, yet they take some time to be made. However, when you master braiding, you get to know there are many ways you can style your butterfly braid.

There are many ways to create a butterfly braid – you can gather them in the back, crochet them with a needle, make them distressed, or even make them with your natural hair. You can style butterfly braids in many different ways.

If you go butterfly, ensure you take proper care of your new braids. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf at night or use a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce frizz. Use dry shampoo to prevent itchy scalp.

Here are a bunch of ways to style butterfly locs and braids. Similar to goddess faux locs, some are easy, while others require a bit more time to make.

1. Butterfly Locs

Photo: Instagram/@sabrina_cp

Crochet hair will protect your natural cuticle from cold weather. Alongside you will get unique and trendy butterfly braids that are real attention-catcher. You can also make a side part or leave it in the middle.

2. Two Butterfly Braids

Photo: Instagram/@stylesbycharri

Two equal and oversized butterfly braids will make everyone stare at you. They are made from the roots of your hair with the special crochet technique. You can make baby hair around your hairline smooth by adding some wax or hair gel.

3. Crown Butterfly Braid

Photo: Instagram/@stylesbycharri

If your hair is long enough, you can braid it and form it into a crown. Such single braid will look amazing if you add some flowers or other sparkly accessories. This kind of hairstyle requires time, but the results are gorgeous!

4. Glamorous Braids

Photo: Instagram/@braidedbyars

If you are an attention-seeker, this is the right hairstyle. Glamorous braids, made with crochet techniques, will be one of your favorite hairstyles. No matter if you have black or highlighted hair, this style will look great in all shades.

5. Oversized and Long Braid

Photo: Instagram/@theylovetyja

A little bit messy, a little bit voluminous – that is how we can describe this lovely hairstyle. It is made of two braids, merged in the back, then tossed over one shoulder. To get the butterfly effect, pull out the hair strands.

6. Butterfly Ponytail

Photo: Instagram/@lacore_experience

The ponytail never looked better than this! You can gather your hair high and then braid it into a butterfly braid. Adding crochet hair can add more length and volume. You can also add a few sparkly accessories here and there to the braid.

7. Highlighted Ponytail

Photo: Instagram/@blessedbyyay

If you like having a high ponytail, you will be happy to see all the variations. You can wear it high or low, but most importantly, you can even enhance it with highlights. Choose the color that will be in contrast to your natural shade.

8. Double Butterfly Braid

Photo: Instagram/@heyhairfriend

Buy crochet hair, and don’t count the packs you should use for this hairstyle. This voluminous braid will attract all the attention. You can use a crochet needle and braid it until the end, then wrap and braid some more.

9. Blonde Half Up Half Down

Photo: Instagram/@heyhairfriend

Half-up and half-downs are perfect for both casual and elegant events. This blonde hairstyle is excellent since the color highlights this braid’s butterfly effect.

10. Multi-Colored Braid

Photo: Instagram/@heyhairfriend

Making a messy braid is great, but making it messy and with a butterfly effect is even better! You surely need long hair for this style, but the results will amaze you. If you are brave enough, color your hair into rainbow highlights.

11. Golden Butterfly Braid

Photo: Instagram/@justbraidsinfo

Golden highlights on black hair might sound intimidating initially, but they will look amazing for this particular hairstyle. A golden butterfly braid is something you need to try. Side sectioning, braided hair, and long butterfly braids will make you look fabulous.

Instead of usual rubber bands, this girl tied her braid in an accessory-matching white ribbon.

12. Side Sectioning

Photo: Instagram/@miss_prettystuffonly

You will need a pack of crochet hair, a needle, and side sectioning to get this extra-long braid. This hairstyle is suitable for older women as well as for girls.

13. Two Braids

Photo: Instagram/@stylesbycharri

Instead of one, you can always surprise your admirers and make two butterfly braids. You can section your hair in the middle of your head and braid two equal braids to the hair ends.

14. Two-Toned Hairstyle

Photo: Instagram/@thebraid.brat

Surprisingly, blonde and black blended into one hairstyle look pretty amazing. However, this is for the bold ones – not everyone can wear this eccentric hair color combo. If you feel brave enough, make a butterfly braid, and enjoy.

15. Crochet Butterfly Braids

Photo: Instagram/@nailahdidit

You can achieve chunky butterfly braids with the crochet technique. The weave method resembles large box braids. As you can see, even with super short hair, you can get an amazingly long and protective hairstyle in no time.

16. Quick and Easy Braid

According to this tutorial, a quick and easy butterfly braid can be achieved in under 20 minutes. You will need braiding hair to create two loose braids, then gather them in the back. Pull out the hair to get the butterfly effect.

17. Casual Medium Butterfly Locs

Casual hairstyles can get you through your workdays, as well as through weekends. Here is one hairstyle that requires minimal effort to make, yet the results are amazing.

18. Honey Blonde Braids

Photo: Instagram/@styledbypk

Honey blonde shade of crochet hair might not be the first choice for black-haired women. However, we can assure you that it will match. Making a bunch of butterfly braids will take some time, but you can wear this protective hairstyle everywhere you want.

19. Casual Butterfly Twists

Photo: Instagram/@kinkytresses_

You should start this hairstyle by gathering your natural hair as much as you have it at the top of your head. Make it into a ponytail and secure it. Then attach the crochet hair and braid it to the hair ends.

20. Accessorized Braid

Photo: Instagram/@supremekye

If you would like to add some more ‘wow’ effects to your hairstyle, then make sure to add some chunky gold rings. These accessories will make your hair sparkle. Your style will be bolder, and you can’t appear anywhere without people staring at you.

21. Voluminous and Glamorous

Photo: Instagram/@littlefallsdeeshairsalon

Extra-long and very glamorous braids like these will indeed look great on you. If you are in for a fantastic hairstyle that will amaze everybody, then choose something like this.

22. Butterfly Updo

Photo: Instagram/@_madamb_slay

Updos are very handy – you get your hair from the face while still managing it to look fancy. With these butterfly locs, you get a protective style suitable for daily wear. It’s not only stylish but also very practical.

23. Boho Vibes

Photo: Instagram/@shansway_and_boutique

Boho is perfect for summer days, especially those spent on the beach. Long kaftans and this butterfly braided protective hairstyle is a perfect combination, don’t you agree?

24. Connected Braids

Photo: Instagram/@braidsbyteree

Instead of braiding two side braids and gathering them in the back, make sure to connect them with smaller braids across your head. This way, you will get a more exciting hairstyle that looks both polished and protective.

25. Burgundy Locs

Photo: Instagram/@prettyyoungbosslab

The color and the locs themselves will turn many heads towards you. You need to find that perfect burgundy crochet hair, attach them to your natural hair and braid lovely butterfly locs.

26. Lob Length Butterfly Locs

Photo: Instagram/@littlefallsdeeshairsalon

The lob length is medium and very chic. Even if you consider braiding your hair with the protective style, this is the length you should choose.

27. Surprising Blue Highlights

Photo: Instagram/@hausofpassion

Many women want to achieve the wow effect with their hairstyles. With this one, we guarantee – you will achieve it. Blue highlights, as well as butterfly braids, will undoubtedly look eccentric yet very stylish.

28. Chic and Stylish

Photo: Instagram/@nexsheen_arganics

Even the easiest ways to get butterfly braids can look utterly stylish. Classic braiding requires two butterfly braids at the sides but not braided until the hair ends.

29. Thin Braids

Photo: Facebook/@latoya.bradley.56

You might have long and thin hair, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have your braids. You can ask your hairstylist to braid them on both sides of your hair and then gather them. Otherwise, you can let them fall freely over your shoulders.

30. Floral Details

Photo: Instagram/@thehairsmith_

All kinds of floral accessories in your hair are allowed in the summer. You can add natural and artificial floral pins to make your braids more appealing and eye-catching.

31. Long Passion Braids

You can create this fabulous passion braids look by using two different types of crochet hair. You can decide on the length, but we suggest going long, just like the girl in the tutorial.

32. Distressed Butterfly Locs

This girl will show us how to make long and distressed butterfly locs. She uses a comb, hair jam or gel, clips, scrunchies, scissors, crochet needles, and crochet hair for the braids.

33. Thick and Long Braids

Photo: Facebook/@albertinecouturehair

If you are more into classic butterfly braids, this is one of those timeless styles you can always turn to. Add some gold rings to your braid, and enjoy this protective style for everyday wear.

34. Side Highlighted Braid

Photo: Instagram/@stylesbycharri

Highlights in your braided hair can look even more enhanced. If you opt for a butterfly braid, you can be sure that you are ready for casual and formal events. It would be best if you started this hairstyle by side-sectioning your hair on one side of your head and then making a crown to the hair ends.

35. Long Black Braids

Photo: Instagram/@braaaided

If you are up for something long, braid your hair into lovely butterfly locs like this girl. She sectioned her hair into circles and attached the locs using the crochet technique.

36. Scarf Accessory

Photo: Instagram/@braidslayer

In the summertime, the weather can be ruthless. Your hair, especially if you have long hair, can bother you. A scarf is a solution. Wrap it around your hair as an accessory and gather locs into a bun or high ponytail.

37. Black and Burgundy Combo

Photo: Instagram/@lexxi_murdaaa

Black hair, in combination with burgundy, looks just perfect. We must admit it is not something you see daily, but if you are into something unique, this is the hairstyle to try.

38. Braids on Short Natural Hair

Start by sectioning your hair, then wet it with a conditioner in the spray bottle. That is how you will braid it easily and make attaching crochet hair more convenient. Don’t make the braid too tight.

39. Braiding Natural Hair

This braiding technique requires more time than usual, but the results will be amazing. Add the hair as you braid it until you get the desired length. Repeat the same steps on the other section of your hair as well.

40. Highlights and Threads

Photo: Instagram/@braidz.by.dom

There are many different ways to accessorize your hair. You can add gold rings, but why don’t you try threading the locs instead? Your butterfly locs will look amazing, with gold or metallic thread through them.

41. Soft Brown Locs

Photo: Instagram/@xquisitetresses

Soft brown locs can look outstanding, even when attached to the black roots. You will love wearing these long locs. They are perfect for both day and night events.

42. Oversized Burgundy Braids

Photo: Instagram/@curlyqueensgalore

Classic butterfly braid with a twist – this is how we would explain this lovely hairstyle. Burgundy crochet hair will add some extra volume and provide you with the impeccable butterfly braid.

43. Butterfly Braid Tricks

This girl’s trick is to hide her hair edges. That is why the butterfly braid style is perfect for that. She sectioned the hair more at one side, used wax, and braided her natural hair as close to the front as possible. Then attach the braid that you have previously braided, and voila!

44. Burgundy Braiding Hair

This look is polished and sleek. Braiding your natural hair might take some time and hair gel, but when you attach this burgundy crochet hair and turn it into a butterfly braid, you will be amazed.

45. Gold Accessories

Photo: Facebook/@Shopaholic1013

A combination of gold accessories in your braided hairstyle will turn many heads. It is also one of the best ways to transform your day hairstyle into a formal one and vice versa.

46. Long Red Braid

Butterfly braids are gathered in the back and left to fall freely on one side. You can braid your hair halfway and then use a curling wand for your hair ends.

47. Burgundy and Gold

Photo: Facebook/@shrecka.dixon

Burgundy-colored hair is unique. However, add gold accessories to all that, and you will get a fantastic braided hairstyle that is great to wear for casual and formal events.

48. Auburn Braid

Auburn is such a beautiful color, perfect for matching the fall season. The voluminous butterfly braid is ideal for women with classy styles that like to try something eccentric from time to time.

49. Gold Accessories on the Braid

This tutorial shows us how to decorate our butterfly braids. Everything on the hair should be visible – from gold rings to threads and scrunchies.

50. Super Short Natural Hair

Transform your super short hair into an elegant and long braided hairstyle in no time. Here is how you can do butterfly braid on super short, straightened hair.

51. Quick Protective Style

If you want to see how your baby hair looks fabulous, look no further than this tutorial. You can also see how to get your braid and accessorize it.

Hopefully, you got some inspiration for this beautiful hairstyle and are ready for your next big occasion to show off – a wedding, prom, a festival, or just a revamped casual everyday look.

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