Try Any of These 20 Practical Methods to Finally Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes

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Having bags under the eyes can stand on your way to a smoother and brighter complexion. If you struggle with puffiness in the under-eye area, just know you are far from alone.

To start, you should explore the causes of the eye bags. For many, eye bags appear due to the loss of natural volume under the eyes as they age. The results are puffy eye pockets under the lower lids. However, experts also cite genetics, lack of sleep, lifestyle, eczema, and allergic reactions, as well as other possible causes. 

Here, we’ll show 20 techniques that you can try to alleviate under-eye bags. You will get the best results by combining multiple methods.

1. Start With a Healthy Diet

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A healthy diet is a great first step to get rid of eye bags. Instead of salty food – a common culprit of water retention – go for whole-food-rich ingredients. You can include collagen supplements, foods enriched with vitamin A, such as carrots and peppers, and foods with vitamin C that are anti-inflammatory. 

2. Apply Tea Bags

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Some of the essential eye bag remedies are in your kitchen. You can use caffeinated tea bags under your eyes to help with circles and dark bags. Tea bags are an effective way to reduce the appearance of dark circles as they are rich in antioxidants and caffeine. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. Green and black tea, in particular, are great for reducing eye bags. 

3. Try a Cold Compress

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Cold compresses are another excellent home remedy against black circles under the eyes. The cold will shrink the blood vessels and reduce the blood flow to the under-eye area to lessen inflammation. Some DIY options include refrigerated spoons, a wet washcloth, multi-use eye pads (also cooled), an ice pack, or a frozen bag of vegetables. A cooling roller can massage and have a cooling effect under the eyes. 

4. Stay Hydrated

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While fluid retention is one of the leading causes of eye bags, dehydration can also play a role. In fact, dehydration can make the under-eye area look worse by emphasizing the effects of excess salt, high doses of alcohol, or lack of sleep. Drinking enough water will maintain and enhance circulation so it can remove excess fluid from the body. The recommended amount is from 6 to 12 cups a day. 

5. The Allergies Factors

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Allergies can cause puffy dark circles under our eyes. Even without the itching or redness that comes with allergies, you can sometimes irritate the eyes and cause fluid build-up. You can consult your doctor about taking an antihistamine, such as Zyrtec, Benadryl, and Claritin. They are for those with seasonal allergies and can help decrease allergy-induced puffiness. 

6. Avoid Alcohol

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You may also consider cutting off the alcohol, especially if you think that can be the cause of eye bags. Drinking alcohol dehydrates the body and weakens the elasticity of the eyes. If you are craving a drink, go for sparkling water instead. 

7. Manage Stress

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Stress levels can raise cortisol levels, which in turn can affect the eye bags. It is the same case with acne. Try to reduce stress levels as much as possible, even though it is not always easy. Meditation, yoga, walking in nature, or other relaxing activities can greatly help. 

8. Incorporate SPF Into Your Daily Routine

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Everyone knows about the importance of wearing sunscreen daily. However, people need more encouragement to wear it every day. The eye area is often neglected, and harmful UV rays can affect the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and cause premature aging. Not to mention that UVA and UVB rays can cause cancer. Wear at least SPF30, and apply it as the last step of your morning routine. 

9. Thoroughly Remove Makeup Every Night

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Sometimes, makeup gets stuck in the corners of your eyes, causing eye bags or irritations. Improving your evening routine can help you eliminate bags under the eyes. It is important to gently exfoliate eyelids every night before going to bed. Use a washcloth and gently remove all the excess from the lids and lashes. 

10. Stay Elevated While Sleeping

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The good thing you can do while sleeping is to put some extra pillows behind your head. They will elevate your head and prevent fluid from pooling in your lower eyelids. You should see the difference in the morning, less puffiness and no eye bags. 

11. Get Some Rest (Really)

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If you can, get at least 8 hours of sleep. Good sleep hygiene will eventually become the best prescription to combat eye bags. If you are having trouble sleeping, try to minimize screen time 1 hour before bed – blue light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythm. Avoid caffeine and nicotine in the hours before bed, alcohol, and eating large meals just before going to bed. 

12. Eat More Collagen-Rich Foods

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As we age, the mussels that support eyelids weaken, and the skin starts to sag. You should up your vitamin C intake. Try incorporating oranges, kale, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, and broccoli into your diet.

13. Start With Retinol

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Retinol is the first ingredient to look for when you want a healthy-looking under-eye area. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that exfoliates the skin, promotes cell turnover, and delivers new and healthy skin cells. It will also boost collagen production and soften circles under the eyes to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

14. Eat More Iron-Rich Foods

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Iron deficiency anemia is a condition that can cause dark circles and pale skin. After checking your blood and speaking to the doctor, you can add more iron-rich foods to your daily diet. These include seafood, beans, leafy green veggies, peas, dried fruit, raisins, etc. 

15. Add Vitamin C Products to Your Routine

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Vitamin C-containing products can protect the skin from excessive sun exposure, stimulate collagen for better cell turnover, and reduce signs of premature aging. You should keep your products in the fridge for prolonged potency. Otherwise, ensure not to use vitamin C products for more than 3 months.  

16. Avoid Salty Food

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Salt retains the water in the body and makes you look puffy. Not to mention, it can also affect your health in general, causing other issues like heart disease and stroke. You should consume no more than 1500 mg of salt a day. 

17. The Right Tools Can Help

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Lymphatic drainage is a technique that is great for people prone to puffiness. There are two great tools to use: gua sha and jade roller. Gua sha stone massage is great for lower lids, focusing on upward and outward moves. Use it with eye cream to minimize the friction to delicate under-eye skin. Another option is to use a jade roller. Use it by gently rolling towards the nose and not away from it. You can also put it in the fridge before use.  

18. See a Dermatologist

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A dermatologist can offer you some solutions, such as prescriptions or procedures that actually work. These options include microneedling, chemical peels, laser therapy, and injectable fillers. Cosmetic procedures can reduce wrinkles, pigment issues, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and eye bags.

19. Quit Smoking

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Nicotine reduces vitamin C levels, a vitamin vital for creating healthy collagen in your skin. Quitting smoking can also help with other conditions besides reducing discoloration, wrinkles, and dark circles.

20. Don’t Forget the Concealer

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When you have problems with eye bags, you can use a concealer. This method is simple, yet it won’t have a long-term effect. Less is more in this case – you can use a small dot of concealer in the inner eye corner. Avoid over-applying the product and ending up looking cakey.

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