Why Millennials Look Younger Than They Are: 15 Secrets You Can Safely Steal

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In an era where age is just a number but appearance matters more than ever, youthfulness comes above all. There is an unending desire to defy the inevitability of aging.

What stands out, however, is how millennials look younger than their chronological age. On TikTok, the question, ‘Why don’t millennials age?’ has amassed more than 20 million views. This shows there is indeed something unique about how millennials curate their lifestyle to make such a noticeable difference in their aging process (even if this is just a perception).

What are millennials doing right for their aging? The secret combines various lifestyle factors affecting skin health and how we look. We’ll discuss some of their “hacks” to defy the natural aging.

1. Hydration for Maximum Suppleness

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Is drinking a gallon of water daily the skin-care miracle? No, but hydrating is crucial for maintaining skin elasticity and hydration. The skin of a well-hydrated person is plumper and hence more youthful, as there is less likelihood of fine lines and wrinkles appearing.

In addition to drinking much water, millennials use hydrating skincare treatments. These treatments prevent water loss by transferring moisture from their bodies and surroundings to their skin.

Growing up in a technological era allows millennials access to skincare and wellness information. Over the years, they have had access to resources from dermatologists, nutritionists, doctors, and other wellness specialties. Additionally, there has been a rise in wellness apps millennials have used to track their health and make better choices.

2. The Millennial Skincare Routine Obsession

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Skincare for millennials is not a luxury or an afterthought; it’s an essential component of their daily routine. According to a 2021 Statista survey on consumer seriousness on skin care routines, 63 percent were millennials, compared to 57 percent of Gen Z participants.

If you browse through the internet, you can confirm the statistics based on the constant discussions about skin woes and the sharing of skincare tips

Millennials are always searching for the best recipe for aging gracefully. They take their daily cleansing routines seriously and are keen on preserving their skin’s health and vitality. Unsurprisingly, millennials invest more in essential skincare products than makeup products.

3. Non-smoking or Vaping Culture

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Who’s more likely to say smoking is “cool”? Gen Z or millennial? Most of us will likely bet on the Gen Z. You aren’t wrong. Tobacco in Australia reported that people between the ages of 18 and 24 were the highest consumers of e-cigarettes.

While it’s easy to say the latter grew in an era where the dangers of smoking were touted, it’s not easy to unsee the impact it has had on their glow. This health-conscious habit of millennials safeguards them from the premature aging associated with exposure to nicotine. 

4. Millennials Are Fitness Fanatics

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Could millennials be the healthiest generation? Millennials are more health and fitness conscious than pre- and post-millennial generations. Sanford Health referred to millennials as the wellness generation, highlighting how eating healthier and exercising are daily, active pursuits. 

Physical activity isn’t just a trend for Millennials; it’s a way of life. Millennials discovered the importance of regular exercise on general health, stress reduction, and weight management early on. The benefits are now visible. They have well-maintained bodies and a vibrant and energetic appearance that defies age.

5. Therapy and Stress Management

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Self-care isn’t just about the outside; millennials prioritize mental well-being too. We owe it to millennials for their fearless approach to mental health management. From therapy sessions to meditation apps, they’re keeping stress levels in check.

It’s, however, not just for their mental health; it’s their secret ingredient to youthful skin. We can say they understand the link between stress and skin aging better. 

The strategy is to keep their cortisol levels down to prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Lower collagen and elastin levels lead to less firm skin and lost elasticity, leading to more wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and other signs of aging. Millennials have thus proved that incorporating relaxation practices and mindfulness in your daily routine benefits skin health.

6. Sleep for Glow and Radiance

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Ever notice how you look rough when you haven’t slept well? Well, beauty sleep is accurate, and it’s not just a saying; it’s science! Multiple studies show that late bedtime damages the skin barrier and structure, both essential for maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

During sleep, the blood flow to the skin increases, allowing it to absorb more oxygen and nutrients crucial for improving its appearance. The increased blood flow also helps to flush out toxins that can cause breakouts.

No wonder millennials don’t miss out on their beauty sleep. It’s another simple trick they practice to stay looking young as they age. Despite their busy schedules and competing priorities, they prioritize restorative sleep as an aspect of their self-care routine.

7. Work-Life Balance: An Essential Ingredient

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The hustle culture influence of the previous generations might have yet to catch up with millennials. Above all, millennials prioritize a work-life balance. They are more likely to take up flexible work arrangements or remote opportunities.

The goal is to minimize stress levels by achieving harmony between professional and personal life. A work-life balance also means they have more time for skincare routines, exercise, rest, and healthy diets that promote skin health.

8. Adhering to the “No-Sun Tanning” Rule

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Gone are the days when sunbaking and natural tan were fashionable. We thank millennials not only for killing that vibe but also for increasing awareness of the dangers of excessive sun exposure. 

Sunscreen isn’t a passing trend for millennials—it’s a non-negotiable staple in their skincare arsenal. If they are not wearing sunscreen, they use creams or makeup with SPF for UV protection. 

SPF prevents collagen breakdown, keeping skin smooth and supple. It also prevents discoloration and dark spots caused by sun exposure.

9. Minimalist Make-up Trends

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The more makeup you wear, the more you look older and more mature. No generation has taken this more seriously than millennials. Their preferred makeup routine includes lip gloss, lightweight foundation, light (or no) eyelashes, neutral eye shadow, and light blush unless they need to scale up for an occasion.

Despite living in an era dominated by Instagram filters and beauty influencers, millennials embrace minimalist makeup trends, highlighting their natural features. 

They focus on enhancing their beauty rather than concealing or masking their undesired features. The preferred trends for millennials are authentic-inspired and include lightweight formulas, sheer coverage, and effortless looks.

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10. Preventative Skincare Embracers

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No one wants wrinkles. The question, however, is whether you would rather pay the cost of preventing wrinkles or spend money on wrinkle treatment. Well, prevention is often more effective.

Taking care of the skin now and doing everything to prevent wrinkles means you don’t have to treat them down the road. Millennials are a testament to this. They adopt skincare habits and products tailored to specific concerns, including moisturizers for skin hydration, sunscreen for sun protection, etc. The aim is to maintain youthful skin for as long as possible.

11. Non-Conformers to ‘Baby Botox’

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Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful/handsome, invasively or non-invasively. The #BabyBotox TikTok tag shows clips of young women undergoing the invasive approach to preventing deep wrinkles. 

However, there is a thin line to overdoing this. Unlike Gen Zs, Millennials prefer to choose the noninvasive way. They prefer gentler approaches to skincare that don’t involve needles or surgery. These include natural and organic beauty products and other holistic methods.

12. Diet and Skin Nutrition

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While no food can reverse wrinkles or other signs of aging, certain foods support skin health and help protect against oxidative stress. Millennials prefer clean eating and mindful consumption. 

A 2022 Statista survey reports about 89% of North American Millennials prefer home-cooked meals. This nails their priority for nutrient-rich foods, lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables over take-outs. This supports their physical well-being and helps maintain a youthful appearance.

13. Adventurous Spirit

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The millennial generation has revived the bucket list ticking to another level. The RV or motorhome vlogging is a testament to that. 

Instead of confining themselves to careers, millennials are willing to step out for hiking, rock climbing, or water sports. It’s no wonder their bodies are always active and energized. Due to the rejuvenation of their minds and bodies, their stress levels are also low. Low or no stress is an anti-aging tip for a more youthful appearance.

14. Watchful of Their Weight

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Hitting the gym isn’t just about bulking up; it’s also about keeping your skin firm and supple.

For example, weightlifting helps tighten and tone your skin, reducing the appearance of sagging and wrinkles. Resistance training also helps counteract skin aging by improving skin elasticity and structure.

15. The Ever-Stylish Fashion Lovers

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Unarguably, the millennial fashion slogan could be “Forever young!” They will hop into new trends that help them maintain a fresh and stylish look. 

Is it the baggy pant Gen Z era or chic, sunny dresses paired with sneakers? Millennials aren’t afraid of experimenting with fashion, which helps them stay youthful and modern.

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