The Popular Everything Shower: 20 Products You Need in Your Routine

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The “everything shower” is a favorite TikTok trend. It is a head-to-toe shower ritual that covers pretty much everything – from basic body and hair cleansing to exfoliation and deep treatments – and all in one routine.

Self-care enthusiasts are abandoning minimalist beauty practices and embracing maximalist ones, so it’s no wonder the everything shower has become such a trend.

Here are 20 essential products that should be in your everything shower routine.

1. Dry Brush

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Besides removing the dead skin, dry brushing increases blood flow. It’s recommended you start brushing from your feet toward your heart in gentle strokes. Dry brushing before your shower is an important step and lays a great foundation for your skin to take in the rest of the products in this routine. 

2. Pre-Wash Scalp Oil

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A pre-wash scalp oil acts as a pre-shampoo treatment. It loosens the oil and dirt and soothes the dry, itchy scalp. And with all the impurities out of the way, your hair follicles will feel rejuvenated. Using it before your wash will reduce oil, detoxify, and decongest your scalp.

3. Hair Shampoo

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The next step in the everything shower is shampooing your hair. The shampoo will remove oil, sweat, dirt, dust, and odor, leaving your hair follicles open to absorb the product you will introduce next.

4. Hair Conditioner

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Conditioning your hair after shampoo ensures easy detangling. Remember, your hair is weakest after shampoo and needs a little help to loosen up. Get conditioners that suit your hair texture and curl pattern to reap the most benefits from them. 

5. Hair Mask

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Hair masks are formulated with penetrative ingredients that calm the frizz and hydrate the hair shaft. Get a protein or hydrating mask, section your hair, and apply a generous amount. Leave it on as long as the packaging says, and let all that goodness soak into your hair. 

6. Scalp Massager

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This is one of the products you should get to add an extra vibe to your everything shower. A scalp massager is not only useful to calm and soothe your scalp but also helps to distribute the mask deeper into the open pores on your scalp. These usually come in silicone material, so they are safe and gentle to use on the scalp regardless of your sensitivity. 

7. Cotton Washcloth

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Before you reach for your fluffy loufer and gel, you need to use a cotton cloth to cleanse your skin. Loufers usually hold bacteria that you might end up reintroducing to your skin, so grab the soft cotton flannel instead.  

8. Beauty Bar

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This goes with your cotton flannel to remove oil and dirt on the surface of the skin. This is an important step before you exfoliate your skin. Use mild, unscented beauty bars so as not to strip natural oils off your skin. 

9. Body Scrub

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After cleansing, grab your exfoliating body scrub. There are many of these on the market, and you can find one that suits your skin needs. Most of these come with tiny particles that exfoliate the skin, getting rid of dead skin. 

10. Exfoliating Gloves

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Exfoliating gloves make it easy to scrub your skin together with your preferred body scrub. The good thing is that you can get those that fit your hands perfectly so you are able to scrub effortlessly. 

11. Shaving Razor

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Now that your skin is exfoliated, you can reach for your razor. If you wax, you can skip this step, but if you shave, go for double or triple-blade shaving razors. These will give you a cleaner shave without having to go back and forth to remove all the hair.

12. Shaving Gel

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What’s so special about shaving gel? Shaving gel will give you more lather and boost lubrication. The gel hydrates the hair, softens it, and makes shaving easier. Shaving gels makes it easier for the razor to glide over the skin while taking out hair with minimal back-and-forth strokes. 

13. Silicone Body Brush

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The silicone body brush has become a popular everything shower staple. It is not only cute for the girls but also easier to use than the usual loufer. Silicone body brushes also use little product and the bristles help to produce lots of foam for your second wash. 

14. Body Wash

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According to the everything shower girls, the beauty bar wash you had earlier is not enough. You need a body wash, particularly a moisturizing one, to reintroduce some moisture into your skin while cleaning anything that might have been missed in the other steps. 

15. Feet Brush

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The everything shower is not a quick 5-minute shower, so you will need to pull out your feet brush. Pay attention to the toenails and the spaces between the toes to ensure all the gunk in there is out. 

16. Pumice Stone

Woman using pumice stone for removing dead skin
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Your soles need some love, too, and the pumice stone will come in handy. Like the exfoliating body scrub, a pumice stone removes dead skin on your soles, leaving them super soft and smooth. You can use a little body wash with the stone to increase its effectiveness. 

17. Feminine Wash

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The girls have feminine washes in their routines. Although not necessary, a feminine wash will help you feel fresher. 

18. Body Conditioner

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The multiple washes and exfoliation seem inadequate without the body conditioner in the everything shower routine. Body conditioner helps to introduce moisture into the skin after cleansing, keeping dry skin at bay. 

19. Facial Cleanser

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Don’t forget the face; it needs as much love as the rest of the body, if not more. Get a facial cleanser that suits your skin type and needs to get the most benefit from it. Make sure you clean behind the ears, your neck, and along your hairline. 

20. Body Oil

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While your skin is still wet, apply body oil and massage it in until all the moisture seeps into the skin. Body oils are particularly important if you struggle with dry, itchy skin, and there is a variety to choose from on the market based on your preferences.

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