23 Spring Wedding Outfits To Make You the Best-Dressed Guest

Wedding guest outfits (collage)
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There is always something exciting about a spring wedding. The beautiful weather, flowers everywhere, and the opportunity to dress up for a wedding are thrilling. In spring, you can choose bold and pastel colors, plain and floral fabrics, long and short dresses, and even casual and official attire.

You can also go for dainty or chunky jewelry or skip it altogether and accessorize with something as simple as a silk scrunchy. Truthfully, there is a wide array of items to choose from, and we compiled a list of some of the trendiest, boldest, and most beautiful items you can wear to a fun spring wedding.

When selecting the items, we tried to include styles that work for all body types and are easy to find in many clothing stores.

1. The Classic Silk Gown

Woman wearing elegant midi silk wrap dres in the park
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If you are going for a classic and timeless look that incorporates elegance, the first place you should look is a silk gown. Besides being beautiful, silk gowns are also comfy and fun, making an effortless statement. A silk gown can be paired with dainty heels and accessorized with minimalistic jewelry for a refined look.

2. A Chiffon Dress in Pastel

A chiffon dress in pastel
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Chiffon dresses are dreamy and stunning. There is something playful yet romantic about them. The flow and lightness in the fabric make them an excellent choice for all body types, mainly because they can be styled in many ways to create unforgettable looks. Chiffon works best in pastel colors, which are also ideal for spring.

3. A Long Floral Sundress

A long floral sundress
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The floral dress remains one of the trendiest items for any social occasion in spring and summer. It has been around for decades, staying trendy and fun due to its versatility. The structure of a sundress makes it an ideal choice for women of all shapes and sizes, and when worn long, it makes for an elegant outfit. You can pair your sundress with colorful wedges, chunky heels, pumps, and lovely sandals.

4. The Daring Bare Back Dress

Woman wearing bare back dress
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If you want to make a statement and stand out during a spring wedding, a beautiful bare-back dress is what you need. When worn right, this type of dress sends a message of boldness and elegance. Be sure to let your hair up and to keep your accessories minimal so as not to take away from the beauty of the dress.

5. One-Shoulder Body-Con Dress

Woman in purple velvet long elegant dress
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One-shoulder dresses are a playful and beautiful choice for the fun-loving yet bold and stylish spring wedding guest. They are especially ideal when they come in bold colors like red, orange, purple, and similar tones. However, when picking one, it matches your skin tone and accessories. A one-shoulder body-con dress can be worn long or short for a stunning look. 

6. A Playful Jumpsuit

Elegant fashionable woman wearing white crochet jumpsuit
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Jumpsuits are, admittedly, not everyone’s cup of tea. However, they make beautiful wedding guest outfits. They are versatile and can be worn loose-fitting or figure-hugging. Jumpsuits can also be accessorized in various ways to achieve different effects. They also allow you to go ham on your choice of shoes and bags based on how they are designed.

7. Fringe Dress

Woman in red fringe dress
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If you want to dance your shoes off at a wedding, a fringe dress is one of the best outfit choices. Fringe dresses come in various designs, lengths, and colors and can be easily tailored to fit your body and fashion needs. If you want to get a little dramatic, accessorize with dangling earrings, but avoid wearing a chunky neckpiece to prevent overcrowding your look.

8. A Pleated Satin Dress

Fashionable woman wearing pleated dress
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Satin is one of the most elegant and beautiful fabrics for wedding guest outfits. Its shiny and smooth texture looks lovely in the sun, and its beauty becomes more pronounced when pleated. A pleated satin dress will have you stand out during a spring wedding, especially if it is an outdoor event.

9. Maxi Dress With Puffy Organza Sleeves

Woman wearing trendy summer white maxi dress
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Like chiffon, organza is a lovely and dreamy fabric that creates stunning pieces, especially when made into puffy sleeves. Organza’s fabric allows the sunlight to bounce off it, creating a shiny illusion. This sheer fabric comes in all sorts of colors and shades, as well as plain and floral designs. If you are having it tailored, consider having a dress with a low neckline, as this makes the organza design pop.

10. A Sequin Dress

Woman in a white evening dress with sequins
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A sequin dress would be ideal if you were invited to an evening spring wedding. The shimmer of the sequins in the light makes for a stunning look. Sequin dresses can be worn in bright and dark colors because the sequins will glimmer nonetheless.

11. Flowy Off-Shoulder Dress

Woman wearing flowy off shoulder dress
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You can never go wrong with the flowy, off-shoulder dress. Its fun and bold style also speaks to elegance and sophistication. A beautiful off-shoulder also allows you to experiment with jewelry and hair accessories. With it, you can opt for chunky neck pieces or dainty necklaces, hoops or long earrings that reach your shoulders, or the classic pair of studs in various colors.

12. Peplum Dress

Rita Ora in white peplum dress
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Hear us out. The peplum is loved and despised equally, but it makes an incredible statement when done right. It is incredibly flattering for women with fuller figures. A peplum dress can be worn long or short and accessorized with bold jewelry for a stunning look. Its design also allows you to get away with bold colors and patterns.

13. A Classic Black Dress

Ballerina in black dress posing in summer park
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A classic black dress makes an easy choice because it can be worn to all sorts of engagements, including spring weddings. The color creates room for versatility since you can wear it short, loose, figure-hugging, long, etc. With a black dress, you can experiment with jewelry of different sizes, shapes, and colors and get away with various shoes and bag styles.

14. Velvet Gown

Woman in velvet gown
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There is something about velvet fabrics that exudes elegance, class, and timeless style. Velvet is a soft fabric that screams ‘luxe era.’ A velvet gown will set you apart from other guests due to its uniqueness. Velvet is also pretty comfortable and can be worn by all women, regardless of shape or size.

15. A Tailored Suit in Earth Tones

Woman wearing blue tweed blazer and beret
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Typically, earth tones are worn during the fall months, but they also make incredible wedding guest outfits for the spring. A tailored suit in burnt orange, emerald green, a shade of brown or nude, a soft grey, or beige makes an excellent choice, especially if you are going for comfort with style. You can pair this outfit with white sneakers, heels, or wedges to bring the ensemble together.

16. An All-Red Outfit

Woman in all red outfit
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Nothing says spring wedding more than a stunning all-red outfit. Even though it is a bold color, red must be balanced. It is excellent for all skin tones and works for many designs. You can play with a red look to create a fun, casual, or formal outfit. In addition, you can accessorize with silver and gold without fearing they will clash.

17. An Elegant Wrap Dress

Landiana Cerciu after a fashion show
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A wrap dress makes an incredible choice for a spring wedding, especially if it is long and flowy. Wrap dresses create a beautiful silhouette around the body, bringing out feminine beauty. You can pick a bold pattern, floral design, or solid color with a wrap dress. You can also play with your hair to bring out different aspects of your facial structure.

18. A Beautiful Slip Dress

Elegant woman in black slip dress
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The slip dress is a versatile item, and as such, the dress is ideal for a spring wedding. It requires little effort to style and works well with many other clothing items. Wear a simple sheer scarf over your shoulders, or pair the dress with a blazer. A slip dress also pairs well with beautiful strapped heels and minimalistic jewelry.

19. Fancy Lace Outfit

Pretty blond woman in lace top
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A lace dress creates the illusion of fragility, which adds to a woman’s feminine energy. Lace dresses are a great choice to wear to an outdoor spring wedding. The beautiful nature and blooming flowers almost feel like accessories for a beautiful lace dress.

20. Short Strapless Floral Dress

Charming girl in light strapless floral dress
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If you are a younger woman who wants to maintain playfulness in your style, a short, strapless dress with a floral pattern will do. You can style it in many ways and pair it with various accessories to keep your look fun. Dancing will also be fun and easy.

21. The Stunning Cocktail Dress

Woman in cocktail dress standing in a hallway
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Nothing quite says bold and elegant like a cocktail dress. It is for the bold woman who is not afraid to stand out. Cocktail dresses come in many forms, and picking one to suit your style will not be difficult. However, you must be clever about how you accessorize it, especially with your choice of shoes, bag, jewelry, and hairstyle.

22. Long-Sleeved Vintage Dress

Woman wearing long sleeved vintage dress
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If you want to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe, go for a vintage dress with full sleeves and a trim cut. For the best look, pair it with a pretty hat, gloves, a vintage pair of pumps, and a bag.

23. A Statement Coat Dress

Woman walking in pink coat and floral printed dress
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Coat dresses are quickly becoming trendy because they are fun, stylish, and easy to pull off. They pair well with chunky heels and a clutch bag. A coat dress can be worn to a day or night wedding, and you can trust that it will keep you warm when it gets chilly.

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