How To Solve All Your Spring Style Dilemmas With 20 Key Pieces

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Invest in 20 high-quality, versatile pieces, and you can effortlessly address all your spring fashion needs and have a complete, stylish wardrobe for the season. The key is to create your wardrobe around a handful of staples you can wear repeatedly. Plus, you don’t get bored with or tired of your collected items.

The main principle of a capsule wardrobe is to invest in quality over quantity.

Some pieces that present the pillars of a spring capsule wardrobe are a white tee, straight-leg jeans, or white trainers. Spicing it up with a few trendy items, such as an oversized trench coat, ballet flats, or statement belts, will make your wardrobe more up-to-date.

The Spring Jackets

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Lightweight materials like cotton come perfect in spring. Whenever you are not in the mood for wearing structured blazers or leather jackets, you can opt for a denim jacket or waxed jacket in a military green shade for drizzly spring days. 

White Sneakers

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White sneakers can be described with two words: chic and versatile. The classic white sneakers are not running ones but have athletic roots. They are comfortable for daily wear. There are so many styles – from minimalistic ones like Veja to chunky New Balance 530.

Midi-Length Dress

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If you want to throw something chic on, wear a midi dress. This spring, you can go with a denim dress. Flowers for spring are always a good idea, too. Wear them with boots until the temperature rises.

The Ribbed Tank Top

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Tank tops, especially made of ribbed material, make every outfit look cool. The best thing about this piece is its versatility. You can wear it with a satin skirt just like you can wear it with leggings.

The White Tee

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It is not a surprise that the white tee is the queen of capsule wardrobe. Investing in a good quality T-shirt this spring would be wise. You can then wear it with multiple staples in your wardrobe without worrying about how it handles regular washes.

Straight-Leg Jeans

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Different styles of jeans may come and go, but there is one style in particular that is classic and timeless. Straight-leg jeans should always be your choice over skinny or baggy ones.

The straight-leg jeans match with different shoes, such as slingbacks, strappy sandals, and sneakers. When it comes to clothes, you can wear these jeans with denim shirts, long-sleeved blouses, tank tops, and surely white T-shirts.

The Trench Coat

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French people would say you simply can’t have a closet without a trench coat. It is a pillar of many women’s and men’s chic and classy wardrobes. Besides being fashionable, a trench coat protects you from the wind and rain. This season, opt for slightly oversized ones.

The Classy Button-Down Shirt

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There is no wrong way to wear a button-down shirt. You can style it elegantly with chino trousers or wear it unbuttoned with a tank top beneath. While this is a piece that you can wear all year round, leave heavy materials for winter and choose linen and cotton button-downs instead.

Wide-Leg Pants

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Tailored wide-leg pants show off the ease of the spring season. Once reserved only for corporate looks, nowadays, these relaxed trousers can be styled even with white sneakers. Choosing the proper materials is crucial for making them perfect for your body shape.

Statement Belts

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Truly standout accessories can make your capsule wardrobe cooler and very chic. Fashion enthusiasts are aiming for statement belts this season. They are trending again, and you can find many different styles, from boho-inspired ones to chunkier buckles.

The Trendy Ballet Flats

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It should be clear by now that ballet flats are here to stay. They came back to style through the big door, and now everybody wants to wear them. If you ask, fashionable French women’s flats are never out of style. While any leather or plush pair will do – you will look trendier if you choose mesh ones or the pair in a bright red shade. 

Florals for Spring

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Celebrate the arrival of the warm spring season with the most on-theme pattern – florals. They are unavoidable when it comes to dresses and prints that have been in style for years. It is up to you to pick the cut of the dress. Everything comes very handy in your capsule wardrobe, from a cocktail dress to a maxi one you can wear on the beach.

Denim Skirt

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When someone says denim skirt, we think about short ones from the ‘90s. You should aim more towards midi and long lengths for your capsule wardrobe. They add a perfect vintage vibe to your outfits. Moreover, you can pair them with things from the list – white tee, ballet flats, sneakers, etc.

Lightweight Sweater

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Sweater season is not over. Get yourself through spring with a lightweight sweater that you can wear on chilly nights. If possible, invest in a good-quality cashmere sweater. You will be able to wear it for years.

Trending Loafers

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Love or hate them, loafers present one of the pillars of every fashionista’s capsule wardrobe. Luckily, there are many options to choose from leather and suede to bright shades.

Burgundy Bag(s)

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Once you buy a burgundy bag, you can’t stop. The reason is that burgundy can be styled just as black or brown. If you have enough of these shades in your wardrobe, you can easily switch to this trendy burgundy shade and update your capsule wardrobe.

Chunky Earrings

Woman in white blouse wearing chunky earrings
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We are in the age of big chunky earrings, preferably in gold. It may seem like an item from 2010, but those earrings are trending. Their biggest feature is to make low-key outfits upgraded and so chic.

Everyday Bags

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Every woman should have bags that are big enough to wear daily. Investing in a well-made handbag is not trendy-driven, and it is nothing new. But knowing that you can wear some classic style for years while changing only accessories is very sustainable.

Off-The-Shoulder Blouse

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Exposing a bit of skin in spring is subtle yet can be sexy after the winter season. This spring, opt for off-the-shoulder tops that show off your shoulders elegantly, leaving much space for imagination.

The Hat

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Sping sun can hit hard, especially after winter days that we have spent mostly inside. Besides applying SPF, you should wear a hat. It is more fashionable than you think. Raffia or cotton options are great for combining with other pieces from the list.

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