12 Outfits With White Jeans for a Chic Summer Look

White jeans looks

There is something about the right pair of white jeans that appears so effortlessly chic and cool simultaneously. The secret to every capsule wardrobe is a go-to pair of denim. Don’t hesitate to transfer to white jeans in spring and summer. 

White jeans suddenly became a failsafe in the wardrobes of fashion’s “It girls,” influencers, and street style stars. Ecru, cream, or ivory – it is up to you to choose the color of your preference. 

Styling Tips: What Goes With White Jeans?

The key to styling white denim outfits is to start with wardrobe staples, like timeless trench coats, oversized blazers, cozy sweaters, and finally, chic footwear. From there you can add more details and accessorize the look. 

White Jeans Fit

A mid-rise, straight-leg jeans are your best bet for picking the right fit. Avoid baggy but also too-tight jeans. Skinny white jeans are great, but most women prefer something more classic, like straight-leg ones. Such jeans simply never go out of style.

You can also wear cropped jeans in summer. A pair that ends just two or three inches above the ankle.

Material of White Jeans

White jeans that are too stretchy are not the best choice. Stretches and puckers on white jeans are visible, so check the label for the material. Stick to a higher percentage of cotton, at least 95% and above. When you buy your jeans, check the thickness of the material as well. You certainly don’t want your jeans to be see-through.

Lines and Proportions

Choosing the right shape of the clothing you want to wear with white jeans is crucial. Also, pay attention to colors, textures, and proportions. If you want to emphasize the silhouette of the waistline, you can wear something cropped with high-waist white jeans. 

Beware that a jacket or a blazer that falls at your hips can make you look wider. 

Wearing the Right Underwear

Nothing is worse than seeing someone wearing dark underwear under white jeans. Even though the jeans shouldn’t be see-through, you can still wear neutral or white underwear to prevent any fashion catastrophe. 

Color Combinations

There are no good or bad choices of colors you can wear with white jeans. Usually, cool shades look great with warm ones, while bolder colors can be mixed with softer ones. 

Depending on your personal style, you can go for minimalism with stripes, a mixture of cool and warm whites, pastels, grey, or even black. All these match perfectly with white. On the other hand, if you prefer bold shades, go for neon, floral prints, and other contrast shades that will look great on white pants. 

Shoes Combinable With White Jeans

Choose nude and light-colored shoes like pumps or strappy sandals to match white jeans. Also, you can go for something that will look on point: black, red, or even brown. Wearing heels or flats is also possible, depending on your style and occasion.

White Jeans Outfit Examples

1. White Jeans With Chunky Sweater

Photo: Instagram/@sarahchristine

Wearing white jeans in winter might sound problematic to some, but actually, you can do it. High-rise jeans in ecru are combined with a white chunky sweater for maximum winter effect. This outfit is perfect for travel, weekend escapes in nature, and having a hot chocolate in your favorite cafe. 

2. White Jeans With Jackets

Photo: Instagram/@holliebontoft

A denim jacket is a timeless piece you need in your capsule wardrobe. It is great to wear daily or even for work. Combining it with white denim is possible and very chic. With the addition of a basic ribbed vest, you will get a minimalistic outfit for everyday wear.

3. White Jeans with Cropped Tops

Photo: Instagram/@fakerstrom

Cropped tops and high-waist jeans make a wonderful combination. This combo will emphasize your waist, but nothing will look over the line. This is one of those outfits you can wear on a daily basis. Whether you choose to wear this look with flats or sneakers, you can be sure that you won’t lack chic and comfort.  

4. White Jeans With Tops and Blazers

Photo: Instagram/@amyrowleyy

A striped top, white jeans, and green blazer – seem like a bold combination for real fashionistas. This look is great for everyday wear since it appears so comfy and chic. Black Converse sneakers match perfectly with white straight-leg jeans. 

5. Long White Jeans

Photo: Instagram/@emilytierneyofficial

Wide-leg jeans that almost cover your sneakers are very chic and timeless. Long white jeans are one of those pieces that you need in your closet, so you can make outfit combinations like this one in the photo above. 

6. Capri and Knee White Jeans

Photo: Instagram/@socialworker_style

Capri pants finish just above the ankle. Cropped white jeans are great to combine with flats, ankle boots, and nude heels. You can layer this look with a long cardigan and burgundy vest top.

7. Short White Jeans

Photo: Instagram/@indiaamoon

White denim shorts are something you must try out this summer. Wearing them will make your outfits updated and very chic. Layer shorts with a longer blazer or cardigan to feel extra cozy when the summer breeze blows. 

8. Mixed Patterns

Photo: Instagram/@ninkhuj

Wearing a flower top with white jeans is youngish but also very chic. The flowy, floral top with cropped lines and ruffles is matched with high-rise jeans. This day-to-night look can be transformed only by changing sneakers for strappy sandals. 

9. White Jeans With Vest Tops

Photo: Instagram/@stephmrocha

The vintage-cut vest top is very nicely paired with snow-white jeans. The pastel shade matches the clear white shade of the jeans, making this outfit chic and old-money style. 

10. White Jeans and Buckle Jacket

Photo: Instagram/@cl.styl

This outfit screams Paris. Every French woman would try it. Striped top, cream buckle jacket, and white jeans – do we need to say more? This combination must be finished with black flats, a la Chanel.  

11. White Jeans With Trench Coat

Photo: lifewithjazz.com

The trench coat is one of those wardrobe pieces you can always turn to when you need a chic update. Combining it with white jeans is great, so you get a nice and sophisticated look in no time. 

12. Plain White Tee and Ecru Jeans

Photo: Instagram/@brittanybathgate

Whenever you doubt what to wear this summer, go for a white tee and ecru jeans. Adding black mules or sandals and some chic hair accessories will give you a nice day-to-night look without wasting a lot of time.

Embrace White in Summer

White jeans should be the staple that you can always reach for in spring and summer. Summertime is great for combining jeans with lighter materials, such as linen button-downs, cotton tees, or silk blouses.

Whether you prefer white skinny jeans or more straight-legged ones, you can be sure your outfits will look elevated, polished, and chic. 


Are White Jeans Business Casual?

Jeans are usually considered business casual, so white ones are no exception. The key is to balance the rest of your outfit and not go over the line. Don’t wear ripped or embellished jeans to the workplace; make sure not to wear too many accessories.

How To Wear White Jeans Over 40?

You can surely wear white jeans even if you are over 40. Find the fit and silhouette that suits you, and you feel good while wearing. Flares, wide-leg, and straight-leg jeans are a great choice for women over 40.

What Color Should We Wear With White Jeans?

You can pair your white jeans with any color or print. Do you prefer florals, stripes, and other prints? Go for them when you style your white jeans. On the other hand, some prefer wearing white jeans with the same minimalistic shades: black, white, grey, or beige.

What Color Should We Wear With White Jeans?

You can pair your white jeans with any color or print. Do you prefer florals, stripes, and other prints? Go for them when you style your white jeans. On the other hand, some prefer wearing white jeans with the same minimalistic shades: black, white, grey, or beige.

When Can You Wear White Again After Labor Day?

Many Americans put away their white clothes on Labor Day and don’t wear them until the following May, after Memorial Day. According to this tradition, white should be worn only during the summer months (from May to September).

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