9 Items Women Often Forget in Their On-The-Go Capsule Wardrobe

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As traveling is a bit stressful, creating a capsule travel wardrobe will save you time and stress.

Instead of spending crazy amounts on clothing for every new trip, you can mix and match pieces you love and have in your closet. The goal is to bring clothing that you can dress up and down.

Here are the central pieces that can save you in most travel situations.

1) A Lightweight Denim Jacket Is a Lifesaver

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A light good-quality denim jacket is a must when traveling. You can wear it with a pair of pants and a tank top, or with a maxi dress. It’s comfortable and always stays in style.

This way, if the weather goes bad, you know you are already prepared and won’t stress about it.

2) Maxi Slip Dresses for Dinner Nights

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While you can wear a maxi slip dress during the day, it can also be an excellent choice for dinner nights.

You can style the dress in multiple ways, making it a perfect choice for your travel capsule wardrobe. Wear one during the day with a pair of sandals, or pair it with some heels and bold earrings in the evening. 

3) Crochet Dress for a Beach Day

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Crochet dresses are an excellent choice for a day at the beach since you can throw them over a bikini and look stylish and comfortable. Wear a pair of flip-flops or sandals and a beach bag to match the crochet dress perfectly.

4) A White Shirt Is a Must

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Shirts go well with almost everything, especially a white shirt. You can choose the material to fit the weather. For example, a white linen shirt is perfect for the beach. 

The great thing is that almost everyone has a white shirt in their closet!

5) Don’t Forget One or Two Pairs of Sandals

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Sandals are necessary for a summer vacation. Bring two pairs of sandals if you want endless combinations on your trip. A pair of white and a pair of black sandals will do the work. You can wear them during the day but also the night. 

This year, chunky sandals are very trendy. 

6) Remember Some Bikini Pieces

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If you plan to go to the beach, get at least three pairs of bikinis. Going for more neutral colors can also help combine with other clothing pieces for a day at the beach. So you don’t have to wash the same bikini daily, bringing at least three pairs is understandable. 

7) Don’t Forget Some Denim Shorts

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Denim shorts are comfortable and can be combined with anything. Bring a pair or two to wear during the day and not feel the hot summer months. You can also wear them around the pool or in the city at night. They are so versatile and easily combined. 

8) Accessories

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An outfit without accessories is indeed so dull and not very attractive. Remember to take accessories on your trip to elevate your outfits. They are an essential element of your capsule travel wardrobe. 

Sunglasses are a must, especially on a summer trip, together with a sunhat. 

If you want your outfits to stand out, take some bold earrings, long necklaces, and rings that you can stack together. If you want a more simple look, opt for some minimalist jewelry. 

9) Bring a Few Neutral Tank Tops

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Neutral tank tops are a must on your travel capsule wardrobe. You can wear them under a shirt, with a denim jacket, or a blazer, or pair with some jeans. Anything works well with a tank top.

Try to take some neutral color tank tops, black, white, or with stripes as well. These tops will save you so much time when planning your outfits. 

Pro Tip: Find and Stick to a Color Palette

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The essential tip that will undoubtedly help you is choosing and sticking to a color palette. While almost everyone has a lot of colors in their closet, when packing for a trip, sticking to one color palette is wise. 

Some colors that usually go well together are

  • White, gray, and black;
  • White, cream, and tan;
  • Light blue, navy, and yellow.

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