19 Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Not To Miss Out

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Fashion trends are ever-changing. One minute, people are raving about skinny jeans or bootleg pants, and a month later, fashion enthusiasts want to bring back some trends from the 80s. There’s nothing wrong with trends — we all love a well-put trendy look — but truth be told, you don’t need to jump on every trend that comes your way.

You can define your look and style by identifying versatile outfit pieces and items that will help you effortlessly transition from one look to another.

When you think of summer, you imagine flowy, comfortable fits that present an excellent opportunity to mix and match. Here are some amazing summer capsule wardrobe essentials that elevate your look, leaving you feeling chic and well put together.

1. Pleated Skirts

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Pleated skirts are often considered a spring staple. You can pair them with boots, a heavy jacket, or a chunky sweater to keep the chill away. But for summer, what’s better than a neutral-colored pleated skirt? You want to enjoy the warm, sunny weather in comfortable, flowy clothes, right?

You can style a pleated skirt for the daytime with a simple T-shirt and sneakers or sandals and effortlessly change it for a night out with strappy heels, a leather jacket, and jewelry.

2. Silk or Satin Skirts

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Nothing screams soft and feminine like a satin or silk skirt. Pair these skirts with a simple T-shirt, sandals, trainers, and a simple jacket for a laid-back look. If you want to dress it up, throw on a bodysuit or a scarf paired with heels and complete the look with minimal jewelry.

3. Multi-Dress

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A multi-dress can carry you through seasons and different occasions. You can wear it in a formal setup, but it works well for summer activities due to its semi-casual nature and design. You can choose one made from chiffon or cotton with or without patterns or details. To add to its versatility, you can select a multi-dress that comes in separates or a set (matching skirt and top), which, when worn together, looks like a full dress.

4. Blazers or Trench Coats

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Blazers are excellent for evenings or nights when it’s a bit cooler. If you’re out on a stroll or a night out, a well-tailored blazer in a neutral color will constantly rotate as part of your outfits. Better yet, you can get a beige or black trench coat to effortlessly mix and match with most of the items in your wardrobe.

5. Linen Pants or Trousers

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Flowy, lighter linen and loose-fitting pants are an investment; the lighter the trousers, the better. Avoid trousers that are too tight or made from material that is not breathable, like leather. Cotton blend and linen trousers are ideal as they allow air circulation, keeping you much cooler and comfortable in the heat of summer.

6. Dresses

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Summer and dresses in the same sentence? Yes, please.

You cannot discuss summer wardrobe essentials without mentioning flowy, strappy dresses. When choosing dresses, stick with neutral colors and have simple to no details. This way, you will give yourself an almost blank canvas to work with, building up a complete outfit with different accessories, shoes, or bags.

7. Jeans

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Jeans have been around for decades. They’ve stood the test of time and become one of the most classic and timeless clothing items. Even though their design has evolved over the years, they still remain a staple in many wardrobes.

For summer, a straight-style pair of jeans would be ideal, as they wouldn’t be too tight. Blue remains a favorite color, but white is also great for summer.

8. Clogs

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Most people might be tempted to reach for flats or sandals because it’s summer, but hear us out: Clogs are a great way to make a statement with an outfit that might be neutral and understated. If clogs are not your cup of tea, you can opt for other types of chunky or platform shoes.

They will look great with most of the stuff in your capsule wardrobe, and you can wear them during the day or night. 

Once considered uncool, clogs have become a fashion trend after several celebrities have worn them. They’re comfortable and can be styled with little effort. Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Dua Lipa, and many more rock these wooden shoes.

9. Sandals or Slides

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Due to their open-toe designs, these shoes allow your feet to “breathe.” They are great for dress-down situations like a stroll in the mall, a chill afternoon, or an evening walk. They are also ideal for when you go to the beach or pool; they’re easy to carry and wear—slip them on, and you’re good to go.

Sandals go well with most summer staples, including shorts, skirts, and trousers; they are even greater when paired with dresses.

10. Sneakers or Trainers

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Another great addition to your summer wardrobe is sneakers. They’re comfortable, go well with most summer outfits, and are ideal for outdoor and indoor activities. White sneakers or trainers are timeless; they transition through the seasons, making them a staple you should consider having in your wardrobe.

Opt for sneakers made with lightweight materials that allow air circulation, ensuring your comfort.

11. Strappy Heels

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Open-toed strappy heels elevate your look when you feel like dressing up to the nines. They’re great for date nights and evenings out, where you can pair them with flowy dresses, trousers, or shorts. Throw on a blazer or trench coat to complement your heels and make your look more sophisticated and well-put together.

12. Colorful Bag

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Like icing on a cake, bags complete any outfit. What if you opt for a bold, stunning color like red or a textured exterior instead of the usual black or white bag? Embroidered or velvet would also be a great choice. A capsule wardrobe focuses on quality rather than quantity; therefore, go for a bag of quality materials and excellent artistry. As you’ll be rotating between fewer bags, you’ll want to own one you can use for a while.

Sticking to a classic design can help you dress down or dress up an outfit. If you are bold, go for a colorful bag that complements different outfits, from bright to neutral.

Embroidered bags are now very popular. You can personalize the shoulder bags by custom embroidering them with your desired icons or designs. 

13. Woven Bag

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Woven bags have become so common over the summer that you can’t miss them during this season. They come in different sizes and shapes; it all comes down to your preferences and needs.

The slightly larger ones are ideal for beach or pool days as you can carry a lot in them. The smaller and mid-sized baskets/woven bags are for those days when you want to avoid hauling a lot of stuff out of your home.

14. Belt Bag

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A belt bag is excellent for summer. It will hold your valuable items without feeling and looking bulky. As the name suggests, it works as a belt as well. It doesn’t become more capsule-worthy and a must-have essential than having one item serving two purposes. Some can also cross the body; however you carry them, they leave your hands free to do other fun summer activities.

15. Accessories

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While maintaining simplicity and neutrality with your summer outfits, you can accessorize them with statement jewelry pieces that will make your whole look pop. You can go for gold or silver accessories as they complement most neutral-colored outfits without being too much or looking excessive.

Through a YouTube video, professional stylist Ellen Hue shows different ways you can accessorize your neutral-colored outfits, taking them from zero to absolutely stunning. Ellen says, “To create an aesthetically pleasing outfit, you can pair silver accessories with gray outfits or something cooler in color and pair your browns and cream-colored outfits with gold.” 

16. Brown Belt

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Another great overlooked accessory for summer is a good-quality belt, which is excellent for accentuating your waist. You can play safe with a brown or black belt to cinch your dresses or complement your shoes or bags. Alternatively, you can choose a belt with a chunky buckle or a wider one instead of a slim one.

17. Sunglasses

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These are a staple wardrobe item for summer and other seasons, especially if you want to make a statement. An oversized pair of sunglasses is great for protecting your eyes against UV rays.

If you prefer a classic, simpler, and more sophisticated look, you can get a timeless pair of sunglasses that will complement your outfit without taking away attention from the entire look.

18. Something in Olive Green

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Olive green is a color that many tend to steer clear of during summer. Some individuals consider it not a flattering summer color. Quite the contrary, it’s a versatile color that can be worn year-round and can also be incorporated into your summer capsule wardrobe.

If your wardrobe consists mainly of neutral-colored palette outfits and you still need to decide about olive green, you can select a smaller piece of clothing like a top or headscarf, adding a bit of color pop to your summer outfits.

The color is becoming popular thanks to TikTok, with olive green summer outfit videos getting over 3.8 million views and offering different styling options featuring olive green.

19. Classic Swimsuit

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A swimsuit is a must-have for summer. Getting into water shouldn’t be the only reason to get one. You can leisurely lounge by the poolside or on the beach in a swimsuit, and if you wear a cover-up, you can stroll in it. 

Remember to put on your sunscreen, moisturize, and stay well hydrated.

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