Choosing and Wearing High-Waisted Jeans for Summer 2024

High waisted jeans

We all have heard that low-rise jeans are back and they are beloved (mostly) by younger customers. However, high-waisted jeans are those you should look into as well.

When the high-rise jeans hit just the right place, the rest of your outfit will simply incorporate, making a perfect whole. Whether you decide to wear it with a crop top or to tuck in a button-down you can be sure that you won’t lack neither comfort nor style.

How To Pick the Perfect Pair Based on Body Type?

The key to finding that perfect pair of high-waisted jeans is to match them with your body type. This article goes into the details, but let’s just cover some of the basics here.

Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass body shape is considered the most attractive due to the defined waist and hips. The key feature of this body shape is that shoulders are wider than hips.

High-waist jeans look great on women with hourglass body shapes. They will enhance the waist even more, making a perfect balance of the whole body. You can style any fit, silhouette, and wash.

Round Body Shape

Even though many think that high-waisted jeans make you look short, it’s actually the opposite. The key is to find a wider cut that won’t hug the hips too much but be flattering on your curvy figure. 

Women with round bodies should consider wide-leg jeans that fall straight from the hip but flare at the bottom. Moreover, straight-leg denim that are slim at the top but just slightly flared at the ankle. You can also choose boot-cut jeans with a fuller cut at the bottom if you enjoy boot cuts.

Hiding Belly Fat With High-Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans themselves should hide your belly.

However, you should invest in a good pair of jeans made of dark denim. There shouldn’t be any details, ripped off, or embellished pieces. You can always opt for wearing a tunic or simply layer clothes over the jeans.

Do High-Waisted Jeans Make You Look Thinner?

These jeans tend to draw attention to the waist instead of your hips, which makes them flattering on curvy women. The fit of high high-waisted pair of jeans also creates the illusion of a longer lower body, making you appear a bit slimmer.

Oval Body Shape

High-waist jeans are the right fit for all women with oval body shapes. They will accentuate the waist and make that area look smaller. 

The oval body shape doesn’t have much curve at the hips or thighs, so the upper body part is narrow, and the bottoms are wider. You can pick and wear any style of high-waist jeans.

Pear Body Shape

Key features of pear body shape are a small waist, thighs that are wider than the hips, and a flat stomach. Your goal is to find that perfect pair of jeans that suit impeccably.

You get the opportunity to wear jeans that are tight like a glove. Finding jeans with a narrow cut in the waist and a wider cut in the thighs and hips should be your goal. High-waist jeans labeled as “curvy fit” are your best bet.

Diamond Body Shape

Wearing jeans with a high waist for a diamond body shape is more than suitable. That is because the waistline area looks so small when you wear high-waist jeans. This also accentuates your bust.

Square Body Shape

If you have a square body type, then your upper and lower body measurements are likely to be the same. You should wear high-waisted jeans to emphasize the curves of your waist and hips. By lightening your torso, you will appear taller. This type of jeans won’t add bulk around the stomach area.

Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangle body looks great in jeans with a high rise. Rectangle means that your body measurements are almost the same – hips, waist, and shoulders. 

The jeans should be in a blue or black wash, mixed with a bright top. The top in bright or neon colors will draw attention away from your waist area.

Different Kinds of High-Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans will vary in fabric, silhouette, and wash. Timeless styles like skinny or straight-leg jeans are the most versatile in medium blue wash. Cropped jeans and flares are classic styles that can be combined with certain shoes. Baggy silhouettes are for those who prefer comfort over trends.

Mom Jeans

If you think about getting yourself a pair of jeans you can wear all the time, think about mom jeans.

They are universally flattering and can be styled for different occasions. You can tuck in your blouses, tees, and button-downs and style jeans with both heels and flats. 

Boyfriend Jeans

Every woman should own a pair of boyfriend jeans. Alongside mom jeans, the boyfriend fit is very popular among women and is very comfy indeed.

The staple typically involves a high-rise waist and relaxed, slouchy fit that reminds a bit of men’s jeans. However, there are many different variations, so you can also find them with straight legs, skinny ankles, etc.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a wardrobe essential. Whether you are more into straight-leg right now, you should always have a pair just in case.

A streamlined silhouette of skinny jeans with a high waist is great for various outfit combinations. You can pair it with an oversized or tailored blazer and both heels and flats.

Straight Leg Jeans

The ultra-flattering style of straight-leg jeans goes with anything – from chunky sweaters to long trench coats and bodycon tops. Once you find the perfect fit for your body type, you will not want to change them. Opt for a high-waist style of jeans with comfy straight legs and match them with your favorite sneakers or ankle boots. 

Flare Jeans

This fit of jeans will give that boho vibe to your outfit, whether you decide to wear them with a button-down tucked in or with a tunic. You should wear those jeans with high heels. They will elongate the appearance of your legs even more. 

Bell-Bottom Jeans

Now we are talking about real boho vibes, the cult ‘70s bell-bottom jeans. The key to styling them is to choose the ones with a high waist and match them with heels. For a bohemian look, you will need an off-the-shoulder top alongside stacked jewelry and a nice pair of block heels.

Ripped Jeans

We know there are two types of women – the ones who adore wearing ripped jeans and others who can’t stand them. However, they have been present in wardrobes for years and are suitable for many different occasions.

For a slouchy yet chic look, pair the high-waist ripped jeans with an oversized button-down. For a semi-formal look, match them with a blazer and a pair of ankle boots. 

High-Waisted Jeans Outfits

Jeans offer many outfit variations. It doesn’t matter if you aim for casual daywear or something more elevated for the evening.

Let’s look at various outfit examples to see how these jeans can be paired to create chic and cute looks. 

With Plain White Tee

Photo: Instagram/@thefashionguitar

There is no better combination to wear – a white tee and blue jeans is a tried-and-tested outfit that everyone can pull off. High-waisted jeans are ideal for tucking your favorite white T-shirt in it. 

With Black Bodysuit


A black bodysuit with no sleeves is ideal for combining with super high-waist jeans. This ’90s-inspired look is completed with a double buckle belt for some boho-vintage vibes. 

With Gingham Top

Photo: Instagram/@_jessicaskye

White high-waist jeans should be on your wish list this spring and summer. Switching for white jeans will level up your summer looks. The Gingham top is back to style, so pairing it with creme or white jeans is a good idea.

With Denim Jacket

Photo: Instagram/@lindseyholland_

If you are not sure about wearing denim on denim trend, then simply wear a denim jacket in another wash. Here, a neutral brown wash denim jacket is paired with high-waist straight-leg jeans and finished with chunky sneakers.

With All-Black-Everything

Photo: Instagram/@ditasherlock

With an all-black-everything outfit, you can look chic and polished in any kind of situation. This is one of those looks that you will wish to recreate every single day. Straight-leg high-rise jeans, a black top, and a shoulder bag with flats as a shoe choice are also appropriate as workwear.  

With Off-The-Shoulder Top

Photo: Instagram/@theannaedit

For more official and polished events, choose a black off-the-shoulder top and style it with blue jeans. A pair of strappy sandals in summer or black ankle boots in winter are great for finishing off this chic outfit.

With a Trench Coat

Photo: Instagram/@lilypebbles

The trench coat is a piece that should definitely be part of your wardrobe. It is great for spring and summer months when you can combine it with tees, tops, and button-downs. Blue, white, or black high-waist jeans match pretty well with the trench as well. 

With Button-Down and Crop Top

Photo: Instagram/@pollyvsayer

Jeans with high rise and cargo pockets are incredibly popular this year. You should get yourself a pair and wear jeans with a crop top and button-down layered above.  

With Cut-Out Top

Photo: Instagram/@annelauremais

If you like your jeans, even when the summer temperatures hit high, you can style them with a cut-out crop top. Choose the top in neutral colors – black, white, and beige.

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