13 Tips To Find Jeans That Make You Look Slimmer

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Everybody wants to wear a pair of jeans that flatter their figure, but what is the best style for your body?

With different body types and different jeans styles, finding the right look for you can be difficult. Finding great-fitting jeans is even more difficult when you’re shopping online, so make sure you do some research to avoid ordering the wrong pair.

If you’re interested in updating your denim collection, or perhaps you want a go-to outfit that looks great on you, keep reading.

Is There a Single Most Flattering Style of Jeans?

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Unfortunately, finding the most flattering jean style will differ for everyone. The best way to find pants that flatter you is to go to the store and try different options; however, this isn’t always possible.

Luckily, there are some general rules to follow when denim shopping that we can all use. Keep on reading to find out which jeans you should aim for to get a positive result!

Tip #1: First, Get to Know Your Body Type

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One of the critical methods to find the best jeans for your body is to know your body type. We all come in different shapes and sizes, but did you know there are various tips and tricks to flatter your specific body type?

When it comes to styling, we should know the best ways to balance our figures and make ourselves look slimmer. Have you ever noticed that one dress makes your body look odd, but it falls perfectly on your friend? This might be because you have different body types.

Main Body Types

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The body types fall into these categories: Strawberry, Banana, Apple, Pear, and Hourglass.

If you’re unsure which category you fall into or want to learn about some new styling tips, read this in-depth body type guide.

Tip #2: Strech Fabrics Are Great for Big Thighs

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When it comes to dressing big thighs, you want to opt for jeans in a stretch denim fabric. Let’s be honest: raw denim and materials that will stretch less aren’t comfortable, so opting for a pair with elastane or spandex fibers in the mix is more comfortable, especially for those with larger thighs.

Other options that have a good fit for larger thighs include wide-leg silhouettes and mom jeans. These styles don’t cling to the body, and they can also be more comfortable to wear.

Tip #3: Avoid Low-Rise if You Have a Big Stomach

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If you’re self-conscious about your stomach area, we suggest avoiding low-rise jeans. Low-rise options were infamously popular in the 2000s, but this trend seems to be appearing again.

Instead, opt for high-waist or mid-rise options. Not only do high-waisted jeans cover your stomach, but they also elongate your legs, making you look taller and slimmer at the same time. If you want a super flattering look, pair some heels with your high-rise jeans to highlight your legs, too.

Tip #4: Options To Hide Belly Fat in Jeans

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Since jeans are an everyday staple, it’s vital that you feel comfortable in them. If you want to hide your stomach, we would still suggest high-waisted jeans, but perhaps consider styling them with a long top.

Flared shapes or wide-leg jeans work well when you’re trying to hide your tummy. The excess leg fabric in these styles draws attention away from your waist area, resulting in a balanced fashion.

Tip #5: Bootcut Visually Lengthens the Appearance of Your Legs

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The bootcut jeans style is a great neutral shape that lengthens the appearance of your legs while slimming your figure.

This shape is less dramatic than flares, so try this style if you want flattering qualities without a vintage look.

Tip #6: Straight-Leg Jeans as a Safe Option

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Straight-leg jeans are like the toned-down version of wide-leg trousers. If you don’t like the idea of longer jeans but don’t want to wear super-tight skinny jeans, this silhouette offers an excellent middle ground.

Tip #7: Consider Dungarees

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Technically, dungarees aren’t jeans, but they’re still made of denim! This all-in-one look covers your stomach and works well to flatter your body. Opt for a pair of black denim for a slimming style.

Tip #8: Play with Colors

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Denim is traditionally a navy blue, thanks to the indigo dyes used to dye it in the 1950s. However, today, this material is bleached, dyed, and printed so consumers can show off their style.

Denim in a dark blue or black color does tend to look more slimming than light colors. This doesn’t mean you should avoid lighter styles. However, if you’re buying some jeans, try them in light and dark tones before buying to see which suits you best.

Lighter denim, such as baby blue or white styles, also looks better on those with tan or darker complexions. If you’re pale, these options might wash you out a little.

Tip #9: Length Variations

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The length of your pants also affects your overall look. Cropped styles or Capri length jeans often break your body up and disrupt the rule of thirds, leading to a confused look and an unflattering style.

Instead, stick to longer jeans or jeans with small crops. This isn’t a rule of thumb, but when you’re next jeans shopping, bear it in mind. Remember, a longer pant leg will elongate your body for a flattering look.

Tip #10: Don’t Forget Accessories

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Do you know what accessories you’ll be adding to your denim outfit? If not, why aren’t you planning outfits?

Accessories and shoe pairings are an essential way to put the cherry on top of your outfit. A denim outfit with classic sneakers vs. a well-planned outfit with a purse, sneakers, and matching jewelry have very different results.

Tip #11: Think about Quality

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Jeans are one of those garments we’ll always wear, and we will always want to wear denim no matter what year or season. With that in mind, it is recommended to invest more in denim.

Understandably, not everyone will want to blow their budget for new pants, but since denim stays in style, you should buy some that are durable and won’t break quickly. Most denim that’s good quality tends to offer a better fit, too. Here, you can read about how to wash your jeans properly and, in general, how to take better care of those versatile garment items.

Tip #12: Dark Jeans Make You Look Thinner

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It’s true; darker jeans do help you to appear slimmer. This may sound like a fashion myth, but luckily, it has been confirmed by styling experts. This is because darker shades help to conceal any problem areas and leave us with a balanced silhouette.

Not only that, but we love darker denim because it pairs with more color palettes than a light pair of jeans. Hurray for dark denim!

Tip #13: Tight Doesn’t Mean Skinnier

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Do tight jeans make you look skinnier? This is a fashion myth. Don’t be fooled into thinking skinny jeans will make you look thinner. In reality, this shaped pant tends to cling to the wrong areas. Opt for wide-leg or straight-leg styles instead if you want jeans that flatter your figure.

Final Advice: It’s All About Finding the Right Pair

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Denim is one of the most challenging pieces of clothing to shop for. This is ironic, as they’re probably the most worn pieces, too! Instead of shying away from this job, embrace denim shopping with open arms.

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