What Body Type Should Wear High Waisted Jeans

Find out what body type should wear high waisted jeans
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Jeans are a staple for all wardrobes. You can wear this versatile fabric at different events, in different styles, and every season. You’d be crazy not to invest in a few good-quality pairs of jeans.

However, jeans are notoriously challenging to shop for.

We’ve researched the best high-waist options for each body type to ensure our readers have a reliable pair of jeans this year.

Why Should You Try High Waisted Jeans?

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If you’re still unsure whether this trend is for you, don’t worry. When it comes to jeans, it can be confusing to know which jeans style will suit your body type best. Luckily, these jeans look fab on everyone. As women, we often like to elongate our bodies and slim our legs. This style of pants is perfect for this look.

Also, if you’re a fan of minimal outfits and you want to avoid spending hours planning your style, these jeans can be a lifesaver. Rather than meticulously pairing skirts and pants with corresponding tops, one pair of high denim jeans can save you hours. These pants work with casual knit jumpers, crop tops, and even formal blouses. Whatever your style is, high-waisted jeans can elevate it. 

Are High Waisted Jeans On Trend?

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Another common question about these pants is if they’re still on-trend. While many styles come and go, denim tends always to be on-trend. Since this style is versatile and suits everyone, no one wants to see it disappear!

The specific high-waisted cut is always in vogue too. The leg silhouette tends to change, but you can always count on a high-rise style to slim your figure and compliment your body.

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In 2022, key denim trends include baggy jeans, boot-cut silhouettes, and flared jeans. These micro-trends may fluctuate, but they will always be available in a mid or high-rise. 

If you’ve seen models sporting the Y2K low-rise style, don’t worry. Though this is popular at the moment, it’s not set to dominate over the high-waist style. Low-rise options are cool but not as comfortable or practical as their popular counterparts.

Do High-waisted Jeans Suit Everyone?

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In general, high-waisted jeans are an excellent option for all figures. When it comes to styling, we all benefit from waist emphasis. High-waisted styles are also more comfortable to wear, as many women find low-rise styles uncomfortable. Sitting with your stomach out isn’t for everyone!

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Do High-Rise Jeans Add Curves?

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When it comes to this style of jeans, we also see a lot of questions about curves. If your figure is “straight,” or maybe you lack waist definition, these jeans should be your next purchase. 

It’s common knowledge that high-rise jeans slim your stomach and add length to your legs, but did you know they can emphasize curves too? As the style stops at your waist, they draw attention to it and leave you with an hourglass figure. 

To make sure your curves look great in these pants, try tucking your tee into the jeans’ waistband or add a shorter top. This leaves the jeans waistband visible and shows off your body, rather than hiding it. You can also add a belt to give extra definition and support where needed. 

Can Petites Wear High-Waist Jeans?

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If you’re a petite woman (5’3” or under), you might be wondering if these jeans would suit you. It can be challenging to find high-waisted jeans that fit well, especially if you’re shorter. Often, these jeans can end up sitting too high on smaller women, but if you find a pair that fits your physique, they can balance your silhouette!

A well-fitting pair of high-waisted jeans leaves shorter girls looking balanced and taller. The higher waistband creates the illusion of longer legs, which is super flattering for petite figures. 

What Should You Pair With Your High Waisted Jeans?

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Ready to take on a pair of high-rise jeans? Here’s how to style them.

  • A floral cami top is an excellent pairing for a high waist if you have spring fever. Not only does this embrace the new season, but it adds feminine energy to the outfit too. Opt for light blue denim jeans for the best look.
  • Kimono time! Did you know high waist jeans and a light kimono make a great pairing? Try mixing a silk-like fabric with some ripped high-waisted denim jeans for a mix-and-match look.
  • Need a go-to outfit for taking on the city? Pair a trench coat with some denim. This is a classic pairing, and it works for cold and warmer weather.
  • Are you a fan of boho-vibes? Mixing some high-waist flares with a crochet top is the way to go. This style works well for summer, and it looks even better when you find a vintage pair of jeans to complement the outfit.
  • Would you instead try the laid-back style? A slouchy band tee and high waist jeans work together for a girl-next-door style. Why bother getting all dressed up when you can look just as cool in a tee?

Evening High-Waisted Jeans Looks

Though high-waist jeans offer a casual outfit choice, they can be dressed up as well. This is a key reason they’re so popular. They can be worn at all events!

Read on to get some formal style inspo for your denim pants.

With A Chic Blazer

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If you haven’t already noticed, blazers are currently everywhere. This 80s-inspired revival is sculpting our shoulders and offering business-ready styles. Though this may sound a little too formal, blazers are softened by a fitted pair of high-rise jeans. Add a cute crop or silky blouse and slick your hair into a bun for the best effect.

Denim Co-ords

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Who said you couldn’t wear double denim? It’s 2022, and this iconic trend is popular again. Find a cute denim shirt or cropped bralette and pair it with your favorite pair of jeans. Bonus points if you match the color of the pieces too. Add a couple of high wedge heels for a party-ready outfit.

High-Waist With A Plunge Neck

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Want to impress at the bar? Show off your figure with a body-hugging pair of jeans and a V-neck top. Plunge neck bodysuits and shirts are a sophisticated way to look flirty, so next time you want to enjoy a cocktail, take your jeans with you. 


Are you interested in learning more about high-waisted jeans? Here are the top questions.

Can You Wear High-waisted Jeans With a Belly?

You can wear high-waisted jeans if you have a belly. This is one of the best styles to try, as these jeans slim your stomach areas down while emphasizing your waist. Try a wide leg style if you’re self-conscious about your stomach area.

What Jean Styles Are Flattering?

The most flattering style depends on the wearer’s figure for jeans. High-waisted and mid-rise options tend to look the best on everyone, but of course, it will always change depending on the model. 

Are High-Rise and High-Waisted Jeans The Same?

You might see “high-rise” and “high-waist” being used interchangeably, but are they the same? Yes, these terms both refer to the same thing. The rise of a pair of pants refers to the measurement of the crotch to the waistband. 

What is an Ultra High Rise Style?

Typically, standard high-waist jeans are 10-12 inches long (from the crotch to the waistband). Ultra-high rise styles are 13 inches or more. These are particularly good for anyone with a longer torso or a taller figure. However, they would drown a petite woman.

Should High Waisted Jeans Go Above The Belly Button?

A regular pair of high-waisted jeans will sit slightly higher than your natural waist. This often leaves them at or just below your belly button area. You might find that jeans sit above your naval because you have a shorter torso. It’s different for everyone. Ultra high rise options will sit above your belly button, though.

The Bottom Line

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When we examine what body type should wear high-waisted jeans, the answer is all body types can. High-waisted jeans are the gift that keeps giving and a denim option most women feel comfortable in. Just be sure to buy a leg fit that flatters your body type too.

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