9 Ways Wear Paper Bag Waist Pants To Look Fashion-Forward

Paper bag waist pants
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Do you know those pants with ruffled waistlines, looking like someone squeezing a paper fruit bag? Those are called paper bag waist pants. They are one of the most popular summer items known for their relaxed style, ease of pairing, and femininity, but sometimes also for a bland look.

The issue is that I see them styled in a generic way too often. You know – the tapered-down version, which cuts the ankle, in plain weave and with a tie belt in the same fabric.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. With a couple of tips, you can style them in a fresh, original way.

How To Wear Paper Bag Waist Pants

1. No Tie Belt in the Same Fabric!

First and foremost! Any type of belt – buckles, hooks, or even tie in different material – is more or less acceptable. But the tie belt that comes with them is the exact thing that makes these perfectly okay everyday pants completely wrong.

There are other ways to accentuate the waist, and not that thing you will eventually lose in a washing machine like an old sock. If your pants come with one, just remove it.

2. Think About That Hourglass Shape

So, your waist is adorned with rouches, guiding the eye to that area. Ideally, you’d like that waist optically as tiny as possible. Then wide-legged, straight-legged, balloon-legged, and slouchy for tall and slender figures is the way to go.

3. Pair It With Light Tops

No bulky stuff here. You wouldn’t want to skew those hourglass proportions by burdening them with excess layers.

Cute crop tops, plain tucked-in T-shirts, bare belly if that’s your thing. If a need for layers arises, then an oversized jacket, perhaps cropped and toned down with barely-there light stilettos or platform sandals.

4. No Clashing Fabrics

Plain weave plus taper down the leg silhouette just doesn’t work. You might get those double knees I’m so wary about. Brruh. It ruins it for me. That’s why I never recommend a tapered version. I like fabrics that have that luscious fall and plain weave can’t do that.

5. Mix the Textures!

I have always been a fan of combining two opposites. I like it mixed with fabrics with more structure and texture or the light, flowy ones. If I go for that rustic look, I will choose midweight linen and sometimes flowy stuff like a silk shirt from my mom’s closet.

6. Paper Bags in Sun Colors

These are soft, feminine pants for laidback everyday life. I see them in the colors of the Mediterranean – beautiful sage shades, beige and ivory, green gold, olive green, and natural tones — all the shades of a dry, sunny climate. I cannot imagine them in bright colors for some reason – it just doesn’t come intuitively.

7. Color Match

Color matching can make or break the outfit. You can pair the pants with the typical ground palette, only more lively tones. Dirty beige with anthracite; opal and beige; olive and cognac brown. Perhaps style it with emerald jewelry, copper lipstick, and midnight blue eyeshadow. Relationships are so effortless, you’d feel it, too.

8. Ruffles, Shoes and Accessories

Moccasins or oxfords with a low heel for both an alluring and smart look. Warm red platform sandals or clogs. Sneakers, but elevated to elongate the leg since the ruffled waist requires it. White plain sleeveless cropped top and golden earrings. Jewelry with that rustical, traditional, vintage feel.

9. A Few Extra Tips

If I am going for business casual attire, I imagine it with a low ponytail, nerdy glasses, moccasins, and a vintage-style Kelly bag. Or for some safari vibes – a linen shirt, a caramel oxford shoe, golden dainty jewelry that will add some glow to your sunbathed ruddy complexion. A waistcoat with etno golden or white embroidery is also my thing for the summer.

Express Yourself With Paper Bag Waist Pants

It’s quite easy to fall in love with this effortless and lively look, as way of the Southerners. If you still like the tie bow, that’s okay, you have your ways. I want you to enjoy it fully, which comes before any rules. Choose and create your own emotional experiences.

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